The Best Free Email Tools

While digital channels continue to evolve, email still remains the top channel for email marketers to build a one-on-one relationship with customers. In fact, 87% of B2B marketers and 77% of B2C marketers utilize email to communicate with their audiences.

One of the many challenges marketers face is the ability to create compelling emails that boost engagement with subscribers. Between formatting code, images, text, and more—marketers can spend a lot of time on a campaign that doesn’t always elicit the desired response.

However, with the proper email marketing tools, marketers can increase productivity and produce dynamic emails that catch a subscriber’s eye in their inbox. The right set of tools and go-to apps can cut down the amount of time you spend crafting emails, without sacrificing quality.

What are free email marketing tools?

With over 3,000 tools available to help optimize your email campaigns, there’s a lot to discover and sift through. Free email marketing tools can be broken into four major categories:

  • Tracking tools
  • Organization tools
  • Content tools
  • Email capture tools

While tools will claim to result in massive list growth or a 200% click-through rate increase, it’s important to determine what tools will benefit your business and help meet your overall goals. When deciding in which tools to invest your time , ask yourself these questions:

  • How does this tool help streamline a task?
  • Is the free version enough? Or, is the premium version needed?
  • Does this tool provide more or less functionality than before?

18 free email tools to increase your productivity

We hear this question a lot from our customers: “What are the best free email tools we can use?”

So, we gathered up our client success team, our design team, and our marketing team and asked them what are the best free email tools they use.

In fact, many of the tools on this list will enhance the quality of your email newsletters and campaigns by making them more visually appealing or improving your content.

Whether you want to make your emails easier to send and easier to open, need to see what your prospects see or simply want to streamline the process, then these 8 free email marketing tools could help.


Designed for email template developers, this made our list of best free email tools because it can reduce your template file size and remove the unused CSS. This can be used as a plugin or by visiting the site itself. The site is fast and easy to use and free of design distractions; it is truly one of the best free email tools with one purpose in mind.

Raven URL Builder

This URL builder is designed to enhance Google Analytics and make it easy for you to tag your URLs with your own custom campaign variables. Once you’ve created a campaign, you can keep track of your progress via automated reporting. That’s what sold us on adding RavenTools to our list of best free email tools.

Since accurate metrics are needed to measure how effective your online marketing campaigns are, the ability to track conversions via URL can help provide the information you need. Urchin Tracking Mobile (UTM) codes allow you to add useful information to your links that can be read by analytics tools. Using UTM codes, you can receive a variety of information about your efforts, including:

  • Where your traffic is coming from
  • How the traffic is getting to you
  • Why the traffic is heading your way.

Since trying to track this information manually is overwhelming, a UTM generator like Raven URL can be used to build the information right into your links. Since the UTM conditions you choose are visible in your URL, make sure any information you include is something you want to share with others; you can also use an URL shortener to make your links more appealing after the UTM data is added.

Sublime Text

Web developers and #emailgeeks take note. WYSIWYG editors are great for some things, but not for looking through page after page of code to find errors or make small changes. Sublime Text makes it easy to spot what you need by color coding your HTML. This tool goes beyond color coding, though; you can change multiple lines at one time, search without having to wade through menus or recall obscure key bindings and even work in distraction free mode to make sure you get everything done. The unique split editing feature eliminates the need for two separate screens, just open and edit two locations or files at once. This useful application can run on Windows, OS X and Linux and offers many innovative user options to choose from.

Mail Tester

If your emails look too much like spam, you may have an email list hygiene issue and messages may not reach your prospects at all. Mail-tester is a great email deliverability tool that checks for spamminess and alerts you to possible issues with your email draft. Pieces that look overtly spammy could be sent directly to the trash by programs like Gmail or disregarded entirely by the recipients, so running your email through Mail Tester first can improve your outcomes.

Mail can look like or be considered spam for a variety of reasons; Mail Tester uses a scoring system to alert you to problems. Scores over 8 will likely be accepted by most mail services and do not resemble spam. Some possible reasons for a low score include:

  • Your email or site is blacklisted
  • DKIM is not present
  • Spammy keywords in text or subject line

Even if your emails slip past Gmail’s filters, a subject line or text that is too spammy could result in the prospect unsubscribing for good, so a quick pass through this free tool is well worth your time. We highly recommend Mail Tester as one of the best free email tools out there.

Instant Eyedropper

What color is that object, and how can you match it exactly. You can take the time to use graphics software to find out, but instant-eyedropper reveals the color code of any pixel you choose, instantly. Simply click on the color you wish to identify and this handy app will do the rest. This free tool can save a lot of time when you are working on emails and allows you to choose the color code you wish to use; both HTML and RGB color codes are available as options. If you do not work with graphics software or don’t want to take the time and trouble needed to open a program like Photoshop just to identify a color, this free tool is a big help.


Need a web-based version of your email, complete with previews for desktop and mobile users? Scope can help. This tool makes it easy to see what your emails will look like for the recipients and to do any needed fine tuning before you send.


Emails with images simply perform better than those without. Pixabay makes it fast and easy to find photos, vectors, illustrations and more to optimize your emails and showcase your information. The site also features ready to use video content and as over 500,000 free pieces available for use.


If you’re looking to create your own email graphics, Canva provides the ability to edit ready-to-use designs or develop something completely from scratch. Whether you need to make an email header, body image, GIF, video title card, or more, Canva offers the option to completely customize your design to match your brand standards and ensure your messaging is always consistent. Canva offers typography, stock photos, and graphics for wherever your design takes you.

Canva is a free platform, with the option to upgrade to Premium later.

Source: Canva

Foundation for Emails

Make HTML emails that go anywhere and can be opened and read on any device. Foundation comes complete with everything needed to take your email marketing to the next level, including templates for newsletters, branded emails, ecommerce, and more. All they’re all responsive! Since so many recipients now check email via tablet or smartphone, it is more important than ever to make sure your pieces are readable and accessible to your prospects.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway takes over where typical text editors leave off. Instead of simply correcting your spelling and grammar, this useful tool improves your writing. Hemingway improves your readability and ensures that the emails you are drafting will resonate with your reader. Running an email through this app before sending can help you clarify any confusing points and ensure that you are truly getting your point across. Regularly using Hemingway can improve your writing skills and hone your marketing skills, too.


Need vector designs for your email campaigns and don’t have much of a budget? Freepik hunts down free vectors based on your specifications. Find .PSD files, icons, vectors and even stock photos for free on this time-saving site. Even if you have a stock photo site account, searching for a free image first can help you save money on your next email campaign.


Optimize and resize your email images in a hurry. ResizeImage allows you to crop and change the size of an image to your preferred pixel count or proportions in a flash. Best of all, reducing the size of your images with this free tool allows you to send smaller files but avoid using Photoshop.


Tired of sending yourself dozens of copies of your email drafts, just to see what they will look like? PutsMail eliminates this extra work and displays a functional preview of your email draft, pronto.


Different people respond to your emails in different ways; this innovative app seeks to help you understand the specific needs of your prospects, friends, and coworkers by coming up with a personality profile. This is a great tool to ensure you are using the right style of email content for your specific audience. Once you have an idea of what the recipient likes and their preferred communication style, you can better relay your needs and concerns.


Add a countdown to your email, without having to learn to code or go through a complex process. A great addition to any retail emails or other commerce email campaigns. This app makes it fast and easy to come up with a countdown timer and to incorporate it into your campaign. Count the days until a big event or the hours til a sale ends; a countdown can add urgency and let your prospects know an offer is truly there for a limited time only.


Detergent is a smart HTML entity encoder, specifically tailored for email template development. It is a JavaScript library that prepares text to be pasted into email’s or website’s HTML code. There is also a web app on which is driven by this JS library. For manual HTML character encoding, website is the best. For automation purposes (for example, automated email template builds using Gulp/Grunt/npm_scripts), this, JS-library-Detergent (this library you see here) is the best.


While Grammarly is used for multiple purpose, it’s a great way to gut-check your grammar and word choice on your email. A simple spelling mistake might not seem like a huge deal, but your subscribers will take note and could push your email to the trash bin due to an error. Grammarly catches mistakes to ensure every email is perfect before you press ‘send’.

Source: Grammarly

Wrap up

With our list of comprehensive free email tools, you can easily optimize your email campaigns and ensure that your pieces truly resonate with your readers and prospects. Creating dynamic email campaigns not only engages your subscribers, but could also convert them into repeat customers.

A few tools we recommend include:

  • Raven URL Builder
  • Sublime Text
  • Scope
  • Pixabay
  • Hemmingway Editor
  • Canva
  • Grammarly and more

No matter what your emails goals are, tools help make your life easier, so you can focus on developing campaigns that produce results. The best part? They’re free for you to try and discover what works best for your brand!

Speaking of easier—are you ready to automate your email journeys to deliver key touch points to your subscribers? Give Delivra a try to find out how.

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