New features and updates to help you work smarter, not harder

When it comes to building an effective email marketing program, we’re all looking for efficiencies and flexibility in our processes. Well, you’re in luck! This release provides several new features that help you do just that.

Today, you’ll have the ability to set your own default time zone for your account, create your own custom data tables, and more. Check out the summary of what’s new below.


Default Time Zone

In the past, your account’s time zone was set to Eastern Standard Time, so if you are on the west coast, for example, you’ve had to do some math to determine when 9 am is for you. In today’s release, you can now set your default time zone preference in your account, making it easier to see when mailings are scheduled to be sent or even when the content was modified.


We’ve added several new features to make adding and updating your contacts even easier.

Import Field Mapping

Importing the same kinds of fields in your .csv files? Save time by creating default field mappings for those imports. The import process will use the default mappings and can be set up for both manual and FTP mapping.

Custom Data Tables (Requires Enterprise License)

Get the flexibility to create new fields on the fly. New Custom Data Tables in a subscriber’s contact record let you relate additional data to power more effective and sophisticated segments, email content, mailings, and more. Adding or updating contact data can be done manually, or you can work with our team to set up an FTP sync that automatically adds new data to your account saving you time.


We’re introducing several improvements to the Drip Campaign Builder offering more customization for your next drip campaign.

  • Fine tune your drip campaign’s pause/wait time with a new Hours criteria
  • Save time by searching for and selecting multiple browsed URLs (this feature is also available for setting up segments outside of Drip Campaigns)
  • More effectively target when evaluating contact data based on contact engagement score

Additional Release Inclusions

Authentication: Now, you can set up your own authentication (SPF and DKIM) in the application for domains you own.

Copy Forms Between Sub-Accounts: Have a form you love for one account and want to replicate? Save time by copying the form to other accounts instead of manually recreating them.

New API endpoints for storing Quote and Opportunity Specific Data (Requires Enterprise License): We have created standardized tables to store quote and opportunity data. Contact your CSM to have these available in your account.

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