Text to Subscribe

Grow your email list via text

Go mobile, get more subscribers.

With so many people in possession of a cell phone, there is a great opportunity to further your email marketing efforts by using this channel. Text to Subscribe is the functionality to have people text a keyword to a short code number in order to subscribe to a mailing list.

Text to Subscribe is becoming increasingly popular with email marketers as another way to quickly grow their email list. It can be an extremely powerful tool in building relationships with potential prospects past that initial point of contact. With so many people being mobile phone owners and users, it’s another way to reach your audience easily and quickly.

Use Cases for Text to Subscribe


Store Signage


On-site Visits

As people come to your booth to speak with you, have them quickly text to subscribe to sign up for your mailings so they don’t have to waste time filling out a manual form.

When retailers implement the text to subscribe functionality, customers can sign up for their mailing list as they wait in line. Or place the short code throughout a catalog that they have mailed to your customers.

If you’re speaking or presenting to a group of people, have them join your mailing list to give you a way to build on that relationship.

As you travel to a client’s house or to an on-site visit to offer your service, carry a cell phone. Ask them to sign up for your mailing list on the spot.

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