New Delivra Platform Improves Behavioral Targeting, Tracks Browse History for Advanced Segmentation

Email marketing software provider Delivra has unveiled the next evolution of its platform, which now boasts advanced lead alerts and browse tracking features. Digital marketing continues to move away from demographic targeting and toward behavioral targeting, which is why Delivra’s latest platform allows users to utilize behavioral data like never before. New lead alerts provide […]

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Email List Quality is Top Priority for B2B Marketers

When it comes to email list strategy, increasing email list quality is the most important goal for B2B marketers, according to new research from email marketing service provider and strategic consultancy Delivra, in partnership with Ascend2. The report, titled B2B Email List Strategy, provides insights into what B2B marketers find to be the most significant […]

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abandoned shopping cart strategies to increase online sales

3 Grocery Store Lessons in Commerce Cart Abandonment

Commerce cart abandonment has a lot in common with the grocery store. Have you ever noticed in grocery stores that there’s a shelf full of random goods at the front of the store? Those items, by and large, were abandoned in the checkout lanes. Email marketers often think of the abandoned shopping cart as being […]

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How to Supercharge Your Email Deliverability

If you’re new to email marketing, one of the most important areas to focus on is deliverability – that is, making sure recipients actually see your messages. To do that, you may need to spend some time building up the reputation of your IP address and making sure you’ve done everything possible to avoid being […]

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convince my boss to buy new email marketing software delivra

Convince Your Boss You Need New Email Marketing Software

There’s nothing more nerve-racking than knowing you have to convince your boss you need new email marketing software. You wish it was as simple as making your case to your boss, they hear you out and give an immediate and emphatic yes. via GIPHY But when the idea of adding new software and that ugly […]

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Are You Ready to Create Your Own Marketing App?

With so many people getting most of their information exclusively through mobile devices, many marketers are scrambling to create apps that complement their email marketing strategy. If you’re thinking about rolling out your own app, consider the following questions: Why? That simple, open-ended question is the first step in creating a good app. If the […]

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