The Top 3 Tools to Create Autoresponder Emails

Marketing used to be a simple matter of creating great copy and placing it in a newspaper and then watch the money rolling in. Today, however, everything has changed. The savvy marketer has to wear many hats and juggle many duties in this modern world of omnichannel marketing.

Thankfully, when it comes to the most important marketing channel, email, it’s easy to set it on autopilot.

Simply set up autoresponder emails and, like the marketers of old, sit back and watch your campaign bring in the money.

What Are Autoresponder Emails?

Autoresponders emails are simply emails that you program to be sent out to your subscribers upon certain rules being fulfilled. A good example is a welcome email series. You can set these to be sent out upon a prospect signing up. The first one should be triggered to be sent immediately after the sign up while the others can be triggered to be sent out after a predetermined interval.

In order to be able to set up your autoresponders, you will need to invest in a robust email marketing service.

3 Great Reasons You Need Autoresponders

Why do you need autoresponders? Particularly considering that setting them up requires a bit of financial investment?

Let me give you 3 great reasons.

Increase Efficiency

Automating your emails is a sure way to increase your email marketing’s efficiency. It’s impossible to manually send an email to every customer at every stage of their customer journey. You are bound to miss some important milestones or make some mistakes with some emails.

By setting up autoresponders that are triggered to walk your customers through the buying journey, you ensure that each customer gets the right email at the right time.

Boost Revenue

Another great reason to invest in autoresponders is that they help boost your revenue. According to research, automated emails have been proven to increase open rates by as much as 70.5% and click-through rates by as much as 152%.

The result of those metrics is that you enjoy more conversions and thus more revenue. The DMA conducted research that discovered that 75% of email marketing revenue is actually a resulted of automated messages.

Simply put, the money you spend on automation is easily recoverable. It’s definitely worth it.

Save Time

One thing more valuable than money is time. Autoresponders help you save precious time so you can do other things that help you grow your business since you set up your sequence once and let it run on autopilot.

The biggest advantage of this is that you even have time for the activities you love.

Examples of How to Use Autoresponders

Let’s quickly look at a few practical examples of how you can put autoresponders to work in your email marketing campaigns. This will give you a better picture of how they work and why they are so important.

Welcome Emails

One of the most common applications of autoresponders is in sending out a welcome email series.

Source: Really Good Emails

Upon signing up for your service or newsletter, your newest subscriber gets an automatic email welcoming them to the family. You can also use your welcome email to highlight the benefits of opening your next email.

Anniversary and Birthday Emails

As much as you would love to remember each of your customers’ birthdays, it’s just humanly impossible. This is where autoresponders help you celebrate this important date with your customer. A relevant and personalized email works wonders when sent out on birthdays and special anniversaries.

Lead Nurturing

Turning a prospect into a customer takes precision communication. You need to lead the prospect down your sales funnel at a pace that is comfortable for them. Using autoresponders that are triggered based on your prospects’ behavior are a great way to take your prospect on a memorable customer journey they will actually enjoy. Of course, the result is that your conversion rates will increase as will your bottom line.

Send Subscription Renewal Reminders

If you sell a subscription service, you can set up an autoresponder to remind your subscribers that their subscription is up for renewal. Even with a small email list, manually remembering when to send subscription renewal emails at the right time is virtually impossible.

How to Set Up Your Autoresponders

Setting up your autoresponder emails is actually easier than you think. To get started, you need 3 main components:

A List of Subscribers

Your subscriber list is the most important asset you have for your email marketing endeavors. Here are a few things to remember when building yours:

  • Offer a relevant lead magnet
  • Make signing up easy
  • Promote your landing page on your social media channels and relevant blogs

One thing you should never do, no matter how desperate you may be, is to buy an already built email list. Not only is this a waste of time and resources, but it could also land you in trouble.

Great Content

In order for your autoresponder emails to be effective, you need to create great content that encourages interaction. In order to achieve that, you need to use:

  • Attractive email templates
  • Captivating email copy
  • Irresistible call-to-actions

Source: Campaign Monitor

Your email content is the key to achieving your email marketing goals. Make sure to personalize it as much as possible for greater conversions.

An Email Automation Platform

In order to be able to send autoresponder emails, you need an email marketing tool that allows you extensive flexibility to determine and use different triggers. Autoresponders have evolved from the days they were basic time-triggered drip campaigns. In order to create effective customer journeys, you need an autoresponder tool that can use sophisticated triggers based on customer behavior.

Let’s take a look at some of those tools, shall we?

The Best Tools to Create Autoresponder Emails

Thanks to technology, there are a number of tools you can use to create and send powerful autoresponder emails. While some are free, we don’t recommend them as they are very limited when it comes to functionality. Besides, most free tools are vulnerable when it comes to security issues. This is why this list features the best tools – meaning those that give you the best value for your money.


Delivra is a powerful marketing automation tool that is highly rated by many marketers in B2C and B2B. Not only is it a powerful tool for sending autoresponder emails but enables you to run multi-channel campaigns.

When it comes to autoresponder emails, here are some of its best features:

Drag-and-drop editor

With an easy to use drag-and-drop editor makes it a breeze to design beautiful campaigns. You can easily create branded content that you can send to your subscribers. Responsive templates also make it easy for your readers to consume your content on mobile devices.

Powerful segmentation features

Sending effective autoresponder emails relies on you having a good way of segmenting your email list. Delivra offers you powerful segmentation features that allow you to send highly targeted campaigns.

Advanced triggers

Delivra really shines when it comes to sending autoresponder emails. Its system allows you to set even the most intricate of triggers that are based on customer behavior and data

If you’re looking to power your email marketing with email autoresponder campaigns, Delivra should be your first stop when looking for an autoresponder tool to use.

Responsive Email Templates

Even without any coding or design knowledge, Delivra allows you to easily create emails that look good. Whether your reader reads your emails on their desktop or mobile device, your emails will still look great thanks to the built-in optimization.

A/B testing

Test the effectiveness of your email copy using Delivra’s powerful A/B testing tools. By split testing your email marketing campaigns, you ensure that you send out award-winning emails that are highly engaging and drive more conversions.


What are your readers interested in? No, you don’t need to visit a medium to figure it out. Simply use a tool like Mangool’s KWFinder to discover the keywords your readers are using to search for solutions on the web. Use these keywords to create relevant and personalized subject lines and content.

While tools like this one are mainly reserved for web content, they help create autoresponder emails that elicit opens and click-throughs from your readers.

CoSchedule’s Subject Email Line Tester

Another great tool that you can use to create amazing autoresponder emails is CoSchedule’s Email Subject Line Tester. By optimizing your word choice and character length, you ensure that your subject lines are powerful, engaging, and ultimately lead to more conversions.

Hemingway App

The purpose of your emails is to convey your message loud and clear. Hemingway App is a tool that you can use to ensure that all your emails in an autoresponder sequence do just that.

Designed to help write easy to read copy, the Hemmingway app helps you eliminate hard to read sentences, get rid of passive voice, and many other writing mistakes that can make your email copy bland and difficult to read.

Wrap Up

Autoresponder emails are the lifeblood of every email marketing strategy. With many prospects, leads, and customer to keep in touch with, setting everything to run on autopilot is the only way to keep your campaigns running smoothly.

In a nutshell, autoresponders are automated emails that help you:

  • Become more efficient
  • Boost your productivity
  • Save time
  • Increase your revenue

If you need more information on the advantages of marketing automation, check out our article that discusses the ways marketing automation can boost your conversions and revenue.

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