Tips for Effective Lead Nurturing Emails

Every successful marketing automation campaign involves lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing emails are emails that create consistent and meaningful communication with your prospective customers until they decide to buy from you.

For many businesses, the sales cycle can last anywhere from weeks to years.

Lead nurturing throughout the entire length of a buyer’s journey consists of multiple campaigns and emails within those campaigns, such as welcome and thank you emails.

This Readdle email is an example of lead nurturing emails that show subscriber data.

Source: Really Good Emails

It’s essential to follow best practices and get creative when it comes to your lead nurturing emails.

We’ll cover some tips you can adopt in your lead nurturing emails, examples we really enjoyed, and some must-try lead nurturing email campaigns for your business.

Lead nurturing best practices to remember

When it comes to crafting your lead nurturing emails and campaigns, it’s important to remember these two end-goals:

  1. Educate your leads
  2. Provide valuable content to your leads

When it comes to educating your leads, you’ll want to inform readers on your:

  • Company
  • Products
  • Services

Then, you’ll want to provide them with valuable content. Send out information to aid them in every step of the buying cycle. Remember, with the end of the sales funnel and the creation of the sales cycle, your cycle never truly comes to an end.

This image shows the cycle of customer retention and advocacy brought about my lead nurturing emails.

Source: Alexa

With that said, keep your consumers engaged with new informative content, so they start looking forward to your emails.

Stay focused

Stay focused on one topic.

To keep your lead’s interest, make sure your email content focuses on the topic the lead initially converted on.

Also, add a relevant call-to-action possibly for a demo or a free trial of your product.

Be succinct

Your lead nurturing email should be short and to the point.

However, when we say short and to the point, we don’t mean blunt and cold. You want to include relevant information that keeps the reader engaged, but information that doesn’t get too wordy.

In this example from Lyft, instead of going into details on why they decided to add scooters to their many modes of transportation, they give the reader only the most essential details: how to ride. From there, if the reader wanted to learn more, they simply click on the “learn more” CTA.

This is a great example of a lead nurturing email from Lyft and it includes product updates

Source: Really Good Emails

Natural progression

Your emails should naturally progress to the ultimate aim of successful sales.

In this example from Airbnb, they use subscriber data to make suggestions for a weekend getaway. In this case, they are using a subscriber’s geolocation to determine the best weekend getaway location for each reader.

This airbnb shows that lead nurturing emails should contain helpful content

Source: Milled

Be informative and educational.

As your leads learn more about you, their interest increases, giving you a chance to market your products. However, that also means getting to know more about them. These readers came to you for a reason.

So, make sure you are collecting valuable subscriber data to help create campaigns that will cater to their needs and interests.

Test and tune

Like any other aspect of marketing, lead nurturing also requires careful measurement, testing, and tuning.

Measure your emails through open rates, click rates, and unsubscribe rates.

Test your emails in terms of their:

  • Message
  • Subject
  • Call-to-action
  • Content

These are easily tested and compared by running anA/B teston different variations of your emails. This specific type of test allows you to make small alterations from email A, and send versions A and B to two separate samples of your email audience.

Whichever one performs better is the option that should be sent out to your entire emailing list.

Provide variety

As you educate your lead about yourself, do not stop with just plain text.

Integrate videos, white papers, presentations, and brochures with your emails.

Because you are going to be sending more than one email to your leads, make sure each email is different from the other.


Always send personalized communication.

Address your leads by name, and your emails should be tailored to your lead’s actions and behaviors. This is where valuable subscriber data comes into play. In order to personalize your campaigns to your readers, you want to be sure you are collecting information, such as:

  • Their geo-location
  • Their personal interests
  • Their search history
  • Their purchase history
  • Their gender
  • Their education levels
  • Their job title and more

Lead nurturing email campaigns and examples you can steal

Free trial

Onboarding new customers through a product free trial is always a high-touch nurture campaign.

Once you’ve convinced your reader to act on the free trial, you can then walk them through everything that your product or service has to offer. Even better, once they’ve decided to try what you have, your team can always automate some of the more repetitive tasks and messages involved in these lead nurturing emails.

Source: Really Good Emails

Depending on what your specific product or service is, you’ll want to share various information you’re your readers as part of your lead nurture campaign, including

  • Training resources
  • How-to videos
  • Features
  • Frequently asked questions and more

Welcome series

These types of lead nurturing emails are highly anticipated, opened frequently, and incredibly simple to set up.

Introduce new contacts to your brand, your products, and your services.

Lead nurturing email examples

Source: Emma

Share with them what they can expect by subscribing to your emails.

Use these campaigns as awareness builders and nurture them into becoming customers.

Cold ABM

These lead nurturing emails are similar to a welcome series.

You’re introducing your brand to a company you want to do business with.

Perhaps you’re trying to schedule a meeting or get a lead on the phone for a call.

These can be very useful in generating interest in your company and the services you provide.


Promotional emails can work as lead nurturing emails too

Source: Milled

Promotional lead nurturing emails are sometimes called upsell or cross-sell emails.

These campaigns are used as the catalyst to convince leads to pull the trigger and buy or expand, into a new product or service.

Have consumers that decided to give your free trial a go and want to encourage them to upgrade to a full subscription? Try sending an email that encourages them to take things to the next level.

Lead nurturing emails can be content heavy newsletters

Source: Really Good Emails

Remember, the focus has to be on what you are doing for them, not making a sale. That said, focus messaging around benefits. Try not to make the emails one long drip of sales pitches.


You may find prospects that have completed previous lead nurturing email drip campaigns, but you still have yet to make the conversion to customers.

Re-engage these inactive leads and encourage them to re-raise their hand to your sales team.

Part of the lead nurturing cycle is re-engaging lost subscribers

Source: Really Good Emails

New content like white papers, case studies, or interactive content like podcasts or videos can pull these leads out of the freezer and warm them back up for sales.

Another method worth trying is offering special incentives. If they’ve tried your free trial in the past, maybe they’d be interested in a free week of an additional service with their purchase of a small subscription?

The goal isn’t to give everything and anything away. Instead, you want to create intrigue and get them to see you as a brand worth investing in.

Membership renewal

Renewal lead nurturing emails are essential to avoid customer churn and remind existing customers why they purchased, to begin with.

Trigger this campaign a month or so before their renewal date, and pepper them with reminders.

This is an example of a lead nurture from Apple

Source: Really Good Emails

Include alerts to your sales team to follow up as well and include client services or field services that may have face-to-face interactions with these customers to get them involved in the renewal process.

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