Benefits of Integrating Social Media to Email Marketing

Email marketing is the absolute best and most cost-effective way to market your products online. Integrating social media into your email marketing campaign can enhance your reach to an audience beyond your opt-in list. However, the audience enhancement benefit of integrating with social media is not the only one. There are many others too. Below, we’ve listed a few of these benefits for you to consider.

Increased Reach and Frequency

When you hit the send button for your email campaign, naturally you send it to those people who are in your email list. By using social media with your email campaign, you can go beyond your opt-in subscribers and get to expose your message to their friends and colleagues as well.

In fact, our friends at Campaign Monitor recently did some in-depth research on the state of small business. When asked, small businesses seemed to agree that when it comes to increasing brand awareness, social media was their best bet, followed closely by email marketing.

So, it would make sense for the two to be combined, especially if your brand is working on increased engagement and overall reach.

Take this example from Campaign Monitor. Instead of simply sharing their blog updates with those who opted-in to their emailing list, they go ahead and share blogs with their social media following as well, in this case, their Twitter followers.

Source: Campaign Monitor/Twitter

This is a great way to help increase your overall reach. And for newcomers to your brand, if you’ve properly placed a sign-up CTA somewhere in your material, they may become new members of your email list as well.

Increased Credibility Leading to List Growth

When your message gets exposed to a wider net, many people decide to opt-in themselves. Your credibility also increases in their eyes when they see their friends already on your list. This increases their trust in your brand.

Source: Ulta Beauty/Facebook

Popular beauty brand Ulta shares events, products, and more on their Facebook page. For someone new to the brand, they may only know that they supply higher-end makeup and beauty brands, which automatically means higher prices for some.

However, once you start checking out their profile and you see that over 3 million people “like” and follow this brand, your interest may be piqued. Then, just below that, you can see that quite a few of your friends and followers are on that list. These are people you have come to know and trust (in most cases), so you are more likely to trust their judgment when choosing a new brand to try out.

Increased Customer Engagement

Social media brings in increased customer engagement when a user forwards your email messages, retweets your tweets, posts your blogs and tags you in Facebook, etc.

Take Rachel Hollis, for example. She’s been busy promoting not only her books but also her Rise Business conference that she’s been taking on the road all across the United States. Sure, she’s taken the time to talk about it in her email messages for those who have subscribed to her newsletters. But you can only talk to them so much about the same thing.

Taking your message outside of your emailing list is vital in a case such as this because you want to get more people on board. So, Rachel took to her Instagram to announce her latest lineup of speakers for her Charleston, SC event.

Source: Rachel Hollis/Instagram

In less than 24 hours, Rachel’s post has gotten just shy of 4,000 “likes,” and many comments from those who not only support her but those who share an interest in this event. Many of those “likes” and comments are bound to be people who already subscribe to her email newsletter, but there are many that aren’t. Thanks to this post on her Instagram page, more of her following is made aware of this event.

Increased Relevancy in your Email Messages

The relevancy of your email messages naturally increases when your users share your message with their friends and people they know would be interested. You can also use the feedback you receive through social media to refine and increase the relevancy of your future messages.

Two-Way Communication

Social media has rendered it easy to have two-way communication between your subscribers and users. This way, you understand their interests and preferences.

Quick Response

Social media lets you know what your audience thinks almost immediately. You get to know their reactions, how interested they are about your campaign, and so on. It helps maintain the buzz around your email campaign.

For instance, many brands have taken to Facebook and created fan pages simply because of the Facebook Messenger application. This app allows users to message the brand with any question comments or concerns privately and allows the brand to respond to them in a timely manner directly.

Improved ROI

As social media increases the reach and relevance of your email campaign; your conversion increases too. The more people you reach with relevant information, the greater the chance of your campaign turning into potential sales.

Delivra knows how integrating email marketing with other avenues of marketing increases your brand awareness and helps to build a lasting relationship with your customers. Contact us today for your demo to learn how our email marketing solutions can help you.

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