New features to help you send the right message at the right time

As marketers, we’ve all heard how essential it is to be able to “send the right message at the right time.” Today, we’re excited to introduce new features in Delivra that help you do exactly that. You now have the ability to send based on your recipient’s time zone, optimize your send based on their engagement, and more. Check out the summary of what’s new below.

Feature 1: Time Zone Sending

Sending timely campaigns — like flash sales, announcements, etc. — easily and in less time is a must-have for marketers. And more importantly, using your subscribers’ location to power more targeted content drives a campaign’s engagement and overall effectiveness through the roof.

Time Zone Sending lets you power more targeted campaigns by specifying a certain time to send a mailing across all time zones. Your audience is all across the globe, so Time Zone Sending ensures your mailings land in your subscribers’ inboxes in relation to their own time zone to maximize your marketing efforts.

We’ll use information about the recipient like their zip code or most recent IP address to determine their delivery time zone. And if none of that data is available, sending will default to the time zone you set for your account.

Requires Enterprise license.

Feature 2: Send Time Optimization

In addition to scheduling a mailing to a recipient’s time zone, we also understand how valuable it is to know exactly when your recipients are likely to engage with your campaign to make your sends even more effective.

All-new Send Time Optimization schedules your mailing to send based on the day and time your recipients are most likely to engage with your mailing. By using recent open and click behavior, your mailing will hit their inbox at just the right moment, increasing clicks and conversion.

Requires Enterprise license.

Also included in this release:

Custom Integration Framework

We’ve made the custom integrations experience better and more meaningful, making it easier to:

  • Get automatic email alerts when an error has occurred
  • See FTP/SFTP import results from within the product

API User

You can now create/manage your own API credentials for new users. Site Administrators have the ability to create/update a user (account administrator) and specify which functional areas of the system should be exposed via API. After the API user is created, you can use those credentials to access the appropriate API endpoints.

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