Spectacular Abandoned Cart Email Examples (And Ideas You Can Steal From Them)

You recently opened an online store and already it’s a success. Your commerce website design is on point, you have targeted display and social media ads running, and traffic is growing by the day. This is the dream!

There’s just one problem with your awesome online store. Visitors are leaving products in your online shopping cart and not purchasing.

Before you start kicking yourself, you’re not alone when it comes to the struggles of abandoned carts. In fact, 68 percent of shopping carts are being abandoned across the commerce world.

That’s a lot of carts left in the checkout line. If that makes you squirm, this will make you sick. About $4 trillion worth of products will be abandoned in online shopping carts.

I’ll give you a moment to pick yourself off the ground.

(…giving you the moment I promised you.)

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That’s painful, I know.

So how can you collect your piece of that potential revenue your shoppers are leaving on your commerce website?

Abandoned cart emails!

It is nearly impossible to recover each and every abandoned cart from your online store, but you can re-engage with them and turn some of those carts into purchases. Interestingly enough, only 20 percent of retailers take action to win back lost customers.

Effectively utilizing abandoned cart emails can give you an edge over your competitors. and help increase average order value.

So how are other companies re-engaging their wanderlust online shoppers? Here are five abandoned cart email examples we loved and some tips you can steal to include in your own cart recovery email marketing messaging.


Ralph Lauren

ralphlauren cart recovery example

  • Is that design not beautiful or what? Ralph Lauren used stunning imagery in their abandoned cart email that would grab anyone’s attention on any device. Make sure your cart recovery emails are visually appealing and not super salesy.
  • Speaking of not being super salesy, they also use some impactful copy. “We’ve kept your cart safe” does have a reassuring appeal that can pull a shopper back to their cart. And the fact their call-to-action is a link directly back to the user’s cart makes recovery of a purchase simple.
  • The call-to-action is right in the middle of the email design. You want your CTA in as prominent of a location as possible. Just like you would on your commerce website!


Dollar Shave Club

dollarshaveclub recovery email

  • Dollar Shave Club includes testimonials in their email. The customer has already shown an interest, but sometimes they need some additional trust symbols like current customers explaining their positive experiences to get them to come back.
  • There’s nothing wrong with a little humor. If you’re not familiar with their marketing, it’s full of humor and that carried over into their abandoned cart email. Make sure you’re still conveying your brand in these messages and not just focusing on recovering a purchase.
  • Make sure you test specific parts of your emails to see what drive engagement. In this email you could test color button, the text within the call-to-action, imagery, different testimonials, and more. Optimization is key to finding the perfect abandoned cart email.


The Land of Nod

landofnod cart recover example

  • In this abandoned cart email example from The Land of Nod, they actually display the product the customer left in their online cart. How cool! Many online retailers include a picture of the abandoned products in their cart recovery email to the customer. It a visual reminder so the customer doesn’t have to click to see what’s in their cart.
  • Underneath the product image is another kind of trust symbol. They include product ratings from other customers. This dresser has received five stars from other customers that have purchased, which can be the reassurance a customer needs to complete their purchase.
  • Within the body of the email is contact information for customers to reconnect. If a customer has additional questions or concerns about the product they abandoned they can reach back out.

Put Abandoned Cart Emails to Work!

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