The More You Know Your Customers, The More They Love You

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Ken Blanchard speak. Ken is the author of “The One Minute Manager” and a new book titled “Lead with LUV,” which he co-authored with Colleen Barrett, president emeritus of Southwest Airlines.

One of the key concepts of Ken’s presentation is: if you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will. I couldn’t agree more. I would argue that the number-one role of an email marketer is to understand the customer, so I’m always surprised when marketers misread their customers or simply don’t understand what customers are looking for in their relationship.

Getting to know customers and their needs isn’t a difficult thing to do, and it doesn’t require expensive research. ¬†For some easy and inexpensive ways to get to know your customers, check out my article in the Email Insider blog!

Neil Berman | President & CEO of Delivra


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