Lead Alerts

The difference between a dead lead and a closed deal.

Know immediately when prospects are engaged.

The faster you can reach out to engaged prospects, the better your chances are to convert those prospects into sales. Lead Alerts give marketing the instant ability to notify sales or customer service representatives if an email recipient takes a specific action within a drip campaign.

Lead Alerts, only available for Professional and Enterprise licenses, provide real-time feedback to your team, saving you time exporting reports and significantly reducing the time it takes to get this valuable information to your team. Free up your time and increase your close rates by adding Lead Alerts to your email marketing campaigns.

Lead Alerts in Action

What are some common uses for Lead Alerts for your team?

Alerting a sales representative when a contact wants to schedule a demo or set up an appointment.

Notifying a service representative when an existing client clicked a link in a product release email.

Monitoring a lead or customer’s movement throughout your product’s or service’s buying cycle.

Creating a better prospect or customer experience by responding with a personal touch when a recipient shows buying intent

Battle cart abandonment

Online shoppers are leaving trillons of dollars in products in their carts. See how you can make more sales through a strategic shopping cart abandonment strategy.

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