How to Optimize Your Event Invitation Emails

Event invitation emails have the power to engage, excite, and even influence recipients. Have you ever opened an event email that left you anticipating the party? What about an upcoming show?

When successful, these emails build hype and most importantly, provide details regarding dates and times. In this post, we’ll discuss the ideal information you need to include in your own e-vites.

Let’s get started.

event invitation emails - event email examples

What you need to know about event invitation emails

Event invitation emails are affordable but can be overlooked by recipients. By properly targeting your prospective attendees with relevant information, you can get the best possible response rate from your event email marketing efforts.

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Invite email template essentials

Your event email should contain everything guests need to know, including how to attend your event and why they should come.

Include the following details when you set up your invite email template:

The “who”

Your event title, tagline, and other identifying information.

The reader should get a clear idea of what your event is and what it is for from this information.

The “what”

An overview of what attendees can expect to learn, experience or do at your event.

What is your mission or purpose and why are you bringing this group of people together at this time?

The “where”

The exact location of the venue and the event itself.

We recommend including a map or directions, as well as information about parking and other logistics. (If you’ve blocked out hotel rooms, secured a travel discount, or made any other arrangements, this is the place to spell it out.)

The “when”

This should be the date and time of your event (it helps to include the day of the week as well as the actual date).

Ideally, this will be far enough in advance that your prospective attendees have time to make travel arrangements.

The “why”

Why should people attend?

What benefits are you offering, and what can attendees expect to gain from attending your event?

Take your time and spell out how they’ll benefit–will they network, have the opportunity to learn, or get a chance to show off their brand? You can detail this information in this section.

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Optimization opportunities for invitation emails

Optimizing your email invites makes a good turnout more likely. Best of all, the people you invite will be more motivated to attend.

optimized email invitations

Using marketing automation to target your prospects, forging a personal connection, and testing your invitation components can help you get the best possible response to your emails.

Make a personal connection

Ask yourself this question: How will the event appeal to recipients, and what makes it special?

Using images of people in your business event invitation emails can create a personal connection, helping guests picture themselves in attendance.

event invitation email emails - email examples and templates

If possible, utilize candid photos, especially if you have ones from the previous year’s event. Additionally, consider the power of video in your invitations. You have the opportunity to incorporate a variety of mediums into your invite, so get creative with your messaging. From slideshows to videos, an invitation that engages media is likely to appeal to your audience more than just plain text. Show your recipients the genuine nature of your email. Those receiving your email should feel confident in their ability to contact you with questions and concerns.

Target your invitations for maximum response

When you properly target your invitations, the prospects you’re emailing are more likely to be interested in your event. More importantly, from a deliverability standpoint, your invites won’t be seen as spam.

This method also keeps you from overlooking groups that could benefit from your event invitation emails. Targeting means examining your contacts, mailing lists, and followers to determine who’s likely to accept your invitation.

The better you target your list, the higher your invitation response and success rate will be.

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So, who should receive your event invitation emails?

Consider the following groups when you start making your invite list:

  • Prospects and clients who subscribe to your feed, list, or newsletter
  • Current customers and clients
  • Clients who purchased in the past
  • Prospects currently in your sales funnel
  • Inbound leads
  • ABM targets
  • Customers who get product information or updates
  • Engaged and loyal brand ambassadors
  • Responsive and engaged social media followers
  • Your personal network and connections that are directly linked to the industry (or would have a natural interest in the event)

Testing your email invitation

Why bother to test the results of your event invitation emails? Testing is a valuable resource, as it can show you which strategies are most effective. Use A/B testing to determine what resonates best with your target audience.

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Use the data from your tests to improve future event invitation emails. You can also test virtually anything, from a countdown clock to the time of day you send.

Over time, your engagement rates should improve.

So should registrations.

From your initial subject line to the images you use and your call to action, even small changes can impact your response rate. Consider testing the following areas and remember that small tweaks matter:

  • Subject lines: This is the first thing the recipient will see and will help them decide if they should open the email at all.
  • Call to action (CTA): The CTA is an integral part of your invitation; you’ll need to ask your invitees to take one single action when they read your invitation. Do you want them to RSVP? Sign up for a paid conference? Click to learn more? Make sure you are letting them know exactly what step they should take next.
  • Images: Simply swapping out images can make a difference in your response rate. Narrow your selections down to several images and then use A/B testing to see if one resonates better than the rest with a target group. You may find you need multiple images and that you need to adjust your invitation slightly for specific groups.
  • Text: The actual content of the message and the look and feel of the text itself. You can use A/B testing to determine everything from the scale and font used to the actual language you’ve chosen to describe your event.

Integrate your event management software with email

To maximize the outcome of your email marketing invites, you have to remember one thing: you need to integrate your email marketing software with your event management software.

(You can check out all of the event management apps we connect to in our App Connections store.)

Get the email cadence just right

Ideally, your event invitation emails will flow from one point to the next and allow the reader to quickly learn everything they need about your event. By providing clear, easy-to-skim information, your reader can understand the event and take action.

In addition to your initial email, you’ll need to have a series of follow-ups to build anticipation and ensure your participants have everything they need to attend.

Consider sending the following email invitation templates to ensure attendees and prospects have everything they need to get the most from your event:

Initial invitation

Build excitement about your event and provide everything a potential participant should know about attending. Ideally, your attendees will take action and sign up for your event after receiving this piece.

Thanks for registering

This email serves as both a confirmation and thank you. You can tell the participants what’s coming next and continuing building excitement. This is also the time to introduce your event hashtag and any other information attendees might need in advance.

Time is running out

Some people wait until the last minute; catch the stragglers with a “there’s still time” email and see your event numbers grow.

What to expect

Send details about the event itself, like classes, programs, opportunities, and more. You can use this to build excitement, promote specific portions of your event, and even advertise event gifts.

event email templates

Wrap up

Think of this as part thank you, part rehash of event highlights. This follow-up email is an ideal way to close things out for your event attendees. Plus, you can ask for feedback, thank your guests for coming, and give them a sneak peek of what is coming up next for your brand.

Your invitations should incorporate specific details, thoughtful design, and subscriber personalization. Doing this additional work will increase your response rate and encourage a good turnout.

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