Increase Automation and Control

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May 24 2021

Send Frequency Control

Knowing the right frequency for sending emails to customers can be difficult. As an email marketer, how many marketing emails should you send a month? And as a consumer, at what number of emails do you become annoyed and unengaged? The goal should be to touch base with customers/prospects enough to keep them interested and committed to your brand, but in the least overbearing way possible recipients want to receive updates on relevant offers and information at a rhythm that is valuable to them and respectful of their time. So how do you find the right balance? Testing is always your best bet. A/B test varying frequencies for your campaigns to find where you see the most engagement. This number will be different for every sender, so it can be helpful to look at some industry benchmarks to help you understand how you are progressing.Finding the right number of emails to send is something that will take trial and error but the one thing you want to make sure to avoid in the process is communication fatigue from your customers/prospects. When people receive too many emails from one company they can become overwhelmed and stop engaging, or even worse,  they could unsubscribe. Making sure that your customers aren’t being overwhelmed by the number of emails you are sending should be a top priority. Our new feature, Send Frequency Control, makes it easy to put a limit on how many emails each of your contacts should receive in a given timeframe. Setting these limits will not affect certain triggered campaign types, such as Welcome, Confirm Opt-In, and Lead Alert, that way you can make sure that your customers are still receiving the most important communications from you.Delivra send frequency preferences*Available for accounts on B2B license 

CNAME Set-Up Automation

Rebrand Delivra links as your own.We know how important it is for you to maintain a consistent brand experience, which includes your webpage links. We’ve automated the process that allows you to re-brand all Delivra links as your own, saving you time and coordination. This process ensures brand consistency when subscribers click on your links and see your domain name instead of Delivra’s. The way to do that is by using a field called CNAME (Canonical Name). CNAME allows you to rebrand your tracking links and domains. A little more on CNAME form the technical side of things: CNAME is a Canonical Name record used in the Domain Name System (DNS) to create an alias from one domain name to another domain name. A common example is the www subdomain which is provided as a pseudonym to the root domain name – users accessing “” are referred to the root domain (or DNS zone apex) “”.Our CNAME set-up process has now been automated, so that you can have complete control of the setup. You can now create different CNAMEs for tracking assets, landing pages, and forms. Automating the CNAME setup reduces the coordination between multiple teams, saves time, and eliminates the waiting period for set up. The setup can be completed as soon as your IT team enters the CNAME in your DNS records and you authenticate it in Delivra.*Available for Professional license, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus


Publishing Forms

You asked us to make it easier to push/publish form changes, and we listened. We have now added the ability to automatically publish form updates to your websites. We’ve added this additional option so you can now choose to embed a snippet of code right on your website instead of only from the form’s HTML. The snippet of code will retrieve the latest form version from Delivra each time updates are published. Automatically publish form updates to your websites with Delivra.*Available for Professional license, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus