The Best Mothers Day Email Marketing Ideas

Mother’s Day is the perfect holiday for brands to do something special for their subscribers.

Not only is it a day to show how much you appreciate dear ole’ Mom, but it’s a huge revenue opportunity.

Believe it or not, but this holiday is the fourth biggest of the year in terms of spending.

And this year is expected to be the biggest ever. According to the National Retail Federation, shoppers will spend a record-high $25 billion on Mother’s Day this year.

That’s a lot of love for Mom.

And all the more reason retailers need to capitalize on Mother’s Day and come up with some compelling email marketing ideas.

Here are some of the best Mother’s Day ideas we’ve seen that are sure to make your mother proud.

Mother’s Day Email Marketing Examples

Urbanstems | Subject: How will you thank her?

An email from Urbanstems celebrates mom.

Source: Milled

Second only to greeting cards, flowers are the most popular Mother’s Day gift.

With flowers, you have hundreds of options to pick from. You can’t go wrong with roses, tulips, or daisies. However, if you want to surprise mom with your creativity, you can also send her some beautiful irises or lilacs.

And there are plenty of flower companies that are making their emails bloom in the inbox.

Urbanstems uses a simple responsive email design with a clean layout.

With more than half of all emails opening on a mobile device, retailers need to keep their mobile email marketing strategy top of mind.

They also include a few different calls-to-action, but not too many that will distract the reader.

When it comes to highly visual products such as flowers, images become even more important. This type of clean layout means they’ll be the center of attention.

Another thing we liked was the ability to add Mother’s Day to your online calendar in the first sentence. (Hey, sometimes we need reminders!)

SeatGeek | Subject: Get your mom a gift she’ll never forget

SeatGeek email has a strong CTA to inspire action.

Source: PR Daily

While some mothers appreciate dainty gifts that shine and glimmer, some prefer gifts of a different kind.

Like concert tickets to her favorite artist, a trip to the ballpark to see her favorite team, or a night out to see a Broadway production.

Instead of giving mom a gift card, a seat to her favorite event can make for the perfect present. However, the way you deliver that gift is just as important, so you want to design a memorable email.

SeatGeek created an animated email that blew us away.

It shows an SMS text message conversation between a mother and child.

The animation contains the majority of the copy in this email, so it makes you watch and follow the chat.

A very simple, yet engaging email that was sure to draw high clicks.

Alternative Apparel | Subject: Only the best for you (& your mom)

Alternative Apparel celebrates mom using great images.

Source: Milled

This next example hits two major Mother’s Day factors: keeping mama cozy and incentive-driven emails.

If you’re a good son–which of course, you are–then Mother’s Day is all about finding the perfect gift. If you can find that perfect gift at a discount, then all the more power to you.

Alternative Apparel uses a discount and free shipping offer to entice shoppers.

Everything just comes off as cozy in this email.

The typography, the colors, the image of this Mom relaxing with her daughter all portray an experience shoppers will want their mother to experience.

In addition, they provide gift cards to subscribers as a safe last-minute idea.

Williams-Sonoma | Subject: The Biggest KitchenAid Mixers SALE Ends Tonight!

Williams-Sonoma features their best sellers for their mother's day email.

Source: Milled

We’ve shown emails that include the date of Mother’s Day, but this email example uses a countdown.

Williams-Sonoma adds some urgency with their retail email counting down until orders will be received by the holiday.

The closer Mother’s Day gets, the more likely you are to jump on a good deal if you haven’t bought anything yet.

However, countdowns are only as effective as the products you’re offering. That’s why Williams-Sonoma makes sure to hit you right away with some excellent shots of their KitchenAid Mixers.

We liked their imagery and 3×3 grid at the top of the email.

Another thing to point out here is the subject line they chose to use.

There is no mention of Mother’s Day, Mom, mother, or anything about the holiday in the subject line, which is a very interesting choice.

This is something that must have been tested by the team.

Igloo Coolers | Subject: Treat Mom to an Outdoor Retreat Designed for Women

REI wants to give mom's a trip outside for their special day.

Source: REI

There are weekend getaways, and then there’s what Igloo Coolers and REI Outessa teamed up on for Mother’s Day.

These two brands put together weekend retreats for mothers that includes outdoor activities, meals, and lodging.

Not only is that an awesome gift idea for Mom, but they incorporated a contest into the email as well.

Giveaways are powerful because they drive email engagement up.

Once you get someone to sign up for a giveaway, they’re probably going to keep an eye out for future emails. Even if they don’t win, they’ll walk away with the idea your emails provide value, which can only boost your brand.

Subscribers have the chance to purchase the getaway as a gift or can register to win one of the getaways with equipment included.

We like the Instagram-style layout they used to showcase images from past getaways.

It gives the subscribers a chance to see what the experience is truly like just from their inbox.

Best Practices for Mother’s Day Emails

With so much focus on the conversion of Mother’s Day emails, there are best practices you’ll need to remember before clicking “send”:

1. Test what works

A/B test different aspects of your Mother’s Day emails to optimize for conversion.

Try different subject lines, imagery, calls-to-action, and time of day you send are all opportunities to test.

Even small changes to your emails can have a huge impact. The more emails you test, the more you’ll learn, which will enable you to design better campaigns in the future.

2. Consider cart abandonment

A cornerstone to any commerce email marketing campaign is online cart recovery.

77 percent of all retail email ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns.

Include triggered mailings into any retail email campaign when a shopper leaves products in their cart without making a purchase.

Every time you convince someone to return and finalize their purchase, you’re basically getting a free conversion.

3. Frequency matters

The best way to stay top of mind while everyone else is creating more than a one-time regular mailing.

61 percent of consumers like receiving weekly promotional emails, and 28 percent want to receive them more frequently.

A drip campaign is a great time-saver when it comes to conversion and frequency.

Big events such as Mother’s Day are perfect candidates for drip campaigns. You can design a series of emails to remind customers of the date a couple of weeks in advance and then increase the urgency of your sales pitch the closer it gets.

Add workflow steps like “If did not open” or “If did not purchase” to keep sending subscribers emails to act.

The best part is, once you design the campaign, it basically works on autopilot.

4. Think mobile

We mentioned it earlier above, but it bears repeating.

3 out of 10 shoppers will research gifts on their phones this year before making a purchase.

That means two things:

  1. Mobile optimization is key: You want to design campaigns that look great on mobile devices. If they’re easy to navigate on a small screen, they’ll also look amazing on desktops or laptops.

  2. You need to preview every email you send: If you use the right email marketing tool, you’ll be able to preview how emails look across a broad range of devices. That way, you won’t leave anything to chance.

Mobile-friendly layouts are pivotal to not only looks but conversions too.

Wrap up

Now you're ready to design your own Mother's Day emails. Go out and be inspired.

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