Introducing Snippets for Regular and Triggered Segments

Delivra’s list segmentation is an incredibly powerful tool allowing for mailings and campaigns to be sent to specific segments of subscribers of your choosing.

Segments can be developed based on a multitude of demographics, ecommerce, and other tidbits of subscriber data, allowing you to hone in on specific audiences you want to reach with each individual email marketing campaign you launch.

While segmented lists are incredibly beneficial to clients, they can often become painstaking, especially if several of your segments utilize the same sets and conditions of data when cultivating them.

Now with Delivra, it’s easier than ever to create simple, reusable snippets that can also be included in both regular and triggered segments.

Before we dive into creating segment snippets, let's take a moment to talk about why these segments are so vital in the first place.

Why you need segmented email lists

Segmenting your emailing list is absolutely vital for several different reasons.

Most importantly, email list segmentation allows marketers to send relevant email content to specific readers when they need it the most.

Your subscribers have come to you for a specific reason, and you need to provide them with answers to their questions or solutions to their pain points, and in order to do that, you must get to know them on a deeper level.

During the initial opt-in process, you probably gathered some basic data, such as the person’s name and email address. In order to truly get to know them, you’ll need to find creative ways to gather additional data, such as:

  • Their gender
  • Their geographical location
  • Their job titles
  • Their level of education
  • Their specific interests and more

While some of that data will be collected as each subscriber interacts with your website and other platforms, there are other ways of getting that data.

One way to do so is through the creation of a preference center. These centers allow each subscriber to tell you exactly what they want from you, which, in the long run, will make it easier to personalize future email campaigns.

Take this example from Alamo Drafthouse. In their welcome email, they start off by telling readers that they want to get to know them better. To do this, their first call-to-action button leads the subscriber to their personal victory rewards profile.

This Alamo Drafthouse email is a good example of snippets for triggered segments

Source: Really Good Emails

Once you’ve collected enough subscriber data, you can then start building your segmented email list.

From there, you’ll be able to send personalized email campaigns to each of your subscribers, such as this example from Roadshow Film.

This Justice League email shows how you can use snippets for segments of your list

Source: Really Good Emails

Not only are they catering to the holiday season with this email, but they address both those who love Valentine's day and those who don’t. This way, both subsets of their mailing list have movie options they can choose from.

So, why is email personalization so vital to your email marketing strategy? Here are a few facts that you may find interesting:

  • 74% of marketers have stated that targeted personalization helped to increase their overall customer engagement rates – eConsultancy
  • Personalized email marketing is said to generate an average ROI of 122% – Instapage
  • Email marketing provides the highest ROI when compared to other digital marketing channels, bringing in an average of $38 for every $1 spent – Campaign Monitor

Creating segment snippets

Before we can create a segment snippet, we need to understand what a segment snippet is.

The term “snippet” refers to a feature in our Segments tab that is found on your Contacts dashboard. This feature allows Delivra users to create reusable segment clauses, which are saved and made available to pull into new segment by simply selecting them from the library.

You can make a snippet segment within your email list, which is what this image shows

Source: Delivra

Building new segment snippets can be done by first organizing the various types of users you want to target.

Create a list of potential customers based on how much they have spent on your products in the past year, their age, their location, and even whether or not they have an abandoned shopping cart linked to their account.

Target users by purchase frequency, gender, and special interests they have shared with you when collecting data (such as being involved with charities or enjoying updates about specific topics).

The more specific you can get when developing segment snippets, the easier it becomes to increase ROI while boosting brand loyalty.

With Delivra’s all-in-one platform, easily access, view, and edit your current list of segment snippets without utilizing various tools and services.

Create organized lists of segments to add new snippets based on data you have gathered or new marketing techniques you wish to try.

Keep track of each snippet you create to quickly eliminate any that are not generating the results you desire.

It is also possible to add snippets to an existing segment within the Delivra editing platform, giving you complete and total control over each campaign you want to launch without hindering your ability to get as specific as possible with your customers and subscribers.

Benefits of using segment snippets

Using segment snippets helps save time by sending personalized email campaigns that are designed with each individual subscriber in mind (often reaching them on a more intimate and welcoming level).

Use Delivra’s platform to monitor, track, and update each individual segment snippet you create on the fly (allowing for more flexibility, productivity, and efficiency when working).

Carefully watch each email campaign to determine the best types of segment snippets that genuinely resonate with your current subscribers or loyal customers.

Improve your overall open and click-through rates, leading to more web traffic and in many cases, more sales and leads.

Wrap up

With the right content marketing and testing various snippets over time, improve your conversion rates to generate more revenue while garnering even more loyal customers and subscribers who are eager for your next campaign message.

Make it simpler to activate your customer data and send personalized campaigns with segment snippets.

Never miss an opportunity to hold the attention of your readers by getting personal and sharing relevant content or information.

Start building segment snippets today with Delivra before your next campaign goes live!

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