Introducing Delivra's Email Marketing Platform for Agencies

Utilizing email marketing campaigns is a simple yet effective way to gain loyal customers, all while having the ability to track and analyze data from users.

Unfortunately, most agencies today often struggle to gather feedback from their clients when it comes to revenue-generating projects like email campaigns.

Delivra has introduced a new way for agencies to work with their clients when creating result-driven emails with our new email marketing platform built explicitly with agencies in mind.

Designed to surpass your client expectations: here's everything you need to know about Delivra

Design first with creativity in mind, and secondly, try to design without having to utilize third-party sources to test the overall format and functionality of each of your email templates.

Our new platform is designed for every design skill level and allows you to build emails with the use of our drag & drop template editor.

Not only does our template editor help take the stress out of building beautiful email designs, but it helps to speed up the process as well. You can use our drag-and-drop editor to create emails quickly.

However, for those well-versed in coding email templates, our platform also allows users to import pre-designed HTML layouts for individual email formats. This means that if you have a design you already love, you don’t have to say goodbye to it.

Email Testing Made Easy

While the design of your emails is crucial, all great agencies know and understand the importance of testing your emails prior to sending. Send test emails to clients for instant feedback and reviews via email reply, logging data with the content, and each email sent.

Sending an untested email campaign to everyone on your subscription list runs the risk of backfiring, which results in lost revenue, time and resources. Instead of taking a “hope for the best” approach, test your campaigns with a small sample of your audience members to see what works and what doesn’t, all with one simple platform.

Without using a third party to send test emails, keep all of your feedback in one location that offers easy access for you, your team, and each of your individual clients.

Feedback alerts are also available for appropriate team members, allowing your staff to review incoming comments or updates from those receiving emails.

Once feedback is reviewed, teams are able to edit and make suggested changes directly within the content editor.

The platform allows for both you and your client to easily track the progress of the email feedback you receive.

Keep all of your feedback in one location for designated team members to access, eliminating additional outside communication channels like long email chains or apps such as Slack.

Once editing and suggestions have been implemented, easily roll out new and unique campaigns to push, ultimately cutting down on the overall approval processing time.

Important Client Data at Your Fingertips

Using our Client Management Hub, you can now host and build everything you need for your individual clients and the emails they wish to send without utilizing multiple platforms and team members to get the job done.

Having important client data at your fingertips is a way to stay ahead of the game when handling and tracking analytics while also cultivating the best email marketing campaigns for your clients.

Track white-labeled accounts while having the ability to manage multiple clients from a single login, saving time while providing you with the access necessary to work as efficiently as possible throughout your workday.

Bounce between client accounts, email campaigns, and even client billing within Delivra’s system.

Having a complete platform to access, manage, and edit all of your client information and email campaigns allow for more time spent crafting the right way to reach potential customers–resulting in higher click rates and lead-generation.

Start Maximizing Revenue Per Client

Using Delivra, start maximizing the revenue you are able to generate with each individual client.

Increase client retention by showcasing your streamlined email marketing process, ideal for agencies of any size—whether you are just starting out or have a solid list of long-term clients.

Sending out regularly scheduled and automated email marketing campaigns not only ensure that you stay relevant in your client’s inboxes, but that you have information that they’ll want to see.

Creating and sending personalized, relevant content to your clients not only keeps them engaged with your agency but increases the chances of them converting from email subscriber to customer.

With our system, your team can stay organized without having to try various tools and services to complete each and every task.

Automate Your Workflow to Bring Your Clients the Best Personal Experiences

Let’s face it; your agency is busy enough with trying to run your daily tasks. With our marketing automation services, you can simplify your marketing team’s daily workflow so that they can focus their time and attention on other projects, all while still delivering the best personal experiences.

Not only can your team map out elaborately simplified journeys, but they also can:

  • Help guide subscribers through the sales cycle
  • Get notified at key sales moments
  • Engage with your customers with immediate responses to various triggers

What makes marketing automation so great is that once your team has gone through the effort of setting up your campaigns, they are ready to do the work for you. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a one and done effort. Like any well-oiled machine, it takes a team effort to keep it running smoothly.

Bring Ease of Mind to Your Agency with Delivra’s Email Marketing Platform

Our agency platform is ready to arm your agency with an essential email marketing platform to gather, track, and monitor all of your client’s needs at any time.

With Delivra, take the guesswork out of managing and organizing all of your client’s data, billing information, and marketing plans with our “one-stop-shop” platform designed for agencies.

Take complete control of how you assist clients while saving time and ensuring all of your content and other information is readily available with one simple login.

Now, get out there and start taking advantage of our agency features.

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