Delivra’s analytics and SMS enhancements drive more sophisticated strategy in less time

Our client family is continuously tasked with managing regular digital marketing campaigns, crafting relevant content, communicating their value, and balancing the needs between innovation, budget, and time.

That’s why we took a step back to focus on smaller changes to help you find more efficiency in email reports and additional functionality to help create multi-channel messaging.

Meet Your Subscribers Where They Are

Delivra has several new features to help advance your SMS strategy by using multiple channels to personalize and target your messages.

Use our new triggered SMS messages to send the right message at the right time from welcome series’ and birthday messages to SMS follow-ups if a contact does not open an important email message.

Connect your SMS and email records by using the Delivra API to add new contacts. Connecting these records helps you target SMS messages to subscribers based on their demographic details like location or interest.

Want to learn more about our new features to take your SMS to the next level? Need to get started with SMS but don’t know where to start? Reach out to— we are here to help!

Use Your Results to Drive Your Strategy

One of the key benefits of digital marketing is the ability to measure your success in real-time. Unfortunately, many digital marketers don’t use their reports to develop or tweak their strategy.

We want to change that.

To help make reporting even simpler for our clients, we made several changes to our standard reporting including an easy view into your report filters and roll-up reporting for our Report Groups (Report Groups allow you to manually group campaigns by theme— for example, all pre-and post-purchase campaigns or all newsletters). Use these abilities to customize your reports, compare similar strategies for standouts, and gain valuable insights.

Our multi-account and Enterprise marketers will receive new features as well. Multi-account marketers can create report groups over all of their accounts to compare similar campaigns from different brands. Enterprise customers can also add privacy settings to their custom-built reports and schedule those custom campaign reports to send to their inbox regularly.

Take another look at your metrics today to report on 2019 successes and plan for 2020 strategies.

Learn how to use Report Groups for more insightful reporting or schedule your custom campaign reports.

Recreate Past Successes

Looking for that old webinar invite that drove a ton of traffic? A newsletter that was particularly engaging? If you’re an active email marketer, that might take more time than you think.

Not any more.

Our new advanced Campaign search allows you to quickly find past sent campaigns using search filters like Campaign Type, Sent Date Range, and terms included in Campaign Name, Subject Line, or Segment. This saves you time in finding older content to clone or view success, no matter when the campaign was sent.

Learn how to easily search past campaigns here.

Small, but significant changes in this release include:

  • Segment additions: We’ve added new segment criteria to help you target the right audience for your message in even less time. You can evaluate membership (or non-membership) of multiple categories all in one clause.
  • Campaigns Update: No more merge errors! A new feature on our Contacts step of the Create a Campaign Workflow allows you to validate that you have all the data necessary for merge tags used within your email design.
  • And even more changes throughout the app requested by our client family to make navigation and campaign creation even more intuitive.

Wrap up

You juggle a lot— and there is always more to do. Let us help you save time and create a more sophisticated strategy with enhanced reporting capabilities, new segment possibilities, and add a whole new communication channel to send personalized, timely messages.

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