Delivra Salesforce Integration: A Perfect Fit for Your Marketing Tech Stack

Deliver more personal, relevant email marketing to your Salesforce contacts with Delivra.

For marketers across all industries, an airtight relationship with your sales team is key to a high-performing marketing program that drives conversions. The same thing can be said for the marketing tech stack you’re using to keep those programs running: your email marketing platform and CRM should be perfectly integrated to deliver the most personal and relevant messaging to prospects (and quickly convert those prospects into paying customers).

Delivra & Salesforce: A perfect fit to your marketing tech stack

With Delivra’s integration with Salesforce—one of the most powerful customer relationship management platforms—it’s easy to connect your email marketing efforts (including marketing automation) back to Salesforce making it a breeze to engage with your leads, prospects, and customers in real time.

Perfectly sync your Salesforce leads and contacts into your email marketing list.

All of your contact’s data, reporting, and engagement with emails are synced and up-to-date in both platforms, saving you time and reducing manual data entry.

Your customers’ data can drive powerful email marketing.

Using all of the valuable data you’ve collected from your contacts (including Lead Scoring in Delivra), you can add them to hyper-targeted segment groups and send more effective campaigns using your personalized email templates from Delivra.

This will provide high visibility into your contact’s engagement.

With access to Salesforce Opportunity data and Lead Scoring from Delivra, you can more easily nurture less-engaged prospects, and your sales team can send more targeted emails. You can target the audience that is the most engaged and most likely to convert.

Measure campaign effectiveness using Salesforce’s in-depth reporting tools.

Easily track, measure, and report the performance of your content—opens, clicks, deliverability data, and more—to develop and optimize high-performing marketing campaigns moving forward.

Delivra Salesforce integration details:

  • Automatic two-way sync between Delivra and Salesforce
  • Add Delivra contacts to Salesforce as a Lead or Contact
  • Sync Salesforce Opportunities with Delivra
  • Sync data to Delivra from Salesforce custom objects related to lead or contact records
  • Custom field mapping between Delivra and Salesforce
  • Sync Salesforce custom objects to Delivra
  • View Salesforce data in Delivra
  • Opt-outs are synced between both platforms

Wrap up

A robust and seamless sync between your email marketing platform and Salesforce is a must for all marketers—especially in the B2B world. Our integration with Salesforce is built to be easy-to-use and time-efficient. You can now focus on engaging with your leads and prospects, as well as delivering more personal and relevant emails that convert.

Delivra’s Salesforce integration is available to all customers with a Professional or Enterprise license.

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