Packaging and Pricing Email Marketing for Clients

With email continuing to be the most effective tactic to communicate with customers while driving sales, incorporating email marketing for your clients is a must.

Using email marketing campaigns can be leveraged as a way for agencies to move forward and beyond project-based work, allowing your clients to reach a wider audience and demographic in less time.

Learning how to integrate email marketing for clients along with the value of selling email marketing services for your agency is a surefire way to boost sales, build a positive reputation, and gain credibility within the industry of marketing agencies altogether.

Why sell email marketing to your clients?

Selling email marketing to your clients is a way to boost revenue while providing additional outlets to build client’s followers and loyal customers in less time.

Almost every business can benefit from email marketing, which makes it the perfect addition to your agency’s roster of services.

With email marketing, clients can stay in touch with their audience, deliver updates and offers, and increase conversions. However, implementing email marketing from scratch requires expertise. That’s where your agency comes in.

When selling email marketing to your clients, it is much easier to prove tangible results by boosting subscriber lists and showcasing ROI with each email campaign you create and execute.

When you're making email marketing for clients, take a note from Birchbox and show what you have to offer.

Source: Campaign Monitor

It’s possible to show engagement with each campaign sent, conversion rates of emails (along with click-through rates) in addition to ROI based on sales from each individual campaign you launch.

Having the ability to thoroughly track and monitor each email marketing campaign you develop is key to building client relationships, trust, and boosting your own agency’s credibility and professional reputation.

Another benefit of selling email marketing packages to clients is increasing your agency’s overall profit margins.

When you have a solid client base that requires ongoing updates and new email campaigns on a schedule, reduce the amount of time you spend chasing new leads and projects to take on.

Because email is not project-based but instead ongoing, it is often a much more reliable source of steady income.

Working together with clients on an individual basis gives you the ability to create email marketing schedules and calendars to ensure you're booked and generating revenue consistently over time.

Earning recurring revenue is a massive perk when offering email marketing services to both local and international clients, regardless of the size of the business you represent or the demographic you're targeting.

Avoid the revenue roller coaster by solidifying contracts with clients that allow you to incorporate new email campaigns weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly to guarantee a profit for your agency with each client you agree to take on.

With Delivra email marketing, make your brand cohesive using logos, templates, and colors to boost professionalism among new clients and referrals.

How to package email marketing for clients

Selecting the right packaging methods when providing email marketing for clients can ultimately mean success or losing clients based on what you present.

Every client’s needs are unique. That means selling a single one-size-fits-all email marketing package is never the right way to go.

Some clients will need you to guide them every step of the way. Others already may have a background in email marketing or have a system set up and what they need is help improving their numbers.

Knowing how to package email marketing for clients is essential to maintain a professional reputation while meeting the needs of each client individual throughout the process.

The first step in selling email marketing services is to create a strategy for the client you're working with individually.

Get to know each client and their brand on a deeper level in order to set goals that are manageable and tangible within a period of time you both agree on.

Setting tangible goals also helps clients see the value in your services. Keeping track of metrics such as conversions and click-through rates, for example, enables customers to track the health of their campaigns.

The easiest way to know what goals you should set? Listen to what your clients want to achieve with email marketing. That, in turn, will determine what types of emails you should focus on.

Identify the type of campaigns you want to send and whether or not you’re targeting new users, current subscribers, or loyal followers who have yet to interact with email campaigns that have been sent in the past.

Plan campaign content based on the brand’s message and the needs of individuals who are most likely to take an avid interest in the products or services being shared.

Brainstorm messaging, appearance, and headlines to grab the attention of the brand’s target audience and demographic.

Build your client’s email lists and integrate with other apps

Using an email marketing solution such as Delivra allows you the ability to expand your client’s email lists by integrating various forms directly into your client’s website.

Forms available to register as a subscriber directly on a website increase overall sign-ups and long-term subscribers.

How you implement sign-up forms can have a significant impact on how many people join your email lists. Most websites like to use traditional forms, but you can also help clients implement pop-up alternatives that often perform much better.

If you have a proven track record improving email signups, that can be one of your agency’s greatest assets.

On top of forms, you also need to think about additional app integrations. Nowadays, a lot of businesses use several online platforms for all types of functionality. You have bookkeeping software, social media automation services, analytics platforms, and more.

If you’re helping a client implement email marketing from scratch, you’ll want to use a platform that enables you to integrate all those services. That way, customers will be able to pull the data they need from other services when they need to, such as contact lists.

With Delivra, you can upload opt-in contact lists that a client has available that give you more users in the main list of contacts for future email campaigns.

Integrate CRM, accounting, or commerce software to quickly sync all contacts, subscribers, and various platforms with your client’s current lists, giving them more freedom when executing new email campaigns they have in mind.

Provide a reliable email marketing tool

One way to guarantee you're doing the most to boost your professional reputation as a digital agency is to provide a reliable email marketing tool.

With the right tool, you’ll be able to offer the same level of services to all your clients, regardless of their size.

Some tools may be too complex to understand without a background in email marketing. However, that’s not the case with Delivra.

At any moment, your clients can take a look at the campaigns you’ve set up for them, check their metrics, and make any changes they want.

By working with us, you can gain access to any tools necessary to import contacts, share email campaigns, and track the results of each message you send out for individual clients.

Plus, you’re likely to experience success whether you choose to purchase a white label version of the service or if you’re less concerned about utilizing your own brand and logo with the tool itself.

Design email templates

The design and overall appearance of an email campaign is extremely important, even if you’re sharing basic information and details about a product, service, or a brand you represent.

Design helps attract new users while also solidifying a brand’s messaging and format, making it easier for potential consumers to relate and recognize the company over time.

Even simple emails can take a long time to design, though. Moreover, clients may want to look at examples before they make any decisions or to make changes to campaigns that are ready to go.

Every time they make a change, you need to make sure your emails still look pixel perfect, which only adds to your work.

With Delivra, provide drag and drop branded templates for your clients to easily add content to without interrupting the flow of the design you have selected.

Or work with our design team for additional support with individual templates and themes you’re seeking for your upcoming email campaigns.

Create and send emails

Once you have an understanding of the brand you're representing, creating and sending the emails to potential customers or loyal followers is the next step to boost visibility online while also increasing revenue for your client.

In most cases, you won’t send emails right away, though. Instead, you’ll work with your clients to come up with a schedule that maximizes engagement and helps them achieve their goals.

For example, if one of your customers has a big product launch lined up, you’ll want to schedule an email campaign right beforehand. That way, you’ll drum up excitement and make sure the launch is off to a great start.

Implementing various types of email campaigns based on a schedule and the message you want to convey is a way to increase ROI while also remaining relevant to those who have subscribed to the list altogether.

Building drip campaigns is one way to appeal to customers, especially those who are new subscribers and looking for deals or insight into the client you're promoting and representing.

Be sure to craft welcome emails for new subscribers to each list you represent to keep them included and to verify they are still interested in the product or service you're promoting.

This welcome email from craftsman is a great example email marketing for clients, showing how you can welcome your subscribers.

Other types of emails that are essential for campaigns include reminder emails, even emails, and nurturing emails that are geared towards personalization and getting to know your potential consumers better.

Reminder emails are useful for those who may have items in their shopping cart still or when sharing details of sales that may be ending soon.

Event emails are ideal to promote upcoming sales and discounts with the use of promotional codes, highly recommended to keep retail customers engrossed in the content you send out with each campaign.

Report on campaign success with the use of custom reporting, regardless of the number of subscribers you have for any individual list you represent.

Integrating Google Analytics is also highly advisable to track traffic that leads back to your client’s website or any specific link you include within individual campaign messages you send out.

With the combination of custom reporting and Google Analytics, it is much easier to track data and showcase results to your clients with each message you develop and the campaigns you choose to launch for them.

With automatic tracking and stats available, clients are more likely to trust your future decisions while taking risks that only make sense for their company and brand based on past results.

How to price email marketing for clients

One of the most challenging aspects of running a digital agency is determining how to charge clients for the various services you have to offer.

Knowing how to price email marketing services can be done in a variety of ways depending on the time you put in with each client individually.

Full-service prices

Offering a full-service option for clients is the best way to collect recurring revenue that is most consistent and regular.

Providing a set number of email campaigns monthly along with fully-customized tracking and reports can quickly boost your income while allowing you to work on a more regular schedule.

Packaged plans for clients

When you want to charge clients based on packages, developing various plans for each individual company you work with is also an option.

Charging for content curation, email list hygiene, deliverability, and integration of email campaigns into your email marketing tool is one way to determine the overall cost you need to charge clients for your time.

When a client is interested in managing the campaign content and template but requires a method of executing the message, pre-campaign setup services can also be incorporated into the assistance your digital agency has to offer.

Consider how much time each portion of managing an email marketing campaign requires from you, and what your time is worth.

If your client wants to take on the brunt of the work but requires your assistance with templates, tracking, or list-management, consider the effort necessary to deliver what you need to get the job done right to determine the best pricing scale for you and your company.

Hourly rates

Charging an hourly rate is ideal if you're working with individuals who are not fully established as a brand or for companies who have infrequent sending schedules for their email campaigns.

If a company only requires one email each month or every couple of months, charging an hourly rate is highly beneficial to get the most for the time and effort you put into the project.

With a less hectic schedule or frequency of emails, more effort is often required to focus on one sole email, which may ultimately take longer than when working with the same template for multiple email setups simultaneously.

Why you should choose Delivra as your email marketing service provider

Using Delivra when selling email marketing services is a way for you to build a professional reputation for your agency while also providing the necessary tools and features clients are sure to love for their own companies and brands.

With marketing automation, drag-and-drop features, template builders, and tracking abilities, Delivra is an ideal choice to build your email marketing services with, regardless of the current size of your agency.

Integrate your email marketing campaigns with ecommerce stores, forms, and other applications to swiftly connect with your clients and ensure you're capable of delivering exactly what they need to boost success and overall sales.

Delivra also provides additional support for clients and agencies whether you're in need of a custom template designed for a client or if you require more in-depth assistance with tracking, integration, and connecting applications for those who are looking to expand their email marketing campaigns.

To find out more about creating a recurring revenue stream by selling email marketing services, give our product a try.

We can help you launch email campaigns flawlessly with a myriad of features and abilities for companies of any size.

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