Improved Workflows and Agency Friendly Editor Updates

We continue to find new and exciting ways to make our email marketing software more powerful for our customers.

Last quarter, we unveiled our new widigetized reporting dashboard to customize viewing the email and commerce metrics that matter most to you.

Now we’re streamlining email creation and launching new features perfect for agencies and franchises.

Ready to see what’s new? Let’s get started!

Streamlined Workflows to Save You Time

Become more efficient in your email creation process with our new, streamlined Workflow.

We’ve made several updates to our module that will excite new and tenured users alike.

We will walk you through the ideal email creation process (without having to back out to our main navigation).

Our new, intuitive content creation process displays your design options in one place.

Your options include choosing a Drag and Drop stock template, a stock template (depending on which editor you use), custom templates saved in your library, and new functions to either upload or paste previously created HTML files.

Move easily to testing your content…

…and previewing how that content will render in the inbox.

Next, you choose your segmented recipients and end with a scheduled mailing.

Never worry again that you are doing a step out of order!

This simplified workflow includes some key updates to the Content module.

To ensure ease of use, we’ve moved more functionality around Previewing Content, Content Naming, Subject Lines, and From Lines to the Content Editor.

We’ve also made it easier to test a drip campaign, allowing you to specify a pause/wait timeframe of minutes to try out new workflows before you launch.

Log in to Delivra today to experience the new workflow and see how much time it can save you!

Easy-to-Use Editor Features for Teams

For this quarter’s release, we’ve added several new features and updates to the Drag and Drop Editor specifically designed to provide additional key functionality to teams and agencies.

Some new features to keep your branding consistent and your team working efficiently include:

Stay Consistent with “Brand Colors”

Available with Professional and Commerce licenses, account administrators can now configure their brand’s specific colors to be saved as “Recently Used Colors” in the Drag and Drop Editor.

This quick setting will save time and ensure the correct brand colors are used in every email.

Protect Your Templates with “Lock Content”

Available in Professional and Commerce licenses, “Lock Content” allows account administrators to freeze content cells to prevent any additional changes by content editors.

Use this feature to protect branding or required content in your emails.

Make Edits Easy with “Swap Cells”

Editing and trying out new layout structures is easy with “Swap Cells”.

This feature provides an easy way to swap the placement of conjoining cells in the Drag and Drop Editor.

More Drag and Drop Editor Updates:

  • We’ve added the ability to reuse “Who Sees This?” profiles in multiple content files to save you time in creating dynamic content.

  • You can now use special characters in dynamic subject lines to help make your messages stand out in a crowd.

Happy sending!


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