Why Do Email Marketing for Your Large Company?

When you search for information about email marketing on the web, you may find several resources on growing small businesses with email.

It’s true that email provides a cost-effective marketing strategy with a high ROI for businesses with limited budgets—but what about large companies?

Why do email marketing when you have so many resources at your disposal?

In this post, we’ll go over some of the biggest advantages of email marketing for large companies. In fact, even if your business is still growing (and you have big goals), email marketing can work as you advance and scale your company for long-term profits. Here’s why it’s such an effective solution.

Why do email marketing for your large company? We have 8 solid reasons.

Large companies have a lot to gain by shifting their focus to email marketing. But why do email marketing for your large company?

As a marketing channel, email provides a one-on-one environment to communicate with your leads and customers. It’s a lot like Facebook in terms of targeted advertising, except your audience isn’t held hostage. (Plus, your subscribers explicitly gave you permission to contact them.)

Let’s go over some of the biggest reasons marketers of large brands—and brands with big dreams—should optimize their email marketing strategy.

1. It’s more cost effective than other advertising methods.

For every dollar spent on email marketing, brands enjoy a sweet $38 return on average. Meanwhile, on Facebook, less than 1% of your targeted audience will click your sponsored post.

Social media is like the Thunderdome of the marketing world: your advertisement appears in a user’s feed for a split second before they quickly scroll past.

With email, however, your content stays in a person’s inbox indefinitely unless the recipient takes action to delete it. In fact, many people will open a brand’s email several times on different devices. They may even scour their inbox for coupons prior to a shopping trip.

So, which email coupons are your customers taking advantage of: yours or your competitors?

2. Email marketing offers an unmatched potential for targeted advertising.

We have to be honest. Facebook’s audience insights and targeted advertising are pretty awesome—fun, even. But it still can’t compete with email for long-term marketing strategies.

Facebook is basically a huge buffer between you and the people you want to reach. You have no idea exactly who sees your ad or who clicks it. In fact, you only have a vague idea of the type of people Facebook chooses for you.

That’s exactly why it’s notoriously difficult to track the ROI of social media advertising—too many variables are left unanswered.

Why do email marketing over social media?

Email marketing is an entirely different level of targeting advertising. For one thing, you can visibly see the email addresses of people interacting with your content. This gives you the ability to track their browsing, learning, and buying behavior essentially in real-time.

This email from Tock provides personalized content based on the subscriber’s location and possibly content they’ve interacted with before.

content based off location

Image Source: Really Good Emails

3. It helps you form (and keep) a personal relationship with each customer.

Email, by nature, is an intimate method of communicating with your leads and customers. With the right email strategy, you can nurture these leads until they become customers—indefinitely if you have to.

This isn’t a challenge: it’s an opportunity. Instead of shouting coupons and products at your subscriber list, hit them with targeted content they actually look forward to opening.

Ask them about problems they face and interests they have. From there, you can develop high-quality blog posts, podcasts, and other content to promote through your email list.

This will show that you’re actively trying to form a conversation and relationship with people instead of just selling to them.

4. Email marketing is less creepy and intrusive in the age of big data.

Facebook boasts over 1.5 billion daily active users. Of course, marketers would be foolish not to strategize some kind of presence on the platform. However, public trust in Facebook has also rapidly declined in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. People have seen the power of data.

Because people trust email marketing more than Facebook, it’s an excellent alternative. Plus, email is less creepy and intrusive than Facebook advertisements.

For one thing, your subscribers have voluntarily handed over their contact information to you. They actually want to hear from you. To top it off, subscribers expect you to use data you’ve collected to provide them with personalized content.

According to studies from Adobe, 42% of customers say they get angry or annoyed when brands don’t offer personalized content. The key is to use data in a sophisticated, respectful, and legal manner if you want to strike the right balance.

5. Automation makes it easy to scale your business.

Modern email service providers make it easy to automate your email campaigns. This is a perfect solution if you’re looking for innovative solutions to scale your business.

Not only that, but a series of automated emails or campaigns based on triggered events are excellent for starting and maintaining a dialogue with your leads and customers. Send out welcome emails to new subscribers asking for their content preferences. Send thank-you emails after they register for an event or make a purchase.

These types of email campaigns based on behavior are easy to do with minimal time, resources, and effort thanks to automation technology.

This automated email from Lonely Planet provides a warm introduction along with a nice discount coupon. Note the striking high-quality graphic.

intro email with discount

Image Source: Lonely Planet

6. The technology and infrastructure are constantly growing.

Email service providers have access to some of the most advanced marketing technology around. Why do email marketing for your large company? This technology provides virtually unlimited possibilities in several ways such as the following.

  • Optimized mobile browsing—remember that over 50% of all emails are opened on mobile devices
  • Merging data from other sources like Google Analytics and social media
  • Segmenting your audience based on a broad range of demographics
  • Integration with customer relationship management software, social media, and other marketing tools
  • A/B testing
  • Compliance with applicable data and anti-spam laws

Reputable email service providers also offer high-quality IP addresses to their customers. This ensures that your content stays out of the spam folder and inside inboxes.

7. It’s easy to track and analyze large sets of data.

Why do email marketing? Well, for one thing, you have access to large sets of data. Unlike social media, you can track exactly who opens your emails and which actions they take inside.

Cutting edge email service providers offer tons of other analytic features including click-based heat maps, split testing for subject lines, and special apps for tracking your campaign data.

You can also integrate data from other sources such as Google Analytics, social media, or your customer relationship management software to forge a wide yet detailed understanding of each subscriber.

With access to this type of data, how could you optimize your marketing in other areas such as social media or even print materials? How could you adapt your products and services to better suit your customers’ needs?

8. Email marketing is suited for long-term growth.

Email marketing isn’t a quick fix. If you need an instantaneous traffic boost and a few sales, then by all means, keep scheduling sponsored Facebook posts.

The truth is, Facebook ads aren’t cheap. Not only is this a hefty burden for small businesses, but huge companies can quickly rack up tens of thousands of dollars—if not more—in Facebook bills at the end of each month. Did you know that the social media giant rakes in $1 billion each quarter from targeted advertising?

This strategy is not sustainable for long-term growth unless it’s part of a broader integrated marketing strategy. Email, however, provides a long-term solution that adapts to your business growth and offers all the tools you need to reach customers without any of the hassle.

9. It’s an excellent way to build brand authority and recognition.

If you’re a new company and want to reach people who have never heard about you before, strategic social media ads are effective for reeling people in. Once they visit your website and you’ve collected their email address, you can continue to familiarize people with your brand through email campaigns.

Why boost a sponsored post for every high-quality blog you publish when you can simply send it you your email subscribers?

Email lets you gently introduce people to your brand’s values, interests, and products. You can demonstrate authority through relevant blog posts, infographics, and multimedia. Once you’ve developed the relationship, you can promote products and people will be more likely to respond.

Wrap up

Why do email marketing for your large business?

The truth is, email is an effective marketing medium for businesses large, small, and everywhere in between. Thanks to its versatility, you can easily adapt your email marketing strategy as you scale your growing company.

Plus, email service providers have access to some of the most advanced data collection and automation technology. This allows brands of all sizes to develop long-term relationships with their leads and customers.

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