10 Knockout Email Newsletter Templates To Inspire Your Next Send

Email marketing templates give you limitless potential to provide high-quality, relevant, and timely content in a beautiful package.

At the same time, it’s not all fun and games. Designing each campaign takes hard work, and it’s natural to feel burned out more often than you’d like to admit.

In this post, we put together ten incredible email newsletter templates to jog your inspiration and get you in the mood to create. An email newsletter is much easier to design when you have customizable and responsive templates at your disposal: you can focus more on creativity and less on the technical stuff.

How to Create an Email Newsletter That Wows Every Time

With drag-and-drop editors, you can customize your own templates based on your branding and goals.

While email marketing templates can make your job easier, you shouldn’t throw all caution to the wind as you design. Keep these tips in mind before jumping in.

Choose Responsive Design

Choosing email newsletter templates with responsive design is crucial for meeting the needs of your mobile subscribers.

Keep in mind that over half of all emails are opened on mobile devices. If your design isn’t spot-on, over 70% of your subscribers will delete that email in under three seconds, and another 15% may even unsubscribe.

Responsive design is the only way to ensure your emails look as-intended across various email clients and devices—unless you want to spend time coding countless templates for each campaign.

Remember that your subscribers may open a single email several times on different devices. That email should look the same—no matter where they open it.

Source: Email Client Market Share

Default Towards a Single-Column Layout

Responsive design can only get you so far if you don’t choose mobile-friendly layouts. Single-column designs are easier to read and digest on mobile devices. On desktop browsers, they’re clean and concise.

Single-column layouts help focus your subscribers’ attention to important sections because they’re less susceptible to clutter.

Minimalism is In

On that note, minimalism is also an important design element for the foreseeable future. If you can make your point in fewer words, do that.

Keep everything concise: images, headings, subject lines, copy, CTAs. Minimalist email newsletter templates will help keep your subscribers focused and engaged on screens of all sizes.

Personalization and Automation are Your Keys to Success

Personalized emails produce 6x higher transaction rates and improve click-through rates by 14%.

People know you’re collecting data on them in some fashion, and they expect you to use that data to provide personalized content. If you don’t, nearly half of your customers will become frustrated. They could even lose faith in your ability to meet their needs.

Include personalized content as much as you can and automate your campaigns to go out at the perfect time.

10 Stunning Email Marketing Templates to Inspire Your Next Send

Customizable and responsive email newsletter templates make it easy to create amazing campaigns filled with highly personalized content that your subscribers will love.

1. The Welcome Message

Did you know that welcome emails have an average open rate of 50%? Pretty impressive, huh?

With an open rate like that, you can’t afford to send any old welcome campaign—you need to make an amazing first impression. Of course, a great first impression starts with outstanding design and a winning template.

HelloFresh sent this simple and straight to the point welcome email. It gradually introduces the new subscriber to the type of content they can expect and offers a nice coupon. Best of all, the design is simple and contains a high-quality graphic that directly relates to the product.

Source: Gmail

2. The Announcement

It’s important to create an email newsletter for any company changes or product announcements.

Remember that many of your subscribers may not open the first announcement email. Segment your list into different groups based on who opened the first email. From there, you can send additional announcement emails to make sure everyone got the message.

Lucent Health sent this comprehensive announcement email about their rebranding. The email is long and contains several sections of information. Fortunately, this template helps convey the information pleasingly and interestingly.

Source: Really Good Emails

3. The Newsletter

Your email content should contain about 90% informative content and just 10% promotional material. Your newsletters are crucial for building authority and trust in your brand with subscribers.

According to Nielsen-Norman Group, the average person glances over a newsletter for just 51 seconds on average. As a marketer, it’s critical that you include concise yet engaging copy and images. Likewise, your email newsletter templates should contain nothing but an actionable copy.

Resy put out this top-ten list to highlight the subscriber’s best local restaurants. Notice the engaging header image and conversational intro paragraph before jumping into the top ten. Resy also uses unique CTA buttons in this template.

Source: Campaign Monitor

4. The Promotion

Your promotion email template should clearly highlight the products with high-quality images and clear CTAs.

Rama Works included an informational video about their product that subscribers will see as soon as they open the email. The email contains minimal copy—only absolutely necessary text.

The template includes a line break bar to distinguish between products clearly. Meanwhile, the CTA buttons contain clear and actionable copy with a bright yellow color that differentiates from the white background.

Source: Really Good Emails

5. The Feedback Request

When asking your subscribers or customers for feedback, you want to make the process as simple as possible.

Remove any hurdles by allowing subscribers to complete the entire survey or feedback process from directly within your email campaign. By reducing clicks and landing pages, your subscribers will be more likely to finish the action.

A template like this one that InVision used makes it easy for the subscriber to provide feedback by just clicking one button.

Source: Pinterest

  1. The Event

It’s wise to create a series of automated emails leading up to your event. You want to educate your subscribers about the value of attending if it’s a paid event with panelists or keynote speakers.

Fred Perry used this simple template for their New York pop-up event. The heading contains one elegant image, and the entire template uses a minimalist design. The bottom section contains two columns, but since the text is minimal and large, it won’t distract mobile browsers.

Source: Campaign Monitor

7. The Holiday

Birthday emails are right up there with welcome emails in terms of open and transaction rates. Birthday emails tend to generate 342% more revenue and produce 486% higher transaction rates than standard campaigns.

Need Supply Co. took an unusual approach to the birthday email by sending it out a few days later than usual with a belated birthday gift. The template is simple yet unusual with large fonts and soothing colors.

Source: Pinterest

8. The Engagement

Engagement emails are highly personalized because they should contain content based on each subscriber’s unique browsing behavior.

Umano curated specific articles based on the subscriber’s previous listening history. This template relies heavily on visuals and includes clear CTA buttons for the subscriber to listen on-the-go easily.

Source: Really Good Emails

9. The Re-engagement

For a re-engagement campaign, you want to spark some kind of emotion or nostalgia with your subscribers to encourage them to take action.

Aperiore used a unique template for this campaign with a background image rather than a solid color background. Who can resist the emotion of a tiny and sad-looking kitten?

The template includes solid branding elements in the heading and CTA with bright white and orange. The CTA is clear and describes up-front what the subscriber gets out of clicking the link.

Source: Pinterest

10. The Abandoned Cart

Abandoned carts are a real problem across all industries. Estimates suggest that abandoned carts account for $18 billion in lost revenue every year. According to the latest figures, abandoned cart emails generate over 41% open rates and recover an average of $5.81 per email.

You can take certain measures to avoid cart abandonment like removing registration requirements and making the checkout process clear. However, you can also choose a beautiful template for sending out an automated abandoned cart campaign.

With Delivra, you can use a drag-and-drop builder to create engaging emails that reduce cart abandonment. Let your visitors know what they’re missing with concise copy and beautiful images of the products.

Wrap up

Email newsletter templates are completely customizable, so you’ll never have to worry that your campaigns will look like your competitors. In summary:

  • Make sure your campaigns are responsive for both mobile devices and browsers.
  • Include personalized content as much as possible—preferably in every email campaign.
  • As you create an email newsletter, run plenty of tests to make sure it looks right on every device and email client.

You can fill your emails with personalized content and include your own branding for unbeatable results.

Are you looking for customizable email marketing templates to help you create your own winning designs? Check out the possibilities with Delivra.

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