Release notes

August 27, 2018
What's new
  • Time Zone Sending — Provides the ability to send a mailing at the specified time across all time zones. Requires Enterprise license.

  • Send Time Optimization — Provides the ability to send an email to each recipient based on the time he/she is most likely to engage. Requires Enterprise license.

  • API User — Provide the ability to create/manage API credentials for an account. Requires Enterprise or Professional license.

  • Custom Integration Framework — Provides improved integration management features, including receiving email alerts when an error has occurred and view FTP/SFTP import results in the product.

  • In the Create an Email workflow, a new template type assists users in locating predesigned templates that can be used for automated messages (e.g. Hello, Needs Confirm, Abandoned Cart, Happy Birthday, etc.).

  • Added the ability to export data from custom tables.

  • Allow 100% recipients to be specified in Split Test mailings.

  • Provided access DNS Publishing instruction.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed: Unable to perform a quick search when custom tables exist with a Date column.

  • Fixed: Unable to browse for another content file when creating a link in the HTML Editor.

  • Fixed: Inline styles applied to <table> and <td> tags are altered in the HTML Editor causing display issues in Outlook.

  • Fixed: Unable to delete multiple media files using the Delete Selected action.

  • Fixed: Images displayed incorrectly when uploaded into folders containing special characters in the folder name.

  • Fixed: Unable to post a mailing to Twitter.

  • Fixed: Mailings previously assigned to a drip campaign that was deleted can now be added to a new drip campaign.

  • Fixed: Reset Password does not validate email address is a valid administrator.