10 Ways Enhancing Your Email Design Will Increase ROI

As a marketer, you need to work with intention.

Everything you do needs to have a purpose, and that purpose is to expand your brand so your business can thrive.

Therefore, it’s vital to pay attention to every aspect of your marketing campaign—from the content you write and when you send emails to your subject line and email design.

While design often takes a backseat to content—content is king, after all—it doesn’t mean you don’t need to spend time making your email newsletter design look fantastic.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be an HTML expert to create emails that will increase your marketing ROI. With Delivra’s email template design, you can easily enhance your emails.

Plus, Delivra templates work in harmony with the email design tips you’ll learn about today.

Why Email Design Is so Important to Your Marketing Campaigns

According to Forbes, your design can make or break your campaign.

Yes, some people will be more lenient if you have amazing content but lackluster design. For the most part, however, you need to be just as on-point with your HTML email design as you do your content.

Here’s why.

Your design grabs your subscriber’s attention before your content. You only have a few seconds to make a good first impression—the right email template design can help you do just that.

When you focus on design, which can include an eye-catching subject line, you’re more likely to have higher open, click-through, and conversion rates. What marketer doesn’t want that?

Some tips recommended by Forbes’ writer Christina Crawley includes:

  • Developing a strong email subject line
  • Making sure your content is well-structured
  • Having a clear call to action

Email Newsletter Design Inspiration: 10 Stellar Designs to Emulate for Improved ROI

Crawley’s tips are indeed helpful. They are the foundation of a good email design and, therefore, a good email campaign.

You can—and should—go a step or two farther, though, in order to make your brand, mission, products, and services stand out from the competition.

Here are 10 email newsletter design tips that will improve your email marketing ROI.

1. Divide and Conquer

If you have a lot of information to share, break up the information with horizontal stripes or defined boxes.

The example below is an email from A&E, a television network with multiple programs it needs to advertise. To display what they need, they break up the content with boxes. The reader’s eye jumps from box to box and they instinctively know that each box represents a different program.

Source: Campaign Monitor

2. Use Color to Your Advantage

From the time of Sir Isaac Newton and on, researchers have been fascinated by the influence of color. Here’s what they’ve found from just a few of the colors on the color wheel.

  • Red is exciting and intense. It can denote passion, power, and excitement.
  • Blue can make a person feel calm and encourage productivity.
  • Orange tends to make people feel energetic and enthusiastic.
  • Purple is seen as exotic and regal. It denotes wealth and imagination.

You can utilize color in a couple ways.

A colorful email demands attention. In the example below, the marketers used multiple colors, but they also limited themselves. Instead of using every color in the rainbow, they stuck to three bright colors. They’ve grabbed attention for their sale, but they haven’t assaulted their subscriber’s eyes.

Source: Milled

Another option is to go with a minimalist approach. Stick to a muted or neutral color palate and incorporate one bright color to make the reader’s eyes go straight to the most important information.

Source: Milled

3. Add Interactive Content

Interactive content—quizzes, surveys, and reviews—packs a one-two punch. First, it grabs your reader’s attention. “Oh, look at that. A quiz!” It also keeps your audience engaged.

When your audience interacts with your content, you both get something in return.

You get better reader engagement, in addition to subscriber feedback, which can help your brand overall.

Everyone likes to feel like their input is important. When your reader provides a review or fills out a survey, they feel like they’re helping to improve your brand/products/services.

If you add a quiz to your email design, you can offer your readers something of value by giving them a personalized report based on their results.

Source: Really Good Emails

Source: Really Good Emails

4. Include GIFs and/or Videos

Adding videos and GIFs can take your email newsletter design to the next level. These tools improve reader engagement. They also give your subscribers a peek into your brand’s personality and even your sense of humor.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, video is easy to digest and gives your subscribers eyes a rest from all of the written content they see each day. Thus, they’re a welcome change of pace for most email recipients.

Source: Milled

Source: Really Good Emails

5. Personalize the Email to Match Your Brand

One way to stand out from your competition is with the style of your brand. This includes your logos, brand colors, and image characteristics.

Your emails should emulate your brand’s style. They’re not a different entity—just a different marketing tool.

Take your lead from brands like Tiffany’s, Starbucks, Google, Coca Cola, Disney, and Subway. These companies have some of the most well-known logos ever. Everything relating to their company’s brand marketing is cohesive and recognizable.

Source: Milled

6. Stick to Single Column Emails

It’s easy to get caught up in designing your email and creating something that may look beautiful but that is ultimately difficult to read.

Oftentimes, this happens when too much visual content is stuffed into one email. Complicated designs with lots of boxes and columns can be visually overwhelming for your subscribers, but it can also impact the readability of your email on mobile devices.

For the most part, your best bet is to stick to single column emails. These aren’t as difficult to format and will improve response rates for both desktop and mobile users.

Source: Campaign Monitor

7. Your Content Should Be Easy to Scan

The content you write for your web pages and blog is (hopefully) easy for readers to scan. Most people scan content for value before they’re willing to invest the time to read the whole article.

The same is true of email content. If you don’t have easy-to-scan content, your email might get deleted before it has a chance to impact clients and customers.

Make sure to use bullet points, engaging main headlines, and multiple subheaders for better readability.

Source: Really Good Emails

8. Embrace White Space

For some reason, those who are new to email seem apprehensive about white space. Remember this: White space is your friend. You don’t need every single inch of your email to be covered in images or colors.

White space improves the readability of your content. It can also make your headline, subheaders, and images stand out.

Source: Really Good Emails

9. Invoke a Sense of Urgency

At some point, every single person experiences FOMO, or the fear of missing out. This can actually benefit marketers and businesses because people don’t want to miss out on something great.

If you have a special offer, sale, or upcoming launch/promotion, you’ll want to create a sense of urgency in your email campaign.

Each email that you send out can have a looming deadline. The email below not only tells the customer not to miss out, but displays two deadlines: the countdown clock and the notice that the sale ends at midnight.

When people face a time limit of this sort, it moves them to action so they don’t miss out.

Source: Really Good Emails

10. Make Sure You Have a Clear Call to Action

People need guidance. They need to know what you want them to do. It might seem clear to you what should happen once a subscriber reads your email, but that doesn’t mean they see it that way.

Your email design should take the guesswork out of it for them. Have a clear call to action, but don’t just tell the reader what you want them to do—show them.

The example below is a good one. Not only does Grammarly create a sense of urgency that will make their subscribers want to upgrade—they actually add an “Upgrade Now” button that takes them directly where they need to go to complete the action.

Source: Really Good Emails

Wrap Up

Whether you design your own emails or use an email template design, remember that the way your email looks is just as important as the content it holds.

Pay close attention to your design by:

  • Embracing white space
  • Having a clear call to action
  • Making it mobile-friendly with single columns
  • Adding interactive content
  • Implementing videos and GIFs.

The right email design will grab your subscriber’s attention and move them to take action. More action, will lead to a higher ROI.

You are a unique brand. You’ve worked hard to create a brand style that makes you stand apart from your competitors. Your email campaigns should match the uniqueness of your brand. We can help with our customizable email templates. Check them out today!

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