Multi-Channel Drip Campaigns

An offline touch to your online efforts.

Create multi-channel marketing strategies with Delivra.

Multi-Channel Drip Campaigns in Delivra provides the ability to export recipients that traversed a specific workflow step in an email marketing drip campaign. You now have a list of hyper-engaged contacts from your drip campaign you can use to create multi-channel marketing strategies.

  • Add a physical touch with direct mail pieces.
  • Upload lists to Facebook Ads and build a custom audience to engage with.
  • Create┬ánew segments for an SMS text messaging campaign.
  • The possibilities are endless.

Setup is simple

You can customize the frequency your Multi-Channel Drip Campaigns to export contacts from your automation campaigns in Delivra, which days of the week, and who should receive the export directly. Adding this workflow step can automatically send your list of contacts directly to your multi-channel vendors.

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