Calculate Your Email Marketing ROI (Formula Included)

Are you trying to measure email marketing ROI? Want to increase the ROI of email? Tracking the ROI of your email marketing campaigns can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. So, where do you start? Let’s start with the mathematical formula for ROI: Earned – Spent / Spent = ROI as a […]


A Guide to the Perfect Event Email Marketing Plan

If you’re planning an event, inevitably a nightmare scenario will come to mind: Zero to few people will show up. This is the type of stuff that keeps plenty of people up at night, sweating throughout the day, and swallowing energy shots in between. Unless you’re booking an Adele concert, there’s a good chance you […]

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What We Learned Testing Our Email CTA Buttons

What We Learned Testing Our Email CTA Buttons

There’s something just tantalizing about email CTA buttons, right? Well, the right button. Calls-to-action are the gateways to getting subscribers and customers to engage. They drive the reader to perform a specific task. And that’s powerful stuff when it comes to sales intent. Buttons have been around for a long time… …and they’ve come a […]

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industry email marketing benchmarks by sector 2016

Industry Email Marketing Benchmarks: A compilation of 2017 email campaign reports by sector

“How do my email marketing campaigns stack up to my competition?” That’s a natural question to ask, and one we receive very often. Benchmarks give companies an important barometer to see how your emails are performing… …and some indication how you can improve your numbers. But not all benchmark data is the same. B2C emails […]

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Facebook App on Phone

Creating Facebook Ad Campaigns with Delivra

Were you on Facebook in the last hour? There’s a darn good chance your prospects or customers were… …and your brand could have been visible to them with Facebook ad campaigns. No two buyer journeys are the same. Result-oriented marketers are focusing on how to be everywhere to reach their audience… …and there’s one thing […]

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Introducing New Reporting, Design, and SMS Updates

We’re passionate about helping marketers, brands, and organizations engage their subscribers and sell more products. We kept this guiding principle in mind as we worked on our latest software release of Delivra. To help you engage and sell even more, we set our focus on enhancing our reporting capabilities, email design rendering, and layouts, and […]

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