The Best Email Marketing Campaigns We've Seen

The best email marketing campaigns deserve to be celebrated.

This idea may seem unusual at first, but email marketing is a pillar when it comes to communicating with your clients.

And while we’re not giving out a golden statuette, we’re taking a look at some of the best email campaigns and email marketing strategies to get you inspired.

Check them out to see how your email campaign game stacks up in comparison.

Lead Nurturing and Re-engagement Campaigns:

It’s not enough to just field leads and bombard them with your product pitch, or leave them high and dry once they’re converted.

Nurturing your prospects is important—not just because you want the sale, but also because you need to build trust, loyalty, and spark interest in your brand. A good way to do this is by sending tailor-made emails to increase engagement, like free demos, tutorials, tips, or an attractive invitation to revisit the website, like this clever email by Casper.

casper email example

Source: Emma

If you look at the email closely, you’ll see they’ve used social proof, invited you to your abandoned card, and encouraged you to read further reviews.

There’s also this emailer from Grammarly that uses tongue-in-cheek humor, coupled with gamification to encourage re-engagement.

grammarly email example

Source: Emma

Now, let’s talk about the get-to-know-you email. It’s critical to define your relationship, outline next steps and tailor your emails so the subscriber keeps coming back for more.

best Email marketing campaigns - michael's email example

Source: Emma

This example emailer from Michael’s has all three elements of getting to know their customer—welcoming them, asking for additional information, and giving them an incentivizing boost to close with.

Tip: Go for a great balance between email copy and graphics. Keep the words to a minimum but still engage. When writing your welcome message, make sure you spell out the benefits of receiving your emails.

Wondering how to target your content at different demographics? When we say personalize the experience for your customers, we mean catering to them according to the content they consume.

For example, does a great job of displaying content in three tiers—short, mid, and long—all within one newsletter. email example

Source: Campaign Monitor

Breaking down the aspects of a great email

The subject line

The subject line should hook the reader as well as give an idea of what’s inside the email. Subscribers don’t want a bait-and-switch; instead, give them great content they’ll want to open.

You can do this by generating urgency with a countdown, promising an interesting read, or offering an answer to a common question.

The preheader text

If the subject line is meant to attract your reader, the preheader text is meant to promise what’s inside. So, if a subject line provides a countdown to a great sale, the preheader text might tell you what items are part of the sale.

>>Watch this video to learn all about preheader text

The design

Choosing the right layout and color scheme is the next step in your quest of getting the customer hooked—the more aesthetically pleasing the design, the more intrigued the reader.

But what images you use, what’s happening in the images, and the colors can also impact how your readers feel. Choosing the the right images is important for a marketer, so make sure the images you choose are tonally on-brand and right for your readers.

The copy

Finally, the copy should be short and sweet. While good copy is clever and smart, a well-written email is also enjoyable for the subscriber, above all else.

Tell subscribers the details they need, like when sales start and end, the dates of events, and how their lives can be improved by clicking through to your site. Which brings us to the CTA—make sure your CTA is a short, clickable button.

Subscribers should be able to easily click through to your site and know what they’re getting. So, make it exciting! email example

Source: Campaign Monitor

Above, Refinery29’s email is well organized, curated beautifully, and you can see everything at a glance.

Side note: make sure your emails are designed for mobile as well!

rise and shine email example

Source: Campaign Monitor

This email from reBloom is minimalistic with a simple but beautiful color scheme, and easy to spot CTA buttons that are bound to get clicked on.

Wrap up

This could be the year you’re sending an award-winning email campaign (even if it doesn’t necessarily include wards).

Having one of the best email marketing campaigns could pay off with incredible ROI, like the 4,300% increase you read about in studies.

In that case, you may not be waving a golden statuette in your hand. But you might be feeling like a boss.

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