Consistent Branding And Efficient Working — April 2020 Product Release

If your marketing brain is anything like ours, you have a constant conflict running through your mind: How do I make this the most impactful experience possible, while also spending the least amount of time on it?

And, as many of us know, the answer to this question relies a lot on the tools you have at your disposal.

So, how are we responding to this modern-marketer dilemma? Although only you can successfully answer that question for yourself, we’re making it a bit easier to toe the line by providing new ways to gain quick design control and consistency, while also making it quicker to get a campaign started and out the door.

Let’s start with the updates to our design tools.

There’s even more design consistency and control for emails, landing pages, forms, and snippets.

You already depend on emails, landing pages, and forms to act as brand ambassadors for your organization. So when certain elements aren’t quite right, you either spend time meticulously straightening each kink in the design, or you ship an experience that may not reach your standards.

And whether it’s time spent or impressions made, there should be a more efficient way to make every piece cohesive.

This month, we updated our drag-and-drop designers to accommodate fast builds, more flexibility, and increased consistency. Following are just a few of the updates available when designing campaigns, email templates, landing pages, forms, and snippets.

Merge cell groups to create columns in your email, form, and landing page designs. And you can now control if a cell group should be responsive when displayed on a mobile device, so it’s a great brand experience no matter where your customer is coming from.

Looking for more design freedom? Add a background image to an email, form, landing page, or even to a specific cell in the designer. This feature includes image editing and styling controls for full width, repeat, and center. Plus two more updates when using images:

  • Sort media by date added when selecting a file to include in your design.
  • Quickly add padding using our new padding controls, including an option to apply that padding to all images in the design.

adding a background image to an email in delivra

For quick ways to achieve brand consistency, you can now define a standard button style for all buttons. This includes customizing button styling in a specific cell, and defining button height—independent of padding. Enhance your brand experience even more by using the Brand Styles page to define custom web fonts, and use new quick options in the editor to add superscript and subscript text.

Bonus: We’ve also added a new type of link for WhatsApp for those of you that lean on the messaging platform.

Customers can learn more in this help doc.

Set up and organize campaigns with max efficiency.

For marketers, a shorter time to set up a campaign and find what you’re looking for means you can do more and maximize ROI. So we’ve added new ways to organize and start new campaigns, so you can get to where you need to go in record time.

With the addition of folders, you can now organize your campaigns into folders, making quick work of finding the right campaigns to review or clone later on. This feature is available on both the Campaigns Dashboard and Find Sent Campaigns page, so you can stay organized wherever you’re looking.

foldering options in the campaign page of delivra

Managing multiple accounts in Delivra? Now you can use an email design across accounts, copying every part of any campaign. Just edit the copy, adjust the contact list and sender address, and you’re ready to send.

Get hyper-targeted in minutes.

The suppression list is vital to each and every campaign send. It keeps your messages compliant, and makes sure you’re reaching your target audience every time.

But what about when you want to get even more specific on who’s receiving a message? Most of the time, email marketers are forced to scrub through contacts, run a handful of queries to drill down to the right audience, and then create another new segment.

To help you reach the right audience, we’ve made improvements to list selection. You can now choose multiple suppression lists, and multiple segments for any regular, A/B test, or triggered campaign. This means you can use your standard suppression list and add in multiple segments to exclude as well, so you can quickly drill down to precise groups of people without having to recreate a segment for every targeted campaign.

adding segments to suppression list in delivra

Wrap up

This month’s product release is all about designing and organizing efficiently. Because wasted time means losing money—and that’s something everyone can stand against. So log in to your Delivra account today and try out some of these new features:

  • Merge cell groups and make them responsive.
  • Add background images.
  • Set consistent padding for images, uniform designs for buttons, and new styles with custom web fonts.
  • Include a WhatsApp link in your emails, pages, and more.
  • Organize campaigns into folders.
  • Choose multiple suppression lists and multiple segments for exclusion.
  • Copy an email design from one account to another.

Not using Delivra to create and automate your campaigns? Get a personalized demo and check out these new features today.

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