Is Your Email Marketing Strategy Outdated?

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If you haven’t made any recent changes in your email marketing strategy, you could be passing up on the opportunity to significantly grow your business. As consumers’ purchasing habits continue to evolve, savvy marketers are learning to adapt.

With email marketing steadily growing by 7 percent year over year, it continues to show resilience as an essential component of any effective digital marketing strategy. However, if you’re still doing email marketing like you did even two to five years ago, it’s time to revamp things. Read More

How to Reignite Your Email Subscribers’ Interest

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It happens. After a while, some of your subscribers may seem to lose interest in opening the

emails you’re sending them, no matter how well crafted you think they may be. This is not

unusual. As an email marketer, you’re likely to see fluctuations in open and click rates.

Don’t get discouraged. The art of communicating with your targeted audience sometimes

requires a bit of tweaking. Sometimes it may actually require an overhaul. You can boost your

open and click-through rates with a re-activation campaign that is specifically designed to renew

subscribers’ interest in your product and/or services. Read More

Capture More Sales With a Shopping Cart Abandonment Program

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If you’re in the ecommerce business, you know every click counts. You also are aware that the longer a visitor stays on your site, the more likely you may clinch a sale. But what happens when a visitor browses your site and selects an item, actually placing it in the cart — and then disappears from your site without complete the purchase?

Without the face-to-face interaction retailers enjoy at a bricks and mortar store, this can be frustrating. You’re not alone. According to recent statistics, shopping cart abandonment rates, as they’re called, hit 68 percent in 2014.

Read More

Consider the Benefits of an Email Marketing Campaign

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As a small- to mid-size business owner or marketing representative, you likely are relying on various options to market your services or products, including word-of-mouth, local ads, and social networks like Facebook. If you haven’t already added email marketing to your arsenal, it’s definitely time to explore how it can help boost your sales. If you do have email marketing, maybe it’s time for a fresher approach.

Email marketing has been getting renewed interest as a marketing tool among companies, both large and small. With open rates increasing, particularly among those who are using mobile devices, this traditional method of marketing is still considered an incredibly effective way to connect with customers. And a comprehensive approach to targeting your audience can help you reach them through multiple methods. Read More