A new approach to email marketing, multi-channel drip campaigns

Your ability to boost revenue depends on any number of factors that have nothing to do with persistent sales reps. Sales can rise or fall depending upon the quality of your customer service, products, packaging, and loyalty programs. And here’s something else: The same can be said for getting the attention of prospective customers in […]


Using Video in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

More views. More clicks. More shares. More conversions. More sales. If you’re in the marketing or sales industry, it’s highly likely that your monthly goals consistently includes at least a few of those objectives. And here’s the key to reaching them: Video content. Video has become so essential to marketing, that it’s been named one […]

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SMS marketing messages

How SMS Marketing Complements Your Email Marketing

SMS marketing is proving to play an incredibly vital role in many marketing strategies. It’s not often you find a marketing channel that the audience opens messages from within 90 seconds of receiving them. Not only does text messaging have a broader reach than any other form of direct marketing, it uses an immediate path […]

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best time to send emails delivra blog

What’s The Best Time to Send Emails?

We are frequently asked two questions regarding email best practices: What is the best time to send my emails? What time of day works best to send emails? And we would venture to guess we’re not the first article you clicked on trying to find the real answers to these questions. “Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m.” […]

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b2c email marketing mistakes delivra blog

B2C Email Marketing Mistakes Not to Make

Email marketing should be a part of any B2C sales and marketing toolset. But there are still plenty of companies out there that either don’t use email marketing at all or do a poor job of utilizing it. We’ve all been on the receiving end of an email mistake. You open an email addressed to […]

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delivra best email marketing campaigns examples

The Best Email Marketing Campaigns We’ve Seen

The best email marketing campaings out there need to be celebrated. Every other industry champions their best of the best. With sports, you have your choice of the Olympics, the Stanley Cup, the Super Bowl, the World Series or the NBA World Championship. For those folks in Hollywood, it’s all about the Emmy’s or the […]

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