Improve communications and team efficiency with Delivra’s latest product release

We spend so much time personalizing and timing our messages when there’s a simpler, more efficient way of reaching subscribers where they are. If you want to increase open and click rates, try speaking directly to your subscriber’s interest and activity.

To begin, ask yourself:

  • Am I effectively speaking to my subscribers and meeting them where they are?
  • What channels are right for certain messages?
  • Am I giving them a chance to respond?

A Personalized Multi-Channel Experience

We’ve made even more enhancements to our SMS program making it easier to launch a multi-channel strategy.

  • Now, marketers can alter the subscriber’s automated journey depending on the response they give to a text message. From confirming appointments or event attendance, gauging interest in new deals and products, to getting feedback on your service, a personalized SMS conversation is just a few clicks away. Learn more here.
  • Add merge tags to your SMS messages to increase engagement through more personalized messages. Merge in demographic information like nearby locations, previous interests, or a name.

  • SMS marketers can use a new SMS-specific import process or drop new SMS contacts to Delivra via FTP.
  • Set your campaigns up for success by adding an optional welcome message or double opt-in can be added to these imports. Learn more here.

Brand Conscious Footers

Enterprise customers now have the ability to customize different parts of their email footers to keep their branding consistent while remaining CAN SPAM compliant.

Easily set your text, font, size, color, padding, borders, link colors, and alignment with no coding necessary.

Site administrators can set permissions for certain users to access this new feature.

Learn how to create your custom footer.

Small, but significant changes in this release include:

  • Easily export and summarize Report Group statistics by navigating to the Report Groups tab in Analytics. Use this enhancement to report out on key strategies and emphasize wins for your different programs.
  • Improve targeting with our new “Mailings received” clause. This clause allows you to filter your segment to include or exclude subscribers that received a certain amount of mailings within a particular time period.

Wrap up

We’re committed to helping you improve your communication with your subscribers, to promote your successes, and to make your team as efficient as possible.

Use these new enhancements and features to create effective 1:1 multi-channel conversations, and keep your branding consistent. Want to learn how these changes can help your business? Contact us today.

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