Improve Team Efficiency with Insights and Asset Management Improvements

Our clients work hard to balance competing demands while creating relevant content and multi-channel messages, and it’s challenging to find extra time to dig into the data to see what’s working and what needs tweaked.

So we’ve dedicated this update to providing you with new insights and creating additional ways for you to foster team efficiency.

Insights delivered to your inbox

Here's what you can expect from your Insights

Seeing the results of your marketing efforts month over month is now a convenience. Look for these to land in your inbox each week on a rotating basis.

  • Week 1: Average Open Rate, Most Successful Subject Lines, # of Mailings Sent
  • Week 2:Average Click-to-Open Rate, Most Successful Content
  • Week 3:Device Summary, Desktop vs Mobile
  • Week 4:Contact Growth, Social Shares, Contact Activity
  • Week 5: Top Domains, Average Bounce Rate, Delivery Rate

You can use these weekly insights to review your program highlights from the past month, along with +/- metrics when compared to the prior month, making the path improvement more accessible. Learn more about insight reports here.

Manage your assets efficiently

Here's what your Snippets page will look like.

It’s easier than ever to save time by leveraging our asset capabilities. Here are just a few of our recent improvements:

  1. Effectively manage your email templates with improved editing, previewing, and testing of your designs. Streamline your campaign development by creating an email template that can be used over and over as your starting point for new campaigns.
  2. Have a copyright, disclaimer, or other block of content that you regularly include in your email campaigns? Design a reusable snippet that can be simply dropped into your email template or campaign. Learn more about using snippets here.
  3. Enterprise customers can manage brand assets and improve team efficiency by using our customer template repository—the better alternative to copying files to multiple accounts. Simply save email templates, snippets, and media files to your customer template repository to make them readily available to your team. Learn more about using the template repository here.

Schedule reports for delivery

Enterprise customers can now save time running reports. Schedule our most popular reports to run at a specific time, and an email will be delivered to your Inbox when the results are ready. For security, you’ll need to log into Delivra using the link in your email to view the results.

Other improvements

Here are some other small yet significant improvements you can take advantage of.

  • Let your admins set up their profile with a new and improved creation workflow! Admin preferences will be offered in a new a 2-step workflow after logging in.
  • Use the “inherit styling from email” feature to make your footer look like it’s a natural part of your email design. [Enterprise only]
  • Stop worrying about machine and bot clicks! We’ve taken measures to improve the quality of your clickthrough metrics by proactively removing these before they show up in your analytics.

Wrap up

As your partner, we’re committed to helping you grow your business. Use these new enhancements and features to improve your marketing program through insights and team efficiencies.

Want to learn how these changes can help your business? Contact us today.

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