Product updates from Delivra to help with GDPR

Chances are, you’ve probably heard a little bit about this thing called GDPR.

If not, here’s a small recap: On May 25, 2018, the European Union’s new privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes enforceable, regulating the treatment and use of personal data.

With that GDPR compliance date right around the corner, our product team has been hard at work making sure the Delivra platform is compliant, meets all of the required expectations, and is ready for all the changes GDPR will bring. Today, we’re excited to roll out the new GDPR-related features to help meet those new requirements.


Under new GDPR guidelines, data subjects — in this case, your subscribers — have the right to: transparent information about your processing of their data; deletion, correction, portability of their data; and the right to restrict or completely revoke consent for future processing of their data, including objection to any automated decision making that may be in place based on their personal data.

With that in mind, we’ve added some functionality to Delivra that makes it easy to respond and act on your subscribers’ requests.

What’s New:

The updated contacts dashboard gives you the ability to:

  • View a contact’s tracking preference
  • Delete a contact
  • Import a list of contacts to delete

Note: The ability to delete contacts at an account level is by request only. If you would like to add that functionality to your account, please reach out to Delivra Support (

Delete contact and contact view

Other updates:

  • Add/Edit Contact: View and modify a contact’s tracking preference (ie. do they allow tracking or not?).
  • View Engagement: Export a contact’s behavioral data (includes both email and SMS contacts)
  • View SMS Mailings: Export all the SMS messages sent to a contact.
  • Import Contacts: Assign a tracking preference when importing a list of contacts.

Signup forms

Check out our Trust Center, which provides quite a bit of detail about consent as it’s defined under the GDPR. The regulation’s text clearly defines how consent can (and cannot) be given. But rather than using the term “explicit” which many of us are used to, the GDPR lays out a set of conditions for informed consent that reinforce the data subject’s rights and places specific obligations on the shoulders of the data controller.

When it comes to signup forms, that means:

  • Making it clear exactly what they’re signing up for (no more pre-checked checkboxes)
  • Including an easy-to-find link to your online Privacy Policy on the form
  • Letting them know they can unsubscribe at any time

What’s New:

  • Email Authorization and Tracking Authorization consent fields that can be customized with your own messaging
  • Radio button selectable categories for displaying various subscription lists so you can force users to only select one category instead of multiple, if needed
    • Note: subscribers can also update their own tracking preferences via Preference Centers
  • Swap cell feature to rearrange cells easily and save time in design


To give you and your subscribers more control over how opens and clicks are tracked.

What’s New:

Delivra removes the tracking pixels and tracking tags from all emails being sent to recipients that have specified that they do not want their behavior tracked. We’ve added that behavior tracking field to the contact record, so it can be updated by the subscriber (via signup forms or Preference Center), or by you through list imports and integrations.

This behavior tracking includes:

  • opens, clicks, forwards, shares, clickstream, and Google Analytics.


What’s new:

  • Includes the ability to provide tracking preference when adding or updating a contact.
  • Includes the ability to request a contact to be deleted.

A summary of these new features and others can be found in our release notes. Log into your Delivra account to take advantage of these updates, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to your site administrator or Delivra Support if you have any questions!

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