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From A/B tests to triggered messaging, Delivra’s advanced features and marketing automation tools will help you deploy customized email marketing campaigns that are smarter, more efficient, and revenue generators for your business.


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Easily Create Triggered Responses

We give you everything you need to help guide meaningful conversations between your brand and your prospects. Set triggered mailings based on action – or inaction – to get the most out of your email, right from the get-go.

Some examples of tips within include:

  • Set up automated email responses based on your contacts’ actions.
  • Create a decision tree using drag-and-drop response types to craft  the perfect conversation flow.
  • Use insights like opens, clicks, purchases and subscriptions to alter the  next interaction to make complex drip marketing campaigns.

Segment Subscribers

Personalize your email sends by creating segments of subscribers based on demographics, clicks, and purchases, and many other targeted behaviors. By narrowing in on lists of customers, you can tailor your messages to appeal to your specific audience. The result? Higher conversion rates and ultimately, more sales.

Send Alerts Based on Behavior

Lead alert emails allow you to focus on prospects and customers the moment they are engaged. Assign notifications to your sales staff or service team members when certain actions or behaviors are taken from your drip campaigns. These lead alerts can jump start stalled sales cycles and tailor communication strategies for your reps. Prevent leads from going cold, and competitors from picking up opportunities slipped through the cracks.

Create Dynamic Content

With dynamic content, you can change the copy and design within your campaigns to send highly targeted messages to different groups of recipients. Using this feature can increase email newsletter engagement, conversion and save you time by combining what you might send in multiple email campaigns, into one.

A/B Split Testing

Start testing your email content, calls-to-action, and subject lines through A/B split testing. By making small adjustments in your campaign, you could see performance lifts of over 200%, as many of our clients have already experienced.

With our advanced split test feature, you can experiment with your campaigns before they’re sent out to the masses. Import your content, choose your subject lines, and send two slightly different emails to two small groups of subscribers. Delivra will automatically send the higher performing email to the rest of your list.

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