Introducing Automation and Lead Scoring for B2B Marketing Teams

Lead scoring is the center of every brand’s marketing automation strategy. With lots of leads coming down the funnel, marketing teams need to easily and efficiently identify which prospects are truly interested in buying their product in order to surface the right leads to their sales team, at the right time.

A well-oiled automation machine will drive massive efficiencies for marketing and sales teams, should accelerate the overall sales process and ultimately increase close rates. The hard part for most marketing teams is just getting the program up and running.

With our new automation suite, including a brand new lead scoring tool, we’re making it easier than ever for B2B marketers to get their automation strategy off the ground, refine the way they nurture leads, and keep their partnership with their sales organization super tight.

All new features to customize your lead scoring strategy

Lead scoring lets you more effectively manage your leads using a dynamic scoring and status system. Based on customer data, time-based actions, and their response to mailings, your leads are easily prioritized and sorted so you can target the most relevant content to them, move them through your sales funnel, and increase your close rates.

Set up a lead flow that works for your business

In order to get your automation flow setup, you need to determine the specific criteria for how a lead would pass through.

  • Identify the stages for a lead to progress through
  • Create as many statuses and the scores associated with each as you want

Define a detailed lead scoring strategy to improve your nurture

Our new lead scoring system allows you to define and customize a lead scoring strategy to automatically define points based on a variety of data that you’re collecting about every lead.

Types of data you can use for lead scoring:

  • Demographic information (job title, department, experience, etc.)
  • Company information (location, industry, company size, etc.)
  • Lead stage (names, MQLs, SALs, SQLs, etc.)
  • Email engagement (opened, clicked, didn’t click, etc.)

Calculating the score

Creating a basic lead scoring strategy doesn’t need to be a daunting task. With our new tools, you can be as broad or as granular with your scoring as the needs of the business require.

  • Assign a maximum score threshold for each status
  • Define points based on how leads engage with your website and emails to adjust their score over time—points go up as activity increases and down if their engagement is tapering off

Improved automation to nurture leads through the funnel

Over the course of the last year we’ve released some powerful segmentation and automation functions to improve the relevance and timeliness of your email, and all of these new lead scoring flows work seamlessly with that process:

  • Automatically update stage based on the points scored for the lead
  • Use status and scores to power more targeted segments to those leads
  • Built automation workflows to drive specific content to leads based on their score and status

Key touchpoints to keep your sales reps in the loop at all times

Alert sales reps

New Lead Alert templates let you add auto-populated fields to a mailing that’s automatically pushed right to your sales team when a lead’s status changes.

CRM integration

We’ve also made it possible to connect directly to your CRM with our API to make sure all of the contacts activity and information is always up to date.

Wrap up

Here at Delivra, we’ve always been focused on making it easier for marketing teams to drive more engagement through professional email marketing. We’re excited to expand that strategy for B2B marketers who need to target the right messaging to leads in your sales funnel, and effectively increase your close rates using email.

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