How to Send Automated Anniversary and Birthday Emails Like a Pro

Marketing has become a competitive part of contemporary business. And with many businesses vying for the same customer, professionals have to be willing to get creative to earn sales.

But savvy marketers know a successful company does more than just sales.

Successful companies focus on building relationships.

But how do you build relationships? There are a number of ways to encourage familiarity with a customer, but try starting small with things like automation and personalization.

Today we’ll discuss an easy way to start this process: sending automated birthday emails and anniversary messages.

automated birthday emails

Image Source: Campaign Monitor

Notice the birthday email from DSW above. This is a sweet way to show your customers you care about them.

But birthdays are self-explanatory. Sending anniversary emails, on the other hand, can be a little trickier. A good anniversary email example is when you and your customer started your relationship.

Read on to learn the importance of sending birthday emails (and other anniversaries), as well as how to send a good email that will make your customer feel appreciated.

The importance of automated birthday emails

Automated birthday emails and anniversary messaging may seem like an unnecessary stunt, but this tactic can actually elevate your business in several ways.

Here are the top three ways automated birthday emails can improve your marketing strategy:

1. Automated birthday emails build relationships

One of the best reasons to start sending out automated birthday emails is the fact that they help strengthen your relationship with your customer.

Everyone likes feeling special—especially on their birthday.

For you, as a marketer, a customer’s birthday is the perfect opportunity to strengthen their loyalty to your brand.

2. Birthday and anniversary emails are more effective

Automated birthday emails are not at all difficult (or costly) to set up, but they have a big impact on a business’s bottom line. For example, birthday emails have $481 more conversion rates compared to regular marketing emails.

That’s not all.

The same study goes on to state that automated birthday emails:

  • Create 342% higher revenue per email than promotional emails.
  • Get 179% more unique click rates than other marketing emails.

These statistics are perfect reasons to start automating these sweet emails.

But here’s one more reason to send them:

3. This type of messaging re-engages dormant customers

A birthday email is one of the best ways to re-engage a dormant customer. For one, it’s not spammy or promotional, but rather thoughtful.

Your customers may appreciate this thoughtfulness and will, in most cases, be compelled to be active again.

Now that you know why you should send birthday and anniversary emails, let’s go over how you should send them.

How to send automated birthday emails in 5 easy steps

If you’re worried about the complicated nature of automation, don’t stress. Automation does much of the work for you. Plus, automating anniversary messaging is actually much easier than you might think.

Thanks to a lot of great marketing automation tools, you can set up automated birthday emails for everyone on your list in just a few minutes.

Let’s take it step by step.

1. Gather all necessary information

Of course, in order to send a birthday email, you will have to know your customer’s birthday.

But how do you get this info?

Ask for it

The easiest way to gather information about your customer is through a sign-up form.

While you want to avoid putting too many fields in your sign-up form, this is the ideal place to ask for birthday information.

You can even tell customers this information will allow you to provide them with deals later. (If you’re worried about scaring subscribers away, don’t make this field a requirement.)

Dynamic content

Don’t have some customer’s birth dates? Use dynamic content to get them. This is a feature that allows you to send emails with some content that will show only to those selected. Like those whose birthday fields are missing for instance.

The image below shows how you can easily segment your content through an email service provider. Only female subscribers will receive the email thanks to dynamic content.

dynamic content

Image Source: Campaign Monitor

When used well, dynamic content can even help you gather missing information from customers. In this case, you could use it to send an email that has an ask in it. Something along the lines of, “Hey there! We noticed your birthday field is blank in our database. We value you as our customer and would love to send you something special on your birthday. If you don’t mind, kindly fill in the details below.”

This type of marketing only works well when you have a good data bank. Use your creativity to gather as much information as you can about your customers. This will also help you create buyer personas, making it easy to segment your list.

2. Decide on what to send

Birthdays are personal, which is why the content of your automated birthday emails should be personal, too.

Even though this is an important opportunity to promote your brand or product(s), you have to do so tastefully.

Apart from crafting a personalized email, make sure to pack a lot of value in the email.

And what can offer more value on a birthday than a relevant gift?

Discounts, free shipping, or free items are all examples of gifts you can offer subscribers.

Use data to offer deals on items you know readers have been eyeing, or offer discounts on items purchased in the past.

3. Use email copy that will inspire users to take action

When it comes to the content of the email, make sure the tone is celebratory and warm. And instead of using excessive copy, keep it short and sweet.

To create a warm, celebratory mood, use visuals in your emails. Bright, festive images quickly hook subscribers and reinforce the idea that customers should treat themselves.

But in all this festivity, don’t forget to craft a clear and compelling call to action.

After all, you’re not just trying to establish a relationship with your customer. You also want them to purchase from you.

4. Invest in a good email automation service

Sending a birthday or anniversary email m is simple, but it’s much simpler with the right tools.

Learn about Delivra’s tools here.

As long as you have your customers birth date, you can execute a personalized campaign that will make them feel special. And hopefully, they’ll reciprocate by being a loyal customer.

The best part of email automation software is that you set your rules once for your entire list and you’re good to go. With an auto birthday email sender, there’s no reason you shouldn’t leverage this powerful type of marketing.

Besides saving you time, email automation also has the added advantage of being a good conversion strategy. Research shows that automated emails help increase conversion rates by 50% for B2C companies.

Automated email marketing software is not just good at saving you time, it is a revenue driver.

5. Plan your workflow

Workflow is simply the method in which you are going to be sending out your automated birthday email. Again, a good email automation software will be a great benefit here as they come with visual workflows to help you see how the process will go from start to finish.

To get the best out of your automated birthday email campaign, divide your customer’s birthday season into 3 segments.


The pre-birthday period should start on the first of the month with an email welcoming them to their birthday month. Depending on how far into the month their birthday is, you can send some emails to increase the hype of their birthday and the gift you are preparing.

Notice how this is done in the email below:

birthday emails

Image Source: Campaign Monitor


On the user’s actual birthday, you’ll of course send a birthday email and a complementary deal.

Post birthday

After their birthday, if your customer hasn’t taken advantage of their gift, you can send some gentle reminders about the limited-time offer. Reminder emails have been known to increase the rate of conversion, so don’t miss this opportunity to convert them.

Wrap up

For most industries, sending birthday email offers to cusotmers is good marketing. They’re an important part of building loyalty.

People feel more connected to businesses that are thoughtful and approachable. Businesses that are human. And the best way to do this is to show that you care about the special anniversaries that matter to your customers.

So go ahead and login to your Delivra account (or sign up for one) and get started sending automated birthday emails.

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