100 Email Subject Lines that Demand to be Opened

Your open rate is arguably the most important email marketing metric to monitor, after delivery rates of course.

Yes, you want your subscribers to convert into buyers. However, they actually need to open your emails. That’s why it’s crucial to write the best email subject lines.

In this post, we provide the best email subject lines of 2019 for inspiration, along with some email subject line best practices to get you started.

Email Subject Line Best Practices

69% of people report emails as spam based purely on the subject line. Meanwhile, 47% of subscribers will decide whether to open your email based on the subject line alone.

You have too much riding on your subject line to throw a quick bland description up and call it a day. Use these email subject line best practices to write copy that makes the mark.

  • Keep it short: Five words or less and under 40 characters (to account for mobile users).
  • Use actionable language: Action verbs like “shop” or “help” can go a long way.
  • Create urgency: Let readers know the time is now.
  • Use sentence case: You’re having a conversation with your subscribers and most people don’t write peer-to-peer email subject lines in title case.
  • Don’t be afraid of emojis: They can help shorten your email marketing subject lines and boost open rates by 66% or more.
  • Avoid spam: It’s not as easy as it sounds and what qualifies as spam constantly changes.
  • Segment your list: Don’t send the same subject line to your entire list. Personalize your content to improve open rates and conversions.

The 100 Best Email Subject Lines of 2019

Use these 100 best email subject lines of 2019 as inspiration to create your content that encourages action and engages your audience.

  1. Huawei: [New post] Can We Measure the Power of Ideas?
  2. Credit Karma: Randi: New Score Alert
  3. Better Health: Ends today. BOGO 50% water & wine sale
  4. Middle East Children’s Alliance: How about 16 cents a day?
  5. UNICEF: Last call to send 2X lifesaving supplies
  6. JoAnne Fabric: Make it a year to remember with a free photo calendar
  7. Hotels.com: You hit the Jackpot! Enjoy up to 50% off
  8. PayPal: Randi, want to send money abroad as fast as a lightning bolt?
  9. Huntington Bank: Help fend off fraud in 2019 with these simple actions.
  10. Huawei: [New post] What We’ve Got in Store for You at MWC 2019
  11. MyFitnessPal: 4 Reasons Why Breaking New Year’s Resolutions is a Good Thing
  12. Telegraph: Which of these four political parties would you choose?
  13. Club Quarters Hotels: Nama-stay in Your Room with Live Free Warrior
  14. Runtastic: 6 Reasons Why You’re Not Sleeping Well
  15. Airbnb: What to know before your trip
  16. Uncle Ed’s Oil Shoppe: FREE Washer Solvent Top Off and Battery Check
  17. WOW Air: Do you have everything you need for your trip to Detroit?
  18. Telegraph: The shocking reality behind some of our top restaurants
  19. Credit Karma: We miss you. So, we got you something.
  20. Google AdSense: Your users are ready for the holiday season, are you?
  21. Lucky Brand: 24 HOURS ONLY: buy one, get one 50% off!
  22. MyFitnessPal: What a Nighttime Snack With up to 19 Grams of Protein Looks Like
  23. BAMP Project: Wanna win free Michael Franti & Spearhead tix?
  24. Ulta: Our newest haircare discoveries are gonna make you 😍
  25. MyFitnessPal: 6 Exercises Everyone Should Do
  26. Runtastic: Oops, you’ve been doing that exercise wrong!
  27. Lucky Brand: We can’t believe it either …
  28. BAMP Project: Wanna win Descendants tickets?
  29. St. Andrew’s Hall: Complimentary Tickets Inside!
  30. Lululemon: A Tee Made for Days Off
  31. Telegraph: What will we do after Brexit?
  32. Credit Karma: Randi: Someone Added You to Their Credit Card
  33. Lucky Brand: Want $60 off?
  34. eBay: A 20% coupon on active wear—but it won’t last long
  35. Laughing Lion Herbs: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ How many stars would you give Laughing Lion Herbs?
  36. ezTaxReturn: We can’t get you excited about taxes. But we can make doing your taxes fast and easy.
  37. Irene’s Myomassology: How Does Factory Farming Affect Your Family?
  38. MyFitnessPal: 6 Healthy Foods You Should be Eating Regularly
  39. Lululemon: How will you spend the other 364 days?
  40. Lucky Brand: OPEN for a chance to win a Jamaican adventure!
  41. Lonely Planet: The stories behind our favorite souvenirs
  42. Hulu: ONE FREE MONTH: Kick Back with New Shows and Movies
  43. Jet’s Pizza: Roses are red, sauce is too, we’ve got a heart shaped pizza for your Valentine & you
  44. Guitar Center: Last chance to use your special coupon
  45. Ulta: Breaking news: You can redeem points on all beauty services! ⚡
  46. Lucky Brand: Does this spark joy in you?
  47. Cottage Inn Pizza: Choose Your Gourmet Cheese Bread!
  48. Lonely Planet: Where to travel based on your Chinese zodiac sign
  49. HelloFresh: Your next favorite recipe
  50. Irene’s Myomassology: Which Produce to Buy Organic
  51. LIDS: Will the Red Sox close it out in Game 5?
  52. Huntington Bank: Paris on a tank of gas? Here’s how…
  53. eBay: Revealed: you’ve got something good coming to you …
  54. Live Nation: JUST ANNOUNCED: Weezer & Pixies are coming to a stage near you!
  55. Coinbase: Own another crypto without adding more funds
  56. AEI Events: Invitation: What is next for US-Venezuela policy?
  57. Lonely Planet: Magical trips inspired by Disney classics
  58. Project on Middle East Democracy: Tunisia Update: UN Officer Arrested in Tunisia
  59. The Fix Chiropractic: I hope you can read this?
  60. PayPal Prepaid: Randi, a $20 credit for you and your friends
  61. Huawei: [New post] What the Top Tech Influencers Are Expecting at MWC 2019
  62. AEI Events: Invitation: Building better Arab armed forces
  63. Coinbase: Randi, you’ve been selected to earn 0x (ZRX)
  64. WOW Air: Did we WOW you?
  65. TurboTax: Hello & Congratulations! We Sent You This Special Promo
  66. Lululemon: Excel in Inclement Weather
  67. Lonely Planet: Seven surprisingly child-friendly cities
  68. The Fix Chiropractic: Reminder: Ask me anything?
  69. Mystery Themes: Top 10 GDPR-Ready & Niche Specific WordPress Themes
  70. Hurst Publishers: Britain’s Hidden Addiction: Sick-Note Culture
  71. Family Search: Randi, we’ve found a hint for your ancestor
  72. TurboTax: (Invitation Enclosed) E-file Today and Get Your Biggest Refund
  73. Donald J. Trump: President Trump is asking about you
  74. Better Health: 3 Day Flash: 30% off Plus +CBD Oil and Charlotte’s Web CBD
  75. Hotels.com: Our treat for YOU! We’re giving you up to 50% OFF your next stay
  76. Reuters: Insights – Frightening world of video fakes
  77. Casper: Don’t hit snooze on us!
  78. Runtastic: 6 bad lunchtime habits & how to fix them
  79. Middle East Children’s Alliance: How much would you pay for a glass of water?
  80. Runtastic: Can you spot the myths in these rumors about running?
  81. Jon Stewart: I can’t believe I still have to do this
  82. The Fix Chiropractic: If you sit at a desk, then do this stretch?
  83. POP Fit Clothing: Don’t Miss Out ⏰ Sale Ends Today!
  84. PayPal: Randi, Need cash? PayPal Instant Transfer can help you get that fast!
  85. UNICEF: The worst place to be a child
  86. Better Health: Ends Monday: 45% off all Garden of Life
  87. Huntington Bank: Be alert against fraud this tax season
  88. MyFitnessPal: 8 Gut-Friendly Alternative Carbs
  89. Huawei: [New post] 5 Insights into the Readiness of 5G
  90. Casper: Here’s something to remind you of the Zzzs we shared.
  91. LinkedIn: [Report] 2019’s top 4 HR & hiring trends: Are you prepared?
  92. Hotels.com: Congratulations! You’ve landed Secret Prices
  93. JoAnne Fabric: Tick Tock! Must-Shop Doorbusters END TONIGHT
  94. Telegraph: Could this be the first baby in Britain not to have a mother?
  95. Planned Parenthood: Early Bird Special – get your free gift!
  96. JoAnne Fabric: Thanks, Creativebug! Get 2 Months FREE! Start Now
  97. Runtastic: What time should you go to bed?
  98. Alyssa Milano: I need your help, Randi
  99. Ancestry: What did America sound like in 1930?
  100. Hotels.com: You’ve snagged this: pay half price today – it’s Half Price Friday!

You now have plenty of inspiration to create the best email marketing subject lines.

Wrap up

Allow yourself plenty of time to write the best email subject lines—they’re what gets your emails opened. Follow these tips:

  • Create urgency.
  • Write actionable copy.
  • Create unique subject lines for different segments of your audience.
  • Get to the point with concise copy.
  • Ask questions.

Don’t forget to run some tests to see which types of subject lines perform best with different segments of your audience.

Need some more help writing the best email marketing subject lines? Check out this blog post with the top three email subject line best practices to get started.

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