Re-invent your email marketing results.

Gosh, it has been a while since my last post… but things have been a little busy at Delivra. And, there’s one thing in particular making us smile.

For the past couple of months, we’ve been focusing on our own email marketing program. As a best practice, we believe it’s very important to do a data clean-up every year, as well as evaluate all email content being sent. What was a relevant email schedule last year (or even last month) may not be so relevant anymore, and this is exactly what we found.

To ensure our data was clean, we did a re-engagement email campaign to our subscribers. This consisted of a few emails over the course of three weeks which asked email subscribers to update their preferences.

Update Your Prefences Email Example

Once we had the data in place, we were ready to start drafting content and send schedules. One of our goals for this process was to do a better job incorporating highly relevant and personalized content in our emails.

Delivra’s email marketing software has a feature called Conditional Content. What this feature allows us to do is create one email and swap out pieces of content or images based on data unique to the recipient.

For our own emails, we decided to use this feature to swap out Account Owner information. Many of our retail clients use this feature to swap out product information based on things like region, buying behavior, age, interests, occupation…the sky is the limit! Here’s an example of what our email looked like:

Delivra's Conditional Content Feature

Overall, the email "felt" good but ultimately, it’s up to the data to let us know how we performed.  Some of the basic metrics we look at:

  • Open Rate
  • Click-through Rate
  • Engagement Score
  • Unsubscribes

We look at these metrics compared to data collected from previous mailings, we call these baseline metrics. Having these metrics are super important when you change any aspect of your strategy.

Finally, we can’t forget the ultimate intent of the email. Our goal for this particular email was to raise awareness about new software features and gauge interest among our client base. In order to collect this data, we created a unique form-submit landing page that funneled info into Salesforce, our CRM. As the clients filled out the form, they were immediately put in the appropriate campaign and their Account Owner was notified.

Such a simple user experience, and yet, it allowed us to gather feature interest and another layer of data to determine the success of the mailing.

So, what were the results of our efforts?

  • 14% increase in Open Rate
  • Doubled our Click-through Rate
  • 5% Conversion Rate for people interested in new features.

All of this goes to show that with a little effort and a lot of thought, you can take an existing list and re-invent results.


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