More Versatile Automation Programs and Highly-Tailored Content—September 2020 Product Release

Create more versatile automation programs and highly-tailored content.

We talk about personalized messaging being the key to effective email marketing, but what does it really mean? By taking what you know about your subscribers, you're enabled to deliver specific content that ties to their interests and more importantly... their actions. From signing up for your newsletter, or a deal that's moving through your sales pipeline, each day your subscribers experience key moments. The real challenge email marketers face is anticipating these moments and mapping personalized content to meet them at each step. Never fear: Delivra brings new automation events that give you the keys to offer a more personalized experience at different steps in your subscribers' journeys.

New Automation Events

Delivra has provided tools to create smart, yet simple email journeys through our automation builder. With the addition of new conditional events, you can take a stronger advantage of the "work smarter, not harder" approach to deliver a unique, tailored email journey to your audience. Let's take a look at some of the key additions:

Update Categories in Automation Steps

Keep your Categories up-to-date by moving your contacts based on how they engage (or don't engage) with your automation content. By moving prospects who aren't opening your emails out of the automation, you'll better focus your attention on the prospects who are most interested.

Multiple Entry, Pause, and Exit Events

Add flexibility to your automations by creating multiple starting points to kick off a journey. Once your contacts enter an automation, pause steps give you control over how they progress through the workflow. Or, if the automation is no longer relevant to the contact, exit events move them out of a journey altogether.

These are just a handful of the exciting additions to our automation actions. For the full list of updated actions, visit our Help Center.

Form Designer Updates and Lead Alerts

Subscribe forms can play a big role in kicking off your email automation. It's one of those key moments that turns an unknown web visitor into a subscriber or prospect. Updates to the form designer will help strengthen the starting point of the journey a web visitor takes. You now have more styling controls and can specify trigger options for displaying your form at just the right time when they visit your landing page. Want to set up a notification when a form is submitted? Save time and follow up more quickly by adding Lead Alerts directly in your form settings. According to a study by Lead Connect, 78% of customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first. Moreover, if a lead waits longer than five minutes, that lead qualification decreases by 80%. So the sooner your sales team is alerted of a new lead, the better!

(Example) New Workflows in Action

Any and all of these automation enhancements can weave together to create a robust, personalized journey. Here's an example of an automation workflow that leverages these updates:

screenshot of the Delivra platform that includes three vertical boxes to represent steps 1-3 of an automation workflow

  1. You create an automation flow for new sales prospects. Contacts enter this automation by being added to a category by your sales team, or by submitting an inquiry form on your website (which also triggers a Lead Alert to your sales team).

  2. You send the prospect a series of emails about your brand over the next week.

screenshot of the Delivra platform that includes four boxes to illustrate an automated workflow

  1. (A) One prospect doesn't open or click on a single email in the workflow journey. Instead of continuing to include them in a journey, you branch them out and update them to a "cold leads" category and they exit the flow.

    (B) One prospect opens and clicks on a link for a product demo. Based on your lead scoring criteria, this action ups their score enough to exit this automation and adds them into a"high score" automation.

Wrap Up

In the scenario above, you can see with just a single journey, you can offer two totally different experiences that reflect the subscriber. These new workflow actions better equip you by anticipating the needs of your audience and tailoring a content strategy that meets them where they are on their journey. Available now across all Professional, Enterprise, and B2B plans go to your Automations to check it out for yourself.

Our team at Delivra is dedicated to building a multi-channel marketing solution that help you automate your content through email and SMS marketing. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. Not a Delivra customer? Click here to get a demo.

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