A new approach to email marketing, multi-channel drip campaigns

Your ability to boost revenue depends on any number of factors that have nothing to do with persistent sales reps. Sales can rise or fall depending upon the quality of your customer service, products, packaging, and loyalty programs. And here’s something else: The same can be said for getting the attention of prospective customers in […]


5 must-haves for a killer ecommerce email marketing campaign

Before you start crafting the ingredients for your next killer email marketing campaign, take a minute to consider something. You need to consider the importance of such an undertaking. To drive more business for your ecommerce business, email marketing is a no-brainer. Although email has been around for a while, it’s getting a fresh coat […]

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Here’s What Your 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy Needs to Include

You’re working on your 2017 digital marketing strategy. Of course you are! You want to kick-off the new year with a bang and make a huge impact right out of the gate. There is one strategy that many SMBs, nonprofits and other companies are sorely missing from their 2017 plan—marketing automation. Listen to this: B2C […]

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New Delivra Platform Enables Advanced Event Marketing and Campaign Reporting Capabilities

INDIANAPOLIS (November 7, 2016) – Email marketing software provider Delivra has unveiled the next step in the evolution of its platform, which provides users expanded Eventbrite integration, advanced reporting and more powerful marketing automation. With so many companies utilizing Eventbrite to manage events, Delivra has enhanced its existing integration with the event management software to include […]

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eventbrite email marketing integration

Updated Eventbrite Email Marketing Integration Released

We’re excited to release our updated Eventbrite email marketing integration as part of our 2016 Q4 product release for Delivra customers. This update with Eventbrite has expanded our email marketing integration to include specific event data, providing customers the ability to segment on event data, segment on contacts that checked into an event, include event […]

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