Welcome Messages and Welcome Email Examples to Wow New Subscribers

A new email marketing subscriber is a precious thing – like a cup of hot cocoa on a chilly morning.

You don’t set your hot cocoa on the counter and walk away.

You cradle the cup with both hands and cherish it.

OK, maybe we got a little carried away there, but the point is, you need to devote special attention to new subscribers, and that starts with your welcome message.

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Welcome email best practices

Why say “Welcome” or “Thanks for signing up,” when you can be even more specific?

For example, new subscribers to some wedding planning websites receive a welcome message that says, “Congratulations!”

Be helpful

welcome email drip campaign

Social network Pinterest uses its welcome messages to help new registrants learn how to create pins (images or videos) and boards (collections of pins).

The messages include a clickable call-to-action that takes users to a brief walk-through of Pinterest.

Another way to be helpful is to point out in the welcome message some various perks of being a subscriber. Such as, “Did you know you get free access to the latest white papers on digital marketing? Browse titles now.”

Offer a deal

retail email marketing welcome message

Nothing says “thank you” like a money-saving offer.

Examples include an instant coupon with a scannable bar code for in-store purchases or a discounted price on an initial online purchase.  

Services sometimes use a welcome message offer to promote another product – for example, a free month-long upgrade to the “premium” service, for new subscribers.

Show interest

If you offer a way for subscribers to customize email preferences, include a link in your welcome message that directs to your preference center, with text like, “Tell us more about your interests,” or, “Decide what you want to read.”

Generally, subscribers appreciate being asked for their opinion. And when you know their preferences, you’ll be delivering relevant messages at the right frequency, which is crucial for retaining subscribers.

allmodern welcome retail email example

A preference center also helps you segment your audience by interests, so you can target specific groups for future email campaigns.

Perfect welcome email examples

For the Martin Luther King Community Center, they had not yet implemented an email marketing program. Our goal was to help them accomplish this. 

When people walked into the Martin Luther King Community Center, we wanted them to see an opportunity to sign up to receive emails. In order to accomplish this, we created a placard for the front desk highlighting the Delivra text to subscribe feature and a form on their website.

Once people enter their email address via text or online, they received their welcome email.

MLKCC Welcome Email

Here’s what made their welcome message so effective:

1. Remind the person why they are receiving your email. People receive a number of emails in their inboxes every day, so let them know why they are receiving yours.

2. Give them expectations. Let your new subscribers know what they can expect from your mailings now that they are signed up. Is it just updates? Is it about events? This also lets them know what is in it for them.

3. Lead them to a place for more information about you. New subscribers will likely be interested in learning more about who you are and what you do. Give it to them. Lead them to your website or social media sites. Ideally, you want to share both places with them, so they can visit at their convenience.

4. Make it personable. Talk to your new subscribers in a welcoming tone. By doing so, it makes them feel like this message was personally written just for them and they are more likely to want to respond.

Other “thank you for subscribing” email examples

Funfit uses a nice responsive email design in their welcome message.

They also gift new subscribers with a coupon for their first purchase.

welcome email message example funfit

The Clymb does two things we really like in their welcome email to new subscribers:

First, they use great imagery as their background that matches with their adventurous brand.

Second, they provide steps for the new subscriber to engage further with them and what they can expect.

welcome email message example the climb

Finally, Toms asks all new subscribers to set their preference center for future mailings.

This helps ensure all subscribers receive exactly what they want from Toms without becoming bombarded.

welcome email message example toms

Delivra can help you with all aspects of your email marketing and marketing automation – from that initial welcome message to specialized commerce campaigns for a target audience. 


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