Taking your Targeting to New Heights

With 2021 underway, you have your marketing calendar in place, a full to-do list, and sights set on new goals for you and your team. Going into this new year, our product team has been focused on updates geared to help you tackle those goals and take your targeting to new heights. Here is what's new:

Tracking Form Performance

Website signup forms are one of the best tools you have to grow your subscriber list, and ultimately, your business. And with Delivra, you can now track form performance, including the number of views, submissions, and the number of unique contacts, in one easy-to-view location.

Form tracking gives you visibility of what’s working and where you might need to focus your efforts, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that will positively impact your subscriber targets. Whether you're launching a new landing page, or revising an established page, form tracking will give you the insights needed to adjust your forms to your audience.


To access your form performance, go to the Analytics tab, and select the Customer Overview menu. From there, you will see a standard report called "Form Performance."

Conditional Form Fields

In addition to tracking form performance, forms can now have conditional fields that display once a user begins completing a form. Conditional fields help you understand your subscriber base and tailor content to what you know about them, without impacting your sign up rate. See it in action:


Conditional Form Fields are now available to all Enterprise Plans. Interested in upgrading? Contact us to discuss.

Automation by Unique ID

It's not a surprise that automation is one of email's strongest features. With Delivra, we've expanded on automation to allow you to trigger campaigns based on a Unique ID, giving you added flexibility with your targeting. By setting automation to trigger off a Unique ID, such as an Account ID, Student ID, or Application ID, you can rely on data that relates to the ID rather than a single email. To implement an Account ID trigger, simply start a triggered automation, and update the settings from email to Unique ID.

Here's a preview:


Automation with Unique IDs is now available to all Enterprise Plans. Interested in upgrading? Contact us to discuss.

Facebook Custom Audiences

New to automation, you can now add a step to your workflow that will automatically add subscribers to a Facebook Custom Audience. Custom Audiences compliment your email messaging by forming a multichannel approach to extend your reach to include your social strategy. Whether through email or social media, you'll gain a stronger connection with your subscribers in their preferred way of engaging with your brand.

Check out the preview:


Wrap Up

Updates to our forms and automations continue to help you evolve your marketing strategy. Even the smallest of tests to your forms can lead to growth. And that growth can give you a baseline for your decisions down the road. And enhancements to automation will continue to add customization and a wider reach to your audience. For a complete overview of all product updates, take a look at our Product Release Notes. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. Not a Delivra customer? Click here to get a demo.

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