Video Email Marketing: How To Set Yourself Apart In The Inbox

Video email marketing holds powerful potential.

More views. More clicks. More shares. More conversions. More sales.

If you’re in the marketing or sales industry, it’s highly likely that your monthly goals consistently includes at least a few of those objectives.

And here’s the key to reaching them: Video content.

Video has become so essential to marketing, that it’s been named one of the top “15 Trends Every Business Leader Should Watch in 2017,” according to Fortune. The increasing popularity of video has led brands to look “for new, innovative ways to capture an audience’s attention through video,” according to the article.

Coupled with email, which continues to provide the highest ROI among marketing strategies, video email marketing is a formidable tool to add to your campaigns.

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If it sounds a bit challenging to that on as an initiative, take a look at these video statistics, the benefits of adding video to your email campaigns, some best practices, and how to include videos when sending emails using Delivra.

This article will convince you that it’s worth your time, effort, and resources to go ahead and dive into video email marketing.

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Video email marketing statistics

– Video boosts views. Pages with videos or images attracted 94 percent more views than pages containing only text, according to a recent study.

– Video email marketing leads to more action. Want to know how effective video can be? Research shows that video, when combined with email, significantly boosts conversion — with click-through rates increasing by 200 to 300 percent.

– Consumers prefer video. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the B2B industry or the B2C industry. Your clients and prospective clients prefer video to written content.

Stats show that 59 percent of business executives prefer digesting your message via a video over written content. And 50 percent of them said they’re more likely to seek more information on your site after watching a video.

And B2C consumers are four times more likely to watch a video about your product that read about it.

– Video impacts your bottom line. After watching an online video, about two-thirds of consumers (64 percent) said they’re more likely to purchase the product they viewed. And an Adobe study revealed 40 percent of consumers said exposure to a video will boost their chances of purchasing from their mobile device.

– Video is here for the long haul.  By 2019, traffic related to video will make up 80 percent of all consumer traffic on the internet, according to projects in the Cisco Visual Networking Index.

– Videos can boost your conversion rates. According to Adelie Studios, company websites that featured videos in the mix had a conversion rate of 4.8 percent compared to the 2.9 percent conversion rate for those who didn’t use videos.

– Millennials overwhelming prefer video messaging. If you’re trying to reach this generation, you can’t afford not to invest in video. Statistics show that 74 percent of Millennials prefer to look at videos when comparison shopping.

There are plenty more statistics to back up the impact of video, but you get the point.

Video is the content you need to explore to make sure you’re not only giving consumers what they want but staying ahead of your competition.

Benefits of video email marketing

You’ve checked out the stats. But what does that really mean for your company from a marketing perspective?

Exactly how does it help you achieve those different levels of engagement — from opens and click-throughs to social media shares?

Here are some clear benefits of video email marketing from a more intimate perspective.

It humanizes your company

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The world has clearly gone digital. Do you want to reach your clients? Of course, you need to be spending your time with digital solutions that reach people where they’re hanging out.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be any less human. An email that invites subscribers to further engage with you — via a conversation captured on video — is much more personal than words on a screen.

You’re showing them the faces within your company — live, breathing human beings with some personality. People that they can get to know — even if they never meet you face to face.

One of our favorites business coaches, Marie Forleo, has been using video email marketing for some time to successfully build her personal brand. It has helped her increase her number of followers on YouTube to nearly 350,000 people.

Not shabby at all.

Take a look at one of her most recent email marketing videos. But don’t get intimidated by Marie’s studio quality style. She’s been at it for awhile. We’ll show you some more examples later that show everyday people effectively using video to get their message across.

It boosts the likelihood of shares

Does your video email marketing include a how-to? Something entertaining or enlightening? Your message is more likely to be shared with the medium of video than it would be with simple text.

It sets you apart

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The more you’re able to engage with your prospective clients — and, of course, your current clients — the better. Video email marketing does that.

Video leaves a lasting impression

As anyone in marketing knows, impressions are an essential part of a campaign. As it turns out, consumers are much more likely to remember your brand if they’re exposed to it through video.

In a recent survey 80 percent of consumers replied they remembered a video ad they viewed in the previous 30 days.

Human preference for visual is backed by science

Research shows that 90 percent of all information sent to the brain is visual, while 93 percent of all human interaction is visual.

Video works across numerous platforms

Your video email marketing can easily be re-purposed. Use the video on social media, your YouTube channel, as part of presentations, sales pitches … there are numerous possibilities.

As Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg predicted, video — including live video — will make up the majority of content on the social media platform within the next five years.

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Video is your 7th player

This is the most important factor to keep in mind. In driving sales, video content may as well be the 7th person on your sales team, so to speak.

Here is the research on that. After watching an explainer video about a product or service, 74 percent of survey respondents said they bought in as a result. And, overall, 90 percent of users said that product videos helped them in their decision-making process.

Best video email marketing campaigns and examples

Before pulling out your camcorder, consider your objectives for doing a video production. This will take a bit of planning, that includes reviewing gaps in your current conversion funnel.

Where do you need help? Are you failing to attract consumers from the start?

If so, focus your video emails on the first levels of engagement — where you’re introducing your company to your products and services.

An individualized video email automation campaign that takes into consideration the needs of your prospective clients as well as reflects the specific traits of your company and industry.

Here are 15 tips, ideas and best practices for creating great video emails that will help your company get started in hitting more of your objectives.

1) Use video to tell a story

Quickly distinguish yourself from the competition by using a video to introduce new subscribers to your team. It can be simple as a “Hello, nice to meet you,” before going into an overview of how your company got started and what employees are doing daily to make clients happy. Video email marketing is a great way to show how you’re different than your competitors.

2) Show prospects who they’re working with

A 2- to 3- minute tour of your office can be a straightforward way to provide that human element — giving customers a look at the people they would be working with.

You may not have office headquarters like Dude Perfect, the popular sports entertainment group, but their tour can give you a few tips on how a simple “show around the place” can work for you.

3) Show off your products

If you’re in an industry in which visuals are important — think retail, real estate, electronics — use video in email to showcase the goods. By the way, if you are in real estate, video is a must: Stats show that listings with video get a whopping 400 percent more inquiries.

In the retail industry, 73 percent of the nation’s leading online retailers are using videos in their marketing campaigns.

Whether you’re promoting the latest in technology, house listings, or dresses, a quick video clip can help customers better envision what they’re purchasing.

Take a look at how TechCrunch gives a demonstration/review of the features of the Apple watch.

If you’re in the retail industry, this next video can help you envision how you can use a brand advocate (one of your loyal customers), a sales rep, or a model to reveal the latest trends. Simply use a quick introduction and get someone to model the latest styles in your shop.

4) Add credibility to your client testimonials

Words on a page aren’t quite as effective as actually seeing your clients say in their own words — their own voices — why they think you’re awesome.

Don’t overthink it. Shoot video of clients responding to a question about their experience with you as this real estate agent did with his clients.

Another bonus? By showcasing your clients, you can ensure that they will share the videos with their friends. (Who wouldn’t?) In a business like real estate, those type of referrals are essential.

5) Educate your subscribers

Always think of providing value or entertainment when producing video email marketing campaigns. If your industry is constantly evolving, keep subscribers informed of the latest updates by interviewing experts within your company or industry.

6) Use email subject lines to inform users of the video

Give your users an idea that a video is included in your email as a way to boost email open rates. Simply add the word “video” in parentheses after a short subject line. Use A/B testing to confirm that the use of videos boosts open rates.

7) Keep videos short

In most cases, videos should not run longer than 30 seconds to 2 minutes. However, if you’re doing a tutorial for bottom-of-the-funnel marketing initiatives, go ahead and extend the length to about 30 minutes to 45 minutes. If the tutorial requires more time, consider breaking the video tutorial into a Part I and a Part II.

This tutorial by Evernote shows how a tutorial can be pretty straightforward while providing valuable information that will benefit users. It’s under 3 minutes long.

8) Show the good that you do

Remember not all marketing materials are about your company. Or at least they shouldn’t be. Highlight your community projects to raise awareness about a good cause.

A hospital in Texas regularly uses video to explain medical procedures to its clients but recently put a feel-good video that highlighted children battling cancer. Not a lot of bells and whistles but quite effective. And, of course, this one had a lot of shares for good reason.

And Harley Davidson put out an effective video by showcasing its long history of supporting the military. Take a look.

9) Don’t forget CTAs

As with all content, your video email marketing campaigns should include CTAs to encourage users to watch the video (i.e. some indicator of what’s coming) as well as a CTA within the video to guide them to the next step of the customer’s journey.

CTAs can include contact us, share on social, click for more, etc.

Make Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media buttons obvious and accessible.

10) Always give option of ‘push to play

People open emails at work, in public, and a wide variety of places — especially when using mobile devices. Don’t surprise them with a video that automatically plays, interrupting them and others around them. Just keep in mind that users like to be in control.

Video email marketing can play a significant role in increasing your ability to engage with subscribers. Video can be used to earn trust, break down barriers, entertain, or educate — all keys to boosting conversions.

Adding video to an email in Delivra

Delivra does not support embedding video in a mailing.  Most email clients will strip the embedded code.

Instead, we recommend using an image in the content that links to the URL where the video is hosted externally.

You can do that by taking the following steps:

  1. Click on content, media library, upload, browse, choose your image, and click ok.
  2. Next, click on content, click on your content name, click Drag & Drop Editor button to open, click on your image block, click Browse on the right, choose your image, and click insert.
  3. Then, add the URL to the hosted video in the hyperlink box by clicking “Edit Link”

**Note: It doesn’t have to be an image, you can also create a text hyperlink to your video URL

GIFs are supported and they work the same as uploading a normal image to the media library and inserting it into your content.

We recommend the file size not exceed 50 kb. The email will send fine if the GIF exceeds that however, it will take a while to load for the contact.

Also, Outlook does not support the animation of GIFs when it displays. It will display the first frame as a static image.

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