Drive More Conversions From Email With All-New Landing Pages

In terms of digital marketing, targeting your audience is vital to the success of your program. Your brand’s website may hold a lot of content and features to drive new business and leads, but sometimes, that much information can be too much when you’re trying to focus on a goal from your marketing efforts to drive conversions.

Enter landing pages. Landing pages are an essential piece in making all of your marketing channels work together. Whether you direct traffic to a landing page via links in your email campaigns, social posts, or even organic outreach, landing pages are the best way to present targeted content and messaging about your brand, and, with an embedded form, gather leads from that page.

But, despite how valuable landing pages are — and how they directly benefit so many areas across your marketing organization — they can be difficult to create, usually need a certain level of coding experience, and require something all marketers wish they had more of: time.

With Delivra’s landing page builder, marketers of any skill-set can create, customize, and launch landing pages without touching a line of code.

Landing pages anyone can publish

Built with a similar UI and tools as our email and form builder, anyone can create, edit, and publish their own landing pages.

On-brand landing pages

To keep your subscribers’ experience with your brand consistent, publish landing pages using your brand’s custom domain and a theme that matches your email template.

Get more leads with gated content

When creating your landing page in Delivra, you have the option to “gate” the page which requires your visitors to fill out a form before accessing the landing page content, effectively increasing your lead pool.

Improve your customer journey with a custom landing page

Redirect new subscribers by linking your subscribe forms or gated content to redirect to a custom landing page.

Wrap up

Landing pages are an essential factor of a high-performing digital marketing strategy. They can have a significant impact on other aspects of your plan, including your email marketing campaigns. And when they’re implemented, landing pages are essential in driving more conversions and revenue from email (and the rest of your marketing channels).

Delivra’s landing page builder is available to all customers with an Enterprise license.

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