Introducing New Reporting, Design, and SMS Updates

We’re passionate about helping marketers, brands, and organizations engage their subscribers and sell more products. We kept this guiding principle in mind as we worked on our latest software release of Delivra. To help you engage and sell even more, we set our focus on enhancing our reporting capabilities, email design rendering, and layouts, and SMS text messaging. Ready to see what’s new? Let’s get started!

Intuitive Reporting for Results-Driven Marketers

No matter how we engage with our audience, we are all after the same thing – results. With this release, Delivra aims to make your digital marketing reporting easy and effective. With our widgetized Home Page dashboard we put your results at your fingertips – including data from Delivra, Google Analytics and your social media accounts.  This data helps you strategize for more impactful marketing.


new delivra email marketing homepage dashboard


Setting up your dashboard is easy. At the top right of the screen, use the drop down to configure your widget layout. For multi-account users, you can set up a consolidated dashboard (comparing reports from multiple, specific accounts) or toggle between accounts. (Note: changing your account on the dashboard changes the account you are logged in to).


dashboard modification example


Our “Add Widget” button allows you to add all of the different reports you want to see in your dashboard:



What reports can I see in the new dashboard?

  • Mailing Statistics Report
  • Mailing Conversion Report
  • Recently Sent Mailings
  • Upcoming Mailings
  • Social Activity
  • Most Successful Content
  • Website Traffic **
  • New Visitors **
  • Cart Statistics *
  • Commerce Statistics*

You can edit each widget individually using the “Edit” control at the top right of the widget. You can also remove the widget using that control.

*Must have Commerce level license

**Must have a Google Analytics integration

What report filters are available to me?

Depending on the report, you have the ability to alter:

  • Time Frame
  • Mailing Type (choose multiple)
  • How many mailings to show at one time
  • Multi-account users: get comparison reports for all of your accounts on one screen

These dashboards are customizable at the user level. Log in to Delivra and start creating your perfect reporting dashboard today!

Effective Design with the Recipient in Mind

Many email marketers voice frustrations with designing emails. You work hard to make them aesthetically appealing and BOOM. All your hard work and beautiful images go up in smoke the minute your subscriber opens that email in Outlook.



First, let’s talk about design time. When designing an email, it can be a hassle to move back and forth between previewing your email and building it in an editor. With our Q1 release, Delivra is giving you the easy ability to preview your content design with the click of one button. Seamlessly move between design and review without losing your work or wasting time.

Now let’s tackle the rendering. Our email rendering gives you easy access to rendering previews by email client. Simply select the checkbox next to the email clients you wish to preview and hit “Get Previews”.




This in-editor tool helps you provide a consistent and compelling email experience to all of your subscribers, no matter how they read your mailings!

We’re extending a free trial of this powerful, in-editor tool to all customers. Delivra will provide you with 25 free credits to get started!

After your free trial, you can purchase email rendering credits in bulk directly in the Delivra application.

In order to do this, you will need to add Email Rendering as an add-on package and additional credits cannot be purchased after the 25 free credits are up. (And to be clear, 1 credit = 1 preview)

The cost for credits is $10 for 40 credits (replenished each month); additional credits may be purchased in-app in blocks of 40. These are “use or lose” credits that must be used by the end of the month.

Learn more about using Email Rendering in Delivra.

No HTML Experience Necessary: Easy Cell Group Customization

We’re continuing to update our drag-and-drop editor to make complex email design easier and easier to achieve. Let us help you achieve your design vision with customizable cell group layouts.



When creating your content layout, you should be pulling in cell groups to structure your design. After choosing your row and column counts,  you can choose different layouts that match your needs. Now you can make those small necessary changes by modifying your cell groups, including:

  • Add Rows
  • Delete Rows
  • Merge Cells
  • Split Cells

Love your new layout? Your new Custom Layout is automatically saved for use across all of your accounts!

Learn more about this update to our Drag-and-Drop Editor!

Reach a New Audience with Delivra’s SMS and Text-to-Subscribe Free Trial

You may know that SMS marketing is impactful – 89% of marketers employing SMS marketing find it somewhat to very effective. You may also know that it gets consumers’ attention (82.1% of respondents say they open every SMS text message they receive) and approval (64% of consumers believe that businesses should use SMS messages more often than they currently do).

You know all of this – but have you put that knowledge to use? We’re guessing many of you don’t know where to start and are afraid of making a commitment without a plan.

Delivra has your back! With our new SMS Free Trial you can try out the SMS technology and learn more about HOW to deliver personal, revenue-driving SMS messages.



Sign up for your free trial from the Contacts dashboard in Delivra. Simply choose a keyword and explore our message setup portal.



This free trial is also available for Text to Subscribe – the easy way to convert foot traffic into email marketing subscribers.

Learn more about sending SMS messaging in Delivra.

More Delivra Updates to Note

Search Account

Our new search box on the “Change Accounts” drop-down is making life easier for our multi-account users. Find the account your are looking for and switch in just two easy steps.



Browse Tracking for Segments (Regular, Trigger Clauses)

Using a Google Analytics integration, you can now use “Browsed” and “Did Not Browse” as segment and trigger clause actions. This functionality allows you to be more responsive to subscriber behavior and nurture potential sales as they interact (or do not interact) with important pages on your website.



SMS Segment Clauses

We added several new SMS segmentation clauses to help you personalize your SMS campaigns to your subscribers’ behavior and send the right messages to the right people at the right time. New segment action clauses include:

  • “Clicked On/ Did Not Click On”
  • “Purchased From/ Did Not Purchase From” (Requires Clickstream)
  • “Browsed/ Did Not Browse”



Choose Mailings to Exclude

Save time and exclude recipients of previous mailings with ease using our updated “Choose Mailings to Exclude” functionality. We’ve included data like subject line, segment name, and date sent to your exclusion list to make your selection process easier.

SMS Statistics in Commerce Reporting

For Commerce license customers, new and useful reports are available to attribute revenue directly to SMS message campaigns. This includes overall and message-level metrics for revenue, purchases, and conversion rates on all SMS-specific reports.



Add Triggered Mailings to Insights

We are constantly working to provide you with more useful, actionable Insights. With that idea in mind, our team added triggered mailings to Insights to give you a more holistic view of your most successful content, subject lines, and how your subscribers are reading your content.

Configure Automated SMS Responses in Settings

Stay brand-conscious and personalize your SMS campaign with custom, automated response messages for SMS and Text to Subscribe campaigns.

New Stock Templates

Our expert design team is proud to release a few new templates with this release to take your email design to the next level and increase your email engagement!



If you have any questions about any of these new enhancements or free trials, contact your Client Success Manager.

Happy sending!


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