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April 19 2021

Custom Tables Upgrade

A custom table is a data structure that organizes information into rows and columns. A table can be used to both store and display data in a structured format. In terms of your Delivra account, your Contact records and their associated data is stored in a table within our database.

Custom tables is a feature that is better valued in action than in concept, so we thought it would be useful to illustrate some common industry use cases.

Financial Services:

When you’re managing people’s finances you need the flexibility to record a copious assortment of assets and liabilities to gather an accurate picture of the client’s finances. Whether that is mortgages and insurance policies that financial advisors manage or data for investment products, real estate, bank accounts, and loans. Custom tables help to manage all of this information for your client in the background.

Online or On-site Retailer:

Managing customer purchase history can be difficult especially when it comes to high purchase volumes. Custom tables helps you keep track of what each customer has purchased and how much. You can add the purchase history if each contact to your database in Delivra which will allow you to make better recommendations for them in the future or alert them to upcoming deals that are relevant to them.

Traditionally adding custom tables to organize contact information meant that you needed some technical background, we have upgraded our feature to eliminate that need while still delivering a complex capability.

We have added pre-built tables and an easy to import data function to help save you time. You will now see a description of each type of table along with an explanation of how and when it should be used. In addition, we have added a few more items to the tables that will save you time:

  • Standard pre-built tables for common-use cases such as webinars
  • Option to import data into tables from another product via csv file
  • Enhanced csv importer for a complex situation such as many-to-many tables

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Additional Benchmark Reporting

Monitoring your email efforts alongside others in the same industry is key to setting up and adjusting your marketing strategy. We are constantly improving our selection of market benchmark reports, and have added new industries and regions for you to explore and compare. To view the additional reports follow the steps listed here to get up and running. We hope these reports help you in your future strategy planning.Learn how to set up benchmarks