Delivra’s new Custom Report Builder and Customer Template Repository helps create efficiency and consistency

All email marketers, regardless of industry, have one thing in common: the need to scale processes and create efficiencies that allow them to do more with less.

For the marketers we talk to, the need is the same as the barriers. They all have long to-do lists, but not enough time to prioritize.

To help, we’ve created brand new features focused on creating efficiencies and consistencies. Now marketers will have the ability to easily generate custom reporting, protect their branding, clarify messaging, and replicate successes with a new repository.

Build smart analytics with Delivra’s new Custom Report Builder

The Custom Report Builder lets you build and save customized reports on your subscriber database and campaign performance. It pushes your analytical capabilities further than ever before, allowing you to pull groups of campaigns by attribute.

The best part about our Custom Report Builder is its simplicity. To start, just choose your report type. Then add in your clauses and choose “Run Report”. Your report will run right on the same page, allowing you to easily edit, save, and export without multiple page loads and clicks. You can also save these reports to use again at a later date.

Delivra’s Custom Report Builder is available for Enterprise licenses.

Keep your message consistent with the new Customer Template Repository

We get how difficult managing multiple accounts can be, which is why we created our customer template repository. So, if you’ve ever struggled with version control or keeping your franchisees/departments on message, this tool is for you. Now, you’ll be able to share and control all of your templates.

Delivra’s Customer Template Repository gives you the control you need with the simplicity you want to make sharing and updating email templates quick and painless. The repository allows you to:

  • Manage a dedicated template account that shares to each of your sub-accounts
  • Restrict access to the template account and who can save templates to that account
  • Easily update out of date templates and have those changes show in your sub-account automatically

Use with Delivra’s Brand Colors and Lock Content features to give your team the design guardrails they need

This feature is available for no extra cost to Professional and Enterprise licenses. Reach out to today to get your template account created.

Save time with our updated easy Segment Builder

We’ve tweaked our segment builder experience to reduce your number of clicks and create a more intuitive process.

Instead of needing to choose a clause type before finding your field, you can simply search for the field name you want to segment around or scroll through all options grouped by type (ex. Actions, Extended Table, Groups).

Now you can make segments and try new strategies easier and faster than before.

Small, but significant changes in this release include:

You asked and we listened! Our client family requested the ability to save campaigns as templates for later use and we are delivering just that!

Liking the campaign you’re building? Want to save a successful campaign for later use? It’s as easy as a click of a button, even for campaigns older than 45 days.

Started a campaign with the wrong template or want to re-import your HTML without starting over? Simply hit the new “Restart My Design” in the Design section of the Create a Campaign Workflow to start again without having to create a new campaign

Our new view in the Edit Contact page pulls together relevant subscriber information, including engagement, to reduce your scrolling and give you a faster way to view and edit demographic details.

This new page is called “Contact Profile” and replaces former “Basic Info” and “Subscription Info.” We’ve also added a new “View Mailings” page to allow you to quickly and effectively see what campaigns you’ve sent to individual contacts.

Our drag-and-drop editors include a new text strikethrough option that shows changes or price reductions.

Wrap Up

While these new features and enhancements cover many different points of our software, the concept that unites them is the drive to save you time and effort. Take this opportunity to see where you can drive efficiency using our new and improved features.

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