Calculate Your Email Marketing ROI (Formula Included)

Are you trying to measure email marketing ROI? Want to increase the ROI of email? Tracking the ROI of your email marketing automation strategy can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. So, where do you start? Let’s start with the mathematical formula for ROI: Earned – Spent / Spent = ROI as […]

restaurant email marketing

Restaurant Email Marketing: Campaign Ideas & Examples

Restaurant email marketing is a great way to draw in local customers and maintain a profit. Successful restaurant email marketing is essential and allows you to remain relevant regardless of the cuisine you represent. Implementing fine-tuned messaging and campaigns, building loyal patrons from your contact list, and selecting the optimal email software is a must […]

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Event Invitation Emails

How to Optimize Your Event Invitation Emails

Have you ever opened any event invitation emails that left you already wanting to be there? Invitation emails can really set the stage for an upcoming event. They’re great for generating buzz, anticipation, and excitement. Event invitation emails are also affordable, but can sometimes be overlooked by the recipient… …Or even worse, the host. By […]

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mobile emails guide

The Quintessential Guide to Mobile Emails

You can’t avoid it…mobile emails are big. REALLY BIG! Not in size, but importance. With more than half of all emails now opened on a mobile device, you want your email marketing strategy to be engaging and relevant to your recipients. If you’re not sending your emails in a mobile-friendly format, simply put: you’re not […]

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How to Retain Your Verizon Email Contacts

Verizon email contacts are going away for good. As part of Verizon’s acquisition by AOL, all @verizon.net users are migrating to AOL Mail. Over 4.5 million email addresses will cease to exist, potentially causing huge deliverability issues for email marketers. These could be contacts in your existing database. Contacts that have previously engaged with your […]

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best free email tools

What Are The Best Free Email Tools Out There?

We hear this question a lot from our customers: “What are the best free email tools we can use?” The right set of tools and go-to apps can cut down the amount of time you spend crafting emails, without sacrificing quality. So we gathered up our client success team, our design team, and our marketing […]

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