5 Creative St. Patrick’s Day Event Emails

Email marketing is about sending the right email for the right occasion. Seasoned email marketers know there are few better opportunities for creative campaigns than holidays.

Special days throughout the year bring a lot with them – events, celebrations, decorations, rituals, and even certain values. Given holidays are so ingrained into our everyday lives. They are great for creative marketing ideas.

The early spring season brings St. Patrick’s Day – with it, there are plenty of possibilities for a St. Patrick’s Day email event.

Build a Creative St. Patrick’s Day Event Email

There are a few things that come to mind when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around each year. Why not use this time as an opportunity to liven up your campaigns, and to give your mailing list a treat? Here are 5 ideas to try next year.

1. Run Contests and Utilize “Luck” as a Driving Factor

Using email marketing to encourage contest sign-ups is tricky. On the one hand, it’s an easy email to put in your drip campaign, or even to make the centerpiece of a custom series. People like getting free things, or even having a chance at them – but some days of the year give you more to handle.

If there’s one characteristic associated with this holiday, it’s luck. When you’re aiming to run contests, doing them around this time of year is just more fitting. People may be more eager to try. Pairing it with a holiday reinforces the time sensitivity of your contest.

It’s also a great opportunity to bring in more leads – 54% of users who participate in online contests will share it on social media. If you’ve already got your email mailing lists integrated with social media sharing options, you turn St. Patrick’s Day into a chance for gaining new subscribers.

In some instances, giveaways make customers skeptical. But around this time of year, when luck is an associated value, it can make even those longtime holdouts try their luck at winning.

Even if they don’t, their friends, family, and followers may find the idea interesting and want to sign up themselves.

2. Think Green – Use Color Psychology for Custom Campaigns

If you’re going to make a St. Patrick’s Day newsletter, there’s one color that comes to mind immediately. Even before the glimmer of gold, there is the green four-leaf clover. When we say think green, we aren’t using the term in the sense of eco-friendliness, though there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

Instead, consider how to coordinate email marketing ideas around this time of year based on color psychology. Green has associations with health, hope, freshness, nature, growth, and prosperity.

It’s also associated with traits like openness, friendliness, and authenticity. It’s a popular color, though a relatively small percentage of people call it their favorite (14%), with males and females equally represented in that figure.

Of course, green may also be associated with certain negative traits. The key is to utilize the positive values it exudes for special offers. If you have a green banner at the top of your email wishing your recipient a happy holiday, going right into one of the associated values is a great marketing move.

Whether you believe your product or service could help make your reader wiser, wealthier, or even healthier, a splash of green can have a bigger effect than many realize.

Even a subtle touch can set it off – consider the following subject line:

Sign-Up for St. Patrick’s Discounts

The CTA is clear, and the holiday is mentioned by name. Add in a clover icon to trigger those associations as soon as they read your subject.

You’ve probably already considered automated campaigns for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. So when you think of a way to use St. Patrick’s Day, don’t underestimate the value of green icons, banners, text, or symbols.

3. Create a Journey (with a Pot of Gold at the End)

When you think back to newsletters and campaigns you’ve created, you may immediately think of how important the sequencing is. Whether in drip or personalized campaigns, sending your mailing list the right posts in the right order is very important.

This journey is critical to the success of email marketing. Given one of the classic images associated with this holiday is finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, it suggests that theme of journey and reward.

Even if you don’t use the imagery itself, or even the terminology, this time of year is great for building those long-term campaigns where repeated engagement is rewarded. Maybe each email contains a unique promo code, which could also be St. Patrick’s themed.

You could also give each responder a chance to enter a contest, tying into the idea from above. As for those moments when journeys differ, consider tools to transition your leads around different triggers – which you can set yourself.

To take it in a different direction, this time of year can be a great time to offer a deal for a short period. It fits with the theme of finding gold with the benefit of luck, and it gives you plenty to work with when promoting the big offer.

Whether in drip or personalized campaigns, sending your mailing list the right posts in the right order is very important.

Image Source: Pinterest

Another method is to do something special for recurring subscribers. Show gratitude by giving them a little bonus. Even something as simple as a St. Patrick’s Day graphic wishing them good luck and good fortune can be a perfect fit.

If you’re looking to talk about the rainbow that led to the pot of gold, recap the customer’s journey. Consider using stats from your mailing service to display how long they’ve been signed up, and any milestones along the way.

4. Take Advantage of the Spring Season

St. Patrick’s Day is beloved for many reasons, one of which being it’s associated with the beginning of spring. The two aren’t far apart. If you’re looking to help your subscribers get into the spirit of the holiday and the season in general, gear your marketing efforts accordingly.

In the above example, we see the spring color scheme and associated words used together. It creates the perfect ambiance, along with the floral imagery on the products and around them.

Image Source: Campaign Monitor

In the above example, we see the spring color scheme and associated words used together. It creates the perfect ambiance, along with the floral imagery on the products and around them. If you’re looking to create a spring-based campaign, St. Patrick’s Day could be one of many email themes you’ll use in your sequence.

Don’t underestimate the value of the season – especially if you specialize in an area that sees sales jump in spring. Houses, clothes, cookware, and even chocolate all sell especially well around spring. If your industry is in this group, take advantage of seasonal email opportunities.

Automate your campaigns for the first day of spring, the first weekend of spring, and even a month in. With St. Patrick’s Day and other holidays in the mix as well, you have an overarching theme with plenty of room for creativity.

5. Encourage Feedback from Your Recipients

You’re not just sending out emails to convey information – you’re asking for it in return. Email marketers know all about monitoring their reply rates, engagement statistics, and long-term retention.

If you want to keep subscribers around, keeping the conversation going is important.

St. Patrick’s Day is often a time for celebrations and fun memories. If you’re looking to get your subscribers to respond, use a holiday-themed call to action. Consider:

  • Asking about their favorite St. Patrick’s memory or tradition
  • Asking about their current St. Patrick’s plans
  • Asking them to repost a custom hashtag related to the holiday and your brand

When you’re looking to increase the chance of finding leads, you need to make your subscribers comfortable reaching out to you. A call to action built around a holiday is a perfect way to elicit feedback, even from those who are usually silent.

You can also take this time to encourage your subscribers to be safe given the festive nature of the holiday. It’s a great way to express goodwill and extend a caring gesture that fits with the day and the season.

Wrap Up: How to Make a Special St. Patrick’s Day Event Email

When we’re looking at the holidays, we’re looking at marketing opportunities. Your email mailing list will appreciate the variety and creativity. Remember, when you’re building campaigns or newsletters around this holiday, do the following:

  • Use a lot of green and associated St. Patrick’s Day imagery
  • Consider St. Patrick’s Day a part of spring for more opportunities
  • Utilize contests and limited-time specials

Email marketing gives you the challenge of making every effort unique. Even if it’s for a campaign that will reach thousands of users among dozens of segments, you want each creation to be special.

The holidays provide you the chance to get inventive and help your subscribers stay in the spirit of the season. A positive, celebratory holiday in a season known for growth makes for a great opportunity any marketer should take.

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