Advanced Insights From New Forms and Benchmarks

As we hit the middle of the year, we couldn’t be more excited about the new features our product team is bringing you. Summer is in full swing for our Indy-based team, and, as many of us have been in COVID lockdown since March, we miss being with our friends, family, and customers. So this month we’re focused on community.

What does that mean for marketing platform updates? Big changes to growing your community with new form features, seeing how you perform compared to your peers with benchmarking, and exciting improvements around how you can learn more about your audience with some new CRM features.

Let’s take a look!

Everything you ever wanted to do with forms.

Marketing lives and breathes forms. If you can’t capture subscribers or leads (i.e. through a form), then it’s going to be pretty tough to send them messages.

And if you’ve been in marketing for any time at all, then you know there’s lots of psychological research that’s gone into form building to make form filling frictionless. So we’re updating our form styling and functionality to make sure yours are top notch.

Make brand-approved forms faster.

First up, we’ve simplified the workflow to create subscribe forms, unsubscribe forms, and preference centers.

Using forms in Delivra—this GIF illustrates how

These updates also include new styling, so you can make sure your subscribe forms and preference centers match your site styles and enhance user experience.

For brands out there that need better tracking and data collection, the new forms also let you add a contact to multiple hidden categories when subscribing, so you can track page sources and other hidden fields for better personalization.

Capture even more subscribers.

We’ve created three new ways to display Delivra subscribe forms on your site, so you take advantage of every list growth opportunity.

  • The hanging banner displays at the top of a page above your main navigation.
  • The floating box displays on the right side of a given page. This is great for capturing subscribers from your blog.
  • The popup creates a lightbox form over the top of your page, so you can grab the most attention from your user.

Learn from your opt outs.

Even though we know unsubscribes can be good (much better than a subscriber ignoring your message or marking as spam), it still stings when we see someone opt out. But that pain doesn’t have to be in vain.

Setting up an unsubscribe form can let you survey those who opt out to see where you went wrong. These forms are vital to improving your strategy, showcasing why exactly a subscriber chose to remove themselves from your list.

While unsubscribe surveys are pretty standard in the email marketing industry, we wanted to make sure you could make the most out of these opportunities. We’ve added a couple extra features so you can learn from every unsubscribe:

  • Create your own list of unsubscribe reasons for the user to choose from.
  • View the unsubscribe reason on the Edit Contact page, so you can build detailed profiles for your audience.

Measure and compare your performance to others in your industry with benchmarking reports.

Reporting can be a tough subject. With so much data to look at, sometimes email marketers are overwhelmed with reporting options. For others, reporting on open and click rates every single week might seem mundane.

We’re always looking for ways to improve your insights and quick wins from reports. Which is why, for this installment, we’re bringing you a brand new benchmarking report.

Delivra shows comparative email benchmarks within its platform

Now you can compare your email marketing performance to other companies similar to your industry, company size, annual revenue, and/or region. You can compare open, click-through, click-to-open, and unsubscribe rates.

Reporting on your own metrics is great to see growth over time. But comparing to organizations similar to yours can let you know how you stack up to the competition, and where you need to put your focus.

Also: Generate the Billing Email Volume Report straight to the inbox.

We’ve also introduced a new scheduler for the Billing Email Volume Report, so you can pull up the report from your inbox at the time you’ve chosen. Why schedule it? For Delivra customers that need to bill back charges to clients or departments, you can schedule the report to generate and send to your email at regular billing intervals. It’s also great for those on a volume license that want to verify their invoice.

While the report has been around for a while, you can now shave off the time spent generating the report, having it generated and sent right to your inbox instead.

Pro tip: Adjust your Weekly Insights to curate your reports. Head to the My Settings page to manage which weekly insights you want to receive straight to your inbox.

Sales pipe, say hello to Delivra’s basic CRM.

This feature is currently available for the Professional license.

We’re rolling out streamlined CRM features to give a bit more insight and control to organizations that track their leads through a funnel. And, sitting alongside the rest of your marketing automations, you’ll be able to stay up to date with every lead, optimizing your efforts and workflows.

Screenshot of Delivra's lite CRM pipeline

Here are some of the features, along with why we’re excited about them:

Track at the company level. Store prospect and customer details for companies or organizations. Assign sales reps and connect individual contacts to companies so you can keep your leads organized and moving down funnel.

Create a pipeline to manage the stages your deals are in. Each stage of the pipeline can be configured to use your terminology and win probability. From the pipeline, easily add or edit deals, and use a drag-and-drop feature to move a deal between stages. Tie it all to your marketing automation tools to communicate and nurture contacts through every stage.

Connect your product catalogue and deals. Set up a catalogue to reflect your products. Then manage your deals from the pipeline or list view to track deal value, win probability, and expected close date. Include multiple products on a deal, and differentiate between new business, renewal, or expansion.

Stay organized with notes and tasks. Add notes and link them to a deal, company, or contacts, so you can see applicable notes when accessing prepping for a sales call or contract renewal. Less of a note, more of a to-do? No problem: Manage your daily tasks with a prioritized list of items to be completed. Add new tasks that can be prioritized, assigned an owner and due date, and linked to a deal, company, or contact, and see related tasks for those entities in one profile.

Do it all magically with API. Use Delivra’s API to update companies, contacts, and product catalogs, freeing your teams up to focus on the next deal.

Also: Salesforce integration updates

You can now segregate your Salesforce data into different accounts by defining lead and contact sync rules when setting up the integration.

Wrap up

With economies ramping back up and the busiest time of the year just ahead of us, it’s never been a better time to capture more interest on your site, measure your performance against competitors, and optimize your sales process. Our teams are dedicated to your success, so let us know what you think of these new features so we can keep improving for you!

Interested in these features, but not a Delivra customer? Set up a demo with our team here.

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