Visual insights at your fingertips — February 2020 Product Release

Staying on top of your email game is a constant challenge. How often do you measure your campaigns? When was the last time you checked your program’s overall performance?

If you’re an average email marketer, the answers to those questions probably reveal the same thing everyone else feels: There’s never enough time to monitor the success of your email strategy.

And we get it.

So to save you time running between spreadsheets and crunching numbers, we’ve created new charts and reports to give you an intimate pulse on how well your email is doing.

Track success and improve with strategic and executive insights.

Speed, flexibility, and visualization are vital when it comes to reporting and measuring success. So we wrapped these key points into one update with the new Strategic and Executive Insights.

Now you can see robust insights in brand new visualizations, with flexibility to view the insights you care about most, and to pivot the timeframe and number of cycles to view each metric.

screenshots of the new strategic and executive insights charts and visualizations

These visualizations are the answer to many of your day-to-day problems:

  • Get a quick look at campaign performance over time.
  • See at a glance where a campaign went wrong or found success.
  • Share easily digestible findings to your leadership in minutes.

Other updates: improved image editor

We’re also excited to share improvements to the image editor in Delivra.

screenshot of the image editor updates

Now it’s even easier to move and crop your photo. And as a result of feedback from our incredible customers, we’ve changed the controls to default to move, and now have a quick toggle between move and crop, so you can make quick use of image adjustments.

Wrap up

We’re excited to see how you use the new Strategic and Executive Insights to continually improve and elevate your email across the board. We always encourage your feedback, so please drop a line to our support team if you have anything to report!

Want to see what our new executive insights could look like for your organization? Contact us today and one of our team members would love to show you!

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