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Delivra has been working to support its clients’ digital marketing efforts for more than 15 years. Our email marketing software and managed services experience has given us a tremendous amount of expertise in the marketplace. We created these resources to share that expertise with you.

Why give away all this knowledge? We know that achieving results that matter through digital marketing isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work. Our clients depend on us not only for this deep expertise, but also for rolling up our sleeves and tackling the strategy, design and implementation for them. It’s what makes us a valuable partner, with names and faces you’ll get to know. Our partnership with you goes beyond connecting with Delivra through a username and a password.

Our Whitepaper Resources

Five Keys to Exceptional Email Marketing

In this series, you’ll find benchmark data and tactical tips around the key areas of integration, design, content, segmentation and analytics. Maximize your email marketing results with these brief and helpful tips.

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Animation in Email

Many marketers have started to experiment with using animation in their emails. Not only is it a great way to stand out from other emails, it allows marketers to use a small amount of space to convey offers and calls-to-action.

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In this whitepaper, we give you the details of who we are, what we do, and why it matters. Explore the benefits of Delivra software and services, including email creation, member lists, reports and much more.

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eBook of Tips

We provide you with a tip for every week of the year to help you with your email marketing strategy. Whether you need tricks and tips for holiday planning, growing your list, branding, or anything in between, Delivra’s eBook of digital marketing tips has you covered!

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Email Best Practices

Is it possible to turn emails into sales? Absolutely. Given all of email’s advantages, it’s tough to identify a marketing channel that is more cost-effective. However, the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign depends on how it’s employed.

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The Great Deliverability Myth

In this 10-page whitepaper written by industry guru Ken Magill, you’ll uncover the truth about email deliverability. Topics include email complaints, bad addresses, spam traps, the dreaded blacklist, and much more.

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How to Effectively Manage Your Email List

Reach the right people at the right time, with a relevant message. In this whitepaper, we offer proven strategies for adding email addresses to your list. We also discuss email list management, opting in and out, preference centers, and effective segmentation.

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The How-To Guide to Special Characters

It’s been proven that subject lines with special characters have higher open rates than those without. But before you start dropping symbols in your emails, we’ll give you six steps to ensure your success.

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The Importance of a Click

Rediscover the importance of an email click. Learn the fundamental reasoning behind click tracking, read real-life examples of how Delivra helped clients improve their click rates, and learn three crucial steps to improve your own email clicks.

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Mobile Design Guide

Are your emails designed to be compatible with mobile technology? With over half of emails being opened on mobile phones, it’s important that your emails not only look good, but are legible on all screen sizes. Master mobile email design with this whitepaper!

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Managed Email Marketing

Whether you lack the time, people, or email marketing expertise to perform the campaign needed for your success, Delivra’s managed email marketing program is here to help. Learn our managed services methodology and review client examples in this whitepaper.

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Mobile Marketing

What if a simple text could add thousands of subscribers to your list? With mobile marketing options like SMS and text-to-subscribe, your customers can receive and respond to messages in a timely, cost-effective manner.

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