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According to the Mobile Marketing Association, “Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.”

2018 marked 10 years of both the iOS App Store and Google Play – and we’ve come quite a long way in mobile marketing.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen how mobile marketing has disrupted the advertising landscape, and it's forecasted to continue doing so in 2019, with a more finely tuned focus on mobile video and augmented reality (AR). In this maturing market, brand leaders will battle for strong adoption and emerge big winners, or losers.

Mobile marketers still view this avenue as one of the most cost-effective, efficient ways to interact with their audience. As an added layer, they will now be observing how social commerce and voice technology can affect their buyers’ journeys and shorten the sales funnel.

Let’s take a look at a few fundamental developments in the mobile marketing world.

Types of Mobile Marketing

Since mobile marketing can refer to any message being communicated through a mobile device, it incorporates a number of different concepts. Let’s explore these concepts a little further.

Mobile Email Marketing

Source: Campaign Monitor

Mobile email, one of the original forms of mobile marketing, refers to sending an email message that is received on a mobile device. Several factors have to be considered when sending emails to a mobile device, so it is readable for the subscriber. An email marketing service provider, like Delivra, can help make sure that your emails are set up to be mobile friendly.

SMS (Outbound Text)

SMS, short message service, is better known to most as “texting.” Marketing via SMS has been limited, and SMS has been used primarily for personal communications between people. ,MMS, or multimedia messaging service, is the same as SMS, but also contains a video, images or sounds.


Text-to-Subscribe is an inbound marketing tool that enables people to subscribe to a mailing list by texting a keyword to a short code number. Text-to-Subscribe is a powerful tool that helps build relationships with potential prospects past that initial point of contact.

Mobile Video

Mobile video set some records in 2018, proving what many already know: it’s here to stay, and growing rapidly. Smartphones are now the preferred devices to watch online video, with stats crossing 50% for the first time (which is probably why mobile is forecast to make up 72% of growth in online video ad spending.)

Social Commerce

Source: Pinterest

Social commerce was initially slow on the uptake, but social media as a marketplace has now evolved from a “nice to have” to a “marketing bookmark” for savvy marketers. Approximately 66% of brands analyzed by Gartner adopted hardcore social commerce strategies for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat in the last year – mainly to generate leads, spread brand awareness and advertise their wares.

In 2019, the industry is set to focus on engagement, and social channels will host these journeys natively.

Integrating Mobile with Other Marketing Tactics

Since mobile marketing has become increasingly popular over the last several months, many marketers are planning to incorporate it into their marketing efforts. However, it works best when integrated with other efforts, such as email, social media and other marketing tools.

Broadcast Marketing

It worked for American Idol and it may work for your company. Promote your mobile marketing campaign to the masses by introducing your short code via a television or radio spot. Encourage people to sign up for your mobile list and then give them a poll to complete on their mobile phone.


Add short code to every piece of your collateral, such as whitepapers, and datasheets. As people read, they are continually reminded that they can sign up for your mobile list to receive more information about your company and products.

Event Marketing

Marketing at events can be a difficult task. Handouts may not last or may end up in the trash. By combining mobile marketing with events, you have the ability to interact and engage with your audience during the event. You can secure opt-ins for text and/or email, have contests, or even post sneak peeks of results.


Source: Slideshare

It’s been all the rage for the past year or so in the mobile world. With the background of WeChat and Facebook Messenger subsequently opening up to chatbots, big and small brands alike, adopted this technology in the last few months for everything from automating customer service and lead generation, to PR gimmicks. A chatbot is basically a computer program that simulates interactions with a human user, conversationally.

Though the technology is relatively new and glitchy, it’s getting smarter every day. There are already 300,000 bots on Messenger alone, handling eight billion monthly messages. So, we’ll probably see chatbots going shoulder-to-shoulder with mobile apps in the next year. Are you ready to give it a go?


By integrating promotional offers with your mobile marketing campaign, you can motivate individuals to opt-in to receive your mobile messages. People are motivated to sign up for things when they can see a tangible benefit to do so.

Direct Mail

With the variety of technologically savvy marketing tools available these days, it is easy to forget about traditional marketing tools. Sending a direct mail campaign with your short code posted on it may end up being the most successful way to encourage people to sign up for information.

Integrating Mobile Marketing with Email Marketing

It’s not difficult to integrate your email and mobile marketing efforts. With the increasing popularity of smartphones, customers have an always-on platform to check their email.

It is essential that marketers make their emails mobile ready. Below you will find some tips on how to make your email as mobile as your recipients:


While there are no hard and fast rules governing email dimensions, the most commonly used dimension is 320×480 pixels. Start here and make it your goal to fit as much information as possible within this screen size to ensure your audience reads your message in its entirety.


Even though your email is designed for a mobile device, including links enables recipients to access additional information while using their smartphones.


Source: Slideshare

Traditional mobile marketing is taking a huge hit, with 70% of people saying they don’t like mobile ads (which is not at all surprising). To combat this, businesses are turning to content marketing. Content marketing puts a real focus on “genuine” interaction, tips, and content, and has done away with outdated, robotic material.

Produce content that actually offers value to your customers, that flows and is easy to read, and is optimized for a mobile experience. Another great trend to follow is replacing influencer marketing and stock images with real, user-generated content like reviews. In fact, 85% of customers said they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Creating Effective Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Now that you know a little bit more about mobile marketing, you may be interested in starting your mobile marketing campaign. Here are some tips to help you get started.

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As with every new marketing endeavor, you want to make sure that a plan is in place, including measurable goals and objectives.


Once goals have been outlined, create a strategy that outlines how you will encourage your audience to subscribe to your mobile marketing campaign, what you want to send, how often you want to send, etc.


Find a company that can work with you to achieve your mobile marketing goals. If you are working with an email service provider, check to see if they can help you. It may be beneficial to work with someone who has experience with mobile marketing as well as email marketing. Delivra, an email marketing service provider, works with Connective Mobile to offer our clients the assistance they need with their mobile marketing campaigns. This alliance ensures that you meet all regulatory requirements required to send mobile messages. Similar to an email marketing campaign, people have to opt-in to your mobile marketing list before it is appropriate for you to send them mobile messages. Not complying with this process can result in steep fines for the sender.

Promotion Plan

To get people excited about signing up to receive your messages, we suggest creating a promotion plan that outlines the best channels to use. For example, you may not want to promote your mobile marketing campaign designed for a teenage audience via a traditional channel like direct mail. However, promoting the campaign on your Facebook page will reach this audience better.


Offering an incentive motivates people to opt-in and encourages continued interest in receiving your mobile marketing messages. Some ideas for incentives include:


  • Coupons
  • Polls
  • Test

As with any kind of marketing campaign, your success will increase if you test first. As an email marketing service provider, we encourage our clients to test their emails before sending them. The same is true for mobile marketing messages. It is imperative to test messages by sending them to several carriers before sending the final version for your campaign. Working with a provider like Delivra makes this process easy and efficient.

Tracking the Success of Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

After you’ve set up and launched your mobile marketing program, it is essential to track your success. These results will help you analyze and measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Make sure you track important statistics to determine what is working and what may need to be reevaluated. Below are some examples of statistics you should track.

Number of Messages Delivered

This figure shows how many of the messages you are sending actually are delivered to the subscriber.

Bounce Rate

You also want to determine how many messages are bouncing so you can assess sending errors or other issues.


Similar to email campaigns, it is important to track how many people are unsubscribing to your mobile marketing campaign to determine if changes need to be made.


If you are implementing a campaign dedicated to receiving sign-ups, it is appropriate to measure the number of people who responded with their opt-in information. You also want to know if your sign-ups are coming from mobile, print, events, etc.


If you are running a promotional campaign that includes specials and offers, track how many of those offers were redeemed.

Delivra & Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is becoming an essential marketing tool to reach customers who are on the move. If you have questions about how to start your mobile marketing program, or just need more information, schedule some time to talk with our sales team.

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