Calculate Your Email Marketing ROI (Formula Included)

Are you trying to measure email marketing ROI? Want to increase the ROI of email? Tracking the ROI of your email marketing automation strategy can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. So, where do you start? Let’s start with the mathematical formula for ROI: Earned – Spent / Spent = ROI as […]

ecommerce drip campaigns that sell more products for online retailers

6 Ecommerce Drip Campaigns to Steal More Sales

The rate of change for ecommerce marketers today is unprecedented. To keep up, online retailers are always looking for smarter ways to get that next purchase. And they’re looking at new technologies to transform the customer relationship. Email marketing has been, and continues to be, an ecommerce workhorse. In fact, 66 percent of retail marketers say […]

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Higher Education Email Marketing Strategies for Modern Students

Higher Education Email Marketing Strategies for Modern Students

Marketing departments at colleges and universities are all in the same boat. You are searching for new ways to improve academic quality of your student body while also increasing admission yields and enrollment rates. But you have to keep budget in mind and make sure you work with enrollment and admissions. With students submitting as […]

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Sell More Tickets: How Email Marketing Can Increase Ticket Sales

Sell More Tickets: How Marketers Can Increase Ticket Sales

With the advent of the Internet and social media, purchasing tickets for an event has become easier than ever. While it is true that consumers are checking their email multiple times each day, as a society we have become immune to plenty of senders. Ultimately, consumers are ignoring hundreds of incoming messages regularly. With the […]

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Email Marketing Optimization

Email Marketing Optimization Checkup in 3 Simple Steps

July is the perfect time to think about email marketing optimization. 2017 is flying by – and the midpoint of the year is the perfect time to take a look at making any adjustments you need to hit your annual email marketing goals. We’ve compiled an email marketing checkup list to help you swiftly assess […]

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email suppression list

Email Suppression List: The Simplified Way to Manage Them

Whether you want to avoid being seen as a spammer, don’t want to accidentally make an offer you can’t fulfill or simply want to make sure your email marketing metrics are truly accurate, creating and maintaining an email suppression list can help. What happens when a prospect stops opening your emails, or worse, labels them […]

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