The Ultimate Re-Engagement Email & Win-Back Email Success Guide

Reasons for sending a re-engagement email can be endless.

Was it something I said?

Or didn’t say?

These are the questions on the minds of many frustrated email marketers whose subscribers seem to be ignoring them.

The re-engagement email, or sometimes called win-back emails, are the catalysts to reviving dead subscribers.

By some estimates, 60 percent of email subscribers are inactive.

That’s more than half of your audience completely ignoring all of the time and efforts you put into creating an email.

People subscribe to email newsletters and marketing automation drips because they expect something of value from them.

It could be a sales discount, company updates, product information–you name it.

But they’re anticipating more than that when they see your name appear in their inbox.

They also expect a timely, more personalized, customized email experience.

Too many emails (69%) and content that is no longer relevant (56%) are the top reasons people unsubscribe from emails.

Perhaps how well you are delivering on those subscriber expectations plays into whether your emails are relevant enough for them to remain engaged, open the door to re-engagement, or unsubscribe.

But fear not, for there are some tools and tactics that put your subscriber’s needs into play and can lead to winning more conversions.

To help get you started, we’re going to go into more detail about some of these ways re-engagement email campaigns work to win-back old customers.

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Segment Re-Engagement Email Campaigns Based on Behavior

Using an email marketing service provider, like Delivra, can offer you tools that can assist you in tracking your customer’s behaviors.

For example, by implementing browser tracking or purchase tracking you can see the items your customer is interested in or what links they are clicking on.

You can then send them emails based on this information which is more targeted to their needs based on the acquired information.

Allow Subscribers to Specify Email Preferences

This is SO important.

People opting in to receive your mailings should have an opportunity to be heard and to tell you what they want.

For example, have a subscriber preference center available so your subscribers can choose to receive your mailings daily, weekly, or monthly.

email marketing preference center

Note: This preference center can also function as a tool to have subscribers update their personal information such as name, email address, company.

Automatically Send Email Based on Triggers

Setting up an email based on triggers is a great way to get relevant content out to your subscribers efficiently without having to take up to much of your time.

If a contact hasn’t opened an email within a certain amount of time, drop them into a re-engagement email campaign.

Using an email marketing service provider makes it easy to set up a drip marketing campaign.

Segmented Email Campaigns Based on Sales Cycle

As mentioned above, a drip marketing campaign is a simple way to send continual emails to a subscriber at timed intervals.

For example, you can set up a prospect to receive emails on a weekly basis so you can continue to offer a little bit more insight into your company and how you can help them.

It’s pretty cool when your email marketing platform also alerts you when a customer is making purchasing signals.

Dynamically Personalized Email Content

Sending a personalized email to a subscriber is important because it makes them feel like they are actually a valued part of your company and it makes the email more relevant to them.

Personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates, but 70 percent of brands fail to use them.

Again, not to beat on this point TOO much, but Delivra can assist you in personalizing your emails quickly and easily for each customer.

Get Their Opinion

Sometimes the best re-engagement email campaigns start by asking for their feedback.

Send a short survey to inactive subscribers, along with an incentive to complete it —a discount, or a free gift, for example.

Ask them to rate the relevancy of your emails, your products or some other aspect of your business, so they feel like their opinion matters.

You could also send an email asking people to update their email preferences, just like Acrua.

acura email relevancy still want to receive emails from us

Include a clickable call-to-action button that takes them directly to the preference center.

Another example is just using a simple text email with a hyperlink URL, simply done by Canva.

In this re-engagement email example, they segmented out their active users specifically to take part in their survey.

But the same could be done to win-back subscribers and get their opinion on what content is relevant to them.

It could be that some subscribers have switched to a new primary email address, or they’d prefer to get updates from you via SMS message or through your social media profiles.

Create a Loyalty Program

Developing a loyalty program takes some work, but it also gives you volumes of information about your customers’ spending habits.

Pitch your loyalty program to dormant subscribers, thanking them for being a longtime customer.

Any loyalty program should include some perk, such as a discount on purchases over a certain dollar amount, or special sales available for members only.

Hold a Contest

There are many ways you can use contests to re-engage customers.For example, if you haven’t been successful in getting them to update their email preferences, explain that when they do so, they’re automatically entered in a contest.

For example, if you haven’t been successful in getting them to update their email preferences, explain that when they do so, they’re automatically entered in a contest.

SportClips ran this re-engagement email contest with subscribers in an effort to re-energize engagement giving away a trip to an upcoming NASCAR race.

sportclips contest email example

You could also launch a contest on Facebook or Instagram, but promote it by email to inactive subscribers.

Most contests of this nature ask users to “like” a photo, share an image or make a comment.If you include a CTA in your email that leads to your contest page or image, you can track how many inactive subscribers clicked that CTA.

If you include a CTA in your email that leads to your contest page or image, you can track how many inactive subscribers clicked that CTA.

Get Relevant in the Inbox Again!

No one wants to lose subscribers, but a small list of engaged customers is better than a large list that’s mostly inactive.

Shooting some life back into your campaigns using a re-engagement email can make them relevant to subscribers again.

If you feel like your email campaigns are falling short, Delivra can help you build beautiful, elegant re-engagement emails that increase sales and drive interaction. Check out our 6-minute video tour here or schedule a live personalized demo for your company today!


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