Improved Control for Automation and Customer Settings

If you work as a part of a team or send lots of automated emails (which most of you do), you’re going to love this one. Today, we will be releasing a series of new and improved features designed to make it much easier to manage and control your entire email marketing strategy – from setup to send.

Automation improvements

Automation saves our customers so much time – and time is money. This release will include end-to-end updates to our drip campaigns that make it so much easier to control, update, manage the status, and send emails at exactly the right time.

Our updated dashboard allows you to choose exactly how you’d like to create a new campaign, highlights alerts for any errors in the mailing, and provides visibility into the status of every send. New statuses include draft, scheduled, running, and stopped.

One highly-requested enhancement even allows you to save existing drip campaigns as a template for future use. And once you’ve saved the template, you’ll be able to manage, edit, remove, and delete them to your heart’s content.

Improvements to the drip campaign designer save you time in designing, testing and scheduling your campaigns. The new changes allow you to save them at any stage and (when everything is buttoned up and ready to go) schedule them to send at your preferred and specified date and time.

More granular time-based triggers give you even more control to deliver the most relevant message at exactly the right time. With the release, you now have a more intuitive ability to evaluate if a date is within a certain range of the current date or a certain amount of days older than the current date.

Say you’re a retailer that wants to follow up with a customer a few days after they visit your store, or a travel agency trying to send birthday deals out to travelers a few months before their big day – now you can set it and forget it, and let your drip campaigns work their magic.

Great news for lovers of email personalization: this date evaluation enhancement is also available for Dynamic Content (“Who Sees This?”).

Updated Admin Settings

Control and ease of management are always at the top of the list when it comes to ensuring the security of our customer’s email marketing. That’s why we’re excited to share a few settings-related updates as a part of this release.

New role-based permissions allow you to choose between system or custom-defined roles, assign one or more roles to each administrator, and even define those assignments for multiple administrators at the very same time. We’ve also made the permission choices more granular to ensure your administrator’s permissions have everything they need and nothing they don’t.

Customer-level settings make it easier for agency, reseller, and multi-account clients choose which items will show up in your accounts’ Help menu, outline what notifications will appear on your homepages and give you the ability to view all accounts and sites that are available to the customer.

A summary of these new features and others can be found in our release notes. Log into your Delivra account to take advantage of these updates, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to your site administrator or Delivra Support if you have any questions!

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